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  • Nokia 3500 headset problemNovember 30

    i have a problem on my phone .. when i plug the earphone, its not working and the indicator of headset when its connected to the phone is not shown i try some working earphone but its not working.. please help and what advice can you give.. thanks...

  • Nokia 3500 classic and its connectivity with Linux...October 11

    Hi All, Can you tell me if nokia 3500 classic can be connected to a linux PC or not? I am in a hurry. Thank you.Me too I'm having almost the same problem.I'm from Mauritius. My configurations: Windows XP Professional SP3 Phone Model:Nokia 3500 classi

  • Nokia 3500 Classic Camera standby modeOctober 11

    Somehow my Nokia 3500 Classic Camera , While opening the camera its showing as camera standby, so how i can solve this issue? Help me quickly Pleaseeeeeeeeeee PraveenBupdate your phone software by your self connect your phone with data cable to pc on

  • Nokia 3500 classic - .rms files created with junk ...November 30

    I have purchased a Nokia 3500 classic in July 2008. I am using 1GB memory card and installing applications on it. Recently I found that though my memory card's capacity is 1GB, the space utilised was shown as 3.4GB. I was stunned. Then I opened the m

  • Nokia 3500 classic phone update library says - No ...November 30

    My Nokia 3500 Classic phone says "No Music File Found" while updating music library but my data card shows more then 150 songs any helpdear   ie: very easy fist u take backup of ur phone memory and then restore it by factory set . after that dea

  • Themes dont get loaded in Nokia 3500 classicNovember 30

    While trying to load any theme including the default nokia theme on my nokia 3500 classic it gives me a message stating "Unable to Open.Theme Corrupted" Can any body help i have already downloaded the software update but that didn't work neither

  • Nokia 3500 bluetooth probNovember 30

    I have a nokia 3500 classic phone .From a few days its bluetooth is unable to recieve any music files i.e songs ,ringtones etc .It can send files via bluetooth but it does not accept the file it shows a message 'operation failed'.My cell is able to r

  • Nokia 3500 RingtonesNovember 30

    I have bought NOKIA 3500 Classic yesterday (1-06-2008), i found one very peculiar problem, when i receive an call the ring tone ring in an very low volume and suddenly the volume increases whats the problem, can anyone help me??Hi leesus123 Thanks fo

  • Can't synchronize Nokia 3500 with PC Suite v.7November 30

    Hi, I have the problem with synchronize Nokia 3500 with Outlook or Outlook Express. But I can sync contact from Outlook to Mobile nokia 3500, and can't sync contact from mobile to outloock ( Please help me. P.S. O.S: XP (sp3) mobile: nokia 3500 v.05.

  • Bluetooth problem mainly receiving(nokia 3500 clas...November 30

    Main problem is blue receiving and transferring problem what i have to doHello, did you solve you problem with bluetooth in nokia 3500? I am facing the same problem so please help me if you can. Thanks in advanceRead other 2 answers

  • Compatible headset for Nokia 603November 30

    Dear All, I bought Nokia 603, three months ago which came with WH-207 headset. But within a couple of months problems started and now its totally gone! Totally not working. So I decided to get a new pair of headphones, but WH-207 was nowhere availabl

  • Low output by headset for nokia 6270November 30

    As i have purchase a nokia 6270 handset, which was having software version 3.59 or 3.69 but after giving handset to nokia centre for repair they upgrade my handset and now the volume by headset is too low & effect also is not so fine wheter this prob

  • Connecting bluthooth headset to Nokia N97November 30

    Hello all, I have the Nokia N97 and I want to connect a bluetooth headset to my Nokia N97. I connected the headset in the bluetooth settings but when I have call in or call out I can't hear the person I am talking with him and can't  talk with the bl

  • Comptiable Headset for Nokia 6500 slide for best ...November 30

    Dear Friends, Recently Have purchased the Nokia 6500 slide. But headset is not that much good . Can you please help me to find out which is the best  compitable headset for best sound quality. Bregards, Sandyrwss wrote: I'v got te same problem with m

  • Can't hear much out of headset on Nokia Lumia 800?...November 30

    When i connect my old headsets from my nokia asha and nokia c3, they fit fine, and perfectly in the headset socket, however i cant vaigly hear anything, even though the volume is on full. Do i need a special nokia lumia 800 headset, or are the ones i

  • Headset Compatibility - Nokia N82 w/ Nokia 5130 He...November 30

    I wanted to find a simple wired non stereo 3.5mm headset for my N82 but generic ones don't work. At a T-Mobile store I tried the Nokia 5130 headset and it works perfect. Anyone out there know if I can damage my N82 using this HS ? Solved! Go to Solut

  • Is there is a wired headset for Nokia 6267 with ad...November 30

    It's default headset is HS-47, which has only mute\answer button. I am searching for a headset (wireless) with the following remote control functions: 1. Switching radiostations and mp3 tracks, both forward and back directions 2. Pause, stop, playbac

  • Headset to Nokia 5310 XpressmusicNovember 30

    Hi, I'm new here. I have a bit of a problem I got a new headset to my nokia for Christmas present but I can't use it! It does not fit It says it should fit my phone and the phones have the Nokia logo. ??? The model is Nokia Stereo Headset HS-47 I can

  • TV headset for NokiaNovember 30

    i cant get the dvb-h tv headset for my Nokia N8 anywhere in Nairobi Kenya.SparkMyke wrote: Where can I buy one? Welcome to Discussions, SparkMyke. The Nokia Mobile DVB-H accessory for Symbian has already been discontinued for quite a long time. Altho

  • Wired wh-700 headset for nokia x6 16gb?November 30

    i want to buy a wired headset for my nokia x6 16gb, i found this, http://europe.nokia.com/find-products/accessories/all-accessories/headsets/wired-headsets/nokia-ster... it doesn't mention the 16gb nokia x6 but they should be compatible with each oth

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