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hey Bapi Pleza nearly full phone numbers

  • Inbound Delivery (WM) with Serial Numbers and HU'sOctober 11

    Hey, I want to use Serial Numbers with Handling Unit Management in WM. I want to use MIGO to GR a Purchase Order and then Auto Pack the Inbound Delivery. I also want to be able to Auto Pack the HU's with the Serial Numbers that i enter into the WM ta

  • Numbers 09 - A lot of Data & A lot of Formulas = SLOWNovember 30

    Hey guys, I am currently using Numbers to graph things from a POS database. I am using an export with about 8100 rows and 6 columns. I am pumping this through A LOT of formulas (about 8000 in a rough count (~40 in a column and 200+ columns)). Most of

  • Numbers.. unbearably slow!November 30

    Hey everybody! I've got Numbers since 1.0, however I quickly realized, I won't be able to use it at all because it's getting unbelievably slow when working with a considerable amount of data. I'm on Numbers 2.0.2 now and nothing has changed. I've got

  • How to output serial number from production order in GLM ?October 11

    how to pull serial number from production order in wwi template for GLM ?Hi, Please have a look to this thread: BAPI/RFC to get serial numbers for a production order Hope it helps, Kr, m.Read other 3 answers

  • Referencing same cell location in multiple sheets?October 11

    Hey all. I have a Numbers file with several sheets, the first of which is a summary of the rest. each sheet follows the same format. If, for example, in cell B4 of the first sheet, I want to display the sum of the numbers in cell B4 of every followin

  • Customer specific serial numberNovember 30

    Hi, I am creating a customer specific 13 digitt serial number during production order creation. This serial number is getting populated in my production order. But i could not see this serial number in IQ02. In this 13 digit serial number last 5 digi

  • Column Headers scrolls?November 30

    Hey Everyone I am new to numbers and am having trouble finding an option, so that if i give the columns a header, and then when i scroll down the page, the header is fixed to the top and scrolls down with the page, so you can always see what columns

  • Sales Document Creation with SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATENovember 30

    Hi All, I am trying to create a Sales Order using FM SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE. I have the following questions: 1). Do I need to specify the Line Item Numbers? If I don't need to then how does SAP know which line items in SALES_ITEMS_INX and SALES_SCHE

  • Creating Production Order from Planned OrderNovember 30

    Hi, We are trying to use the BAPI 'BAPI_PRODORD_CREATE_FROM_PLORD' to create Prod. Orders. But it is failing with the message, 'Cannot be saved. Maintain serial no.' Now, the problem is there is no input parameter in this BAPI for providing the seria

  • Text als data for chartsNovember 30

    Hey there, I'm new to numbers so excuse me if my question might have a very simple and obvious answer, but I've been trying to make this work now for about an hour or so and just can't come up with a solution, so here's my problem: I have a column in

  • FM to read Production-order serialnumbersNovember 30

    Hi friends, does anyone know a fm/bapi to read the serial numbers of a production order ? regards joergDOnt know about FM's but u can try querying database direclty. Pass AUFNR to SER05 to get a list of OBKNR's. Pass this OBKNR's to table OBJK to get

  • How to Pickup Serial Number from Production order through table fieldNovember 30

    Hi Experts, I have SAP production order for Qty 5 and assigned 5 serial numbers . How to pick up the serial numbers technically what table, field I have to use Thanks Prabakaran KHi, Please have a look to this thread: BAPI/RFC to get serial numbers f

  • BAPI to read and create Identifications numbers in CRM bp screenNovember 30

    Hello. I'm on the hunt for a bapi to update the table 'Identification Numbers' you can view in the bp screen under the 'Identification' tab. I'm in the process of writing code that updates everything to do with a contact person bp and am stumped on t

  • Function module or BAPI for getting all the Idoc numbers of a sales orderNovember 30

    Hi Folks, Is there any function module or BAPI exists for getting all the Idoc numbers which are generated for a Sales order. Thanks in advance. Regards, Sarath.....Hi Sarath, try this function module... BAPI_IDOCAPPL_DISPLAY Regards, PrabhudasRead o

  • Hey All, My IPhone is not reconizing phone numbers!! Like the Caller ID is broke!! Help??November 30

    Hey All, My IPhone is not reconizing phone numbers!! Like the Caller ID is broke!! Help??DavidBenJeshuah wrote: apple wont give me a new phone cause I broke the screen and I replaced it my self. Correct. When you did that, you voided all warranty/sup

  • Searching for bapi/function module for uploading assent numbers.November 30

    hi all, i have a senario where in for a sinle PO there will be many assent nos. Example :if i have a single purchase order of 100 chairs.each chair will have a unique asset no for maintianence. i want to find a bapi or any FM to help me upload the de

  • Hey,  I don´t know why or what but while I was using my mac, the icloud locked my mac and now asking for a PIN lock with 4 numbers that I never set up before... What a need to do to fix it??October 11

    Hey I just want to use my mac but I can´t sign up it because asking me for a PIN LOCK that I don´t have any idea... Case ID: 471327240If your Mac was locked with Find My Mac, you'll have to take it to an Apple store or authorized service provider to

  • BAPI to update PO's and Corresponding line items numbers **URGENT**October 11

    Hi All, I have a requirement to create a program which will take list of POs and corresponding line item number and update Final invoice indicator for the same. This should be updated in SRM as well as R/3. I think, it can be done by a BAPI. Do anyon

  • How to round numbers in java?October 11

    hey everyone. just wondering how i can round my final answer which is "repayment" located on the last line to the nearest whole value. thanks :) this is my code: //Conversion and Calculation principle = reader.readDouble("Enter Loan Amount:

  • Hey, I have $2350-2400 and I want some proper guidance for the macbook proOctober 11

    HEY!!! Guys I will try to make this as easy as possible! First let me tell you I am 15, I love graphics, music and literature and I have no credit card, my iTunes account has no money, I'm using an account that doesn't require credit cards! So (ugh)

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