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headphone jack idt win 10 sleep issue

  • Headphone jack issue solved... maNovember 30

    I am on my second zen micro, and guess what? Headphone jack!<SPAN> I was preparing to return it to my local retailer when the ups guy came with my wired remote that I had ordered when I was on my first micro.<SPAN> I decided to try it out just

  • My iPhone 5 is suddenly having audio issues through the headphone jack.October 11

    So this is a strange situation, and I'll try to explain in depth so that someone might be able to suggest a solution. As reference, I have an iPhone 5 that I purchased in late-February. I've had every other model of iPhone except for the first iPhone

  • Headphone jack no longer working - How to test if it is a hardware or software issue?October 11

    Hi, my headphone jack fairly suddenly stopped working. The speakers and the sound are fine, but when I plug my headphones in nothing plays. I see that the computer does recognize that headphones are plugged in, and it does change it to "headphones&qu

  • Win8/T500 headphone jack stopped working. Conextant Audio Software issue?November 30

    I have a T500 - 2081CTO, and in the last week or less, the headphone jack has stopped working. There was a windows update recently so I'm assuming that's the culprit. I typically let it do it's auto-update thing without paying much attention, so I do

  • Odd microphone issue with headphone jackNovember 30

    Well, I really have two issues involving the headphone jack.  One is when I plug the headphone in the volume will occasionally drop to zero and then no longer go up past 0.  A power off fixes this. A second thing I discovered is that sometimes the mi

  • I'm having some Audio Issues involving my headphone jack (air and pro)?November 30

    Ok, so, this is pretty weird. I have had two macbooks thus far (a 2011 macbook pro and a mid 2013 macbook air) I replaced my pro in 2013 due to a separate issue. Anyway, I have been consistently having an issue where any type of headphones I put into

  • New MacBook Pro Headphone Jack IssuesNovember 30

    Hi, I just got my MacBook Pro barely a week ago and I've noticed an issue when using headphones or external speakers when plugged into the headphone jack. It seems that the computer won't recognize that I have something plugged into the jack, sound j

  • Headphone jack issues 15" MPB Early 2011November 30

    So I've been having an issue with my laptop for a few months, and I haven't been able to figure out or find a solution. So the headphone jack works perfectly in that it still sounds excellent, but there have been a few issues with it. Whenever there

  • Headphone jack issueOctober 11

    I recently took my MBP in to repair multiple problems. One was that the headphone jack produced noise when USB and Firewire cables were plugged in. I believe that part was replaced (I know the logic board was). Now, the heaphone jack has a different

  • Zen Touch Headphone Jack issueNovember 30

    I am getting the 20gb Zen touch. Ive been hearing post after post about the headphone jack problem on the Zen Xtra's..Has this problem been fixed FOR SURE on the touch models? Anyone have any problems? Thanks!I too am getting the Zen Touch now after

  • Headphone jack issues please helpNovember 30

    Help! I was messing with my friend jumping of snow banks while my phone was in my pocket. I noticed snow got near my headphone jack and quickly wiped it off now a couple hours later it permently says headphones are in. What do I do to fix it? And yes

  • Help! red light from headphone jack and strange sound issues!November 30

    Help! I use my baby for listening to music and watching DVDs almost constantly when I'm working, and just the other day it started doing something really odd whenever I start doing something that involves sound! If I'm listening to a song, watching a

  • Headphone jack issuesNovember 30

    So I guess the outrageous sum I paid for this Mac Book Pro can't buy a functioning headphone jack--something that was perfected decades ago. Today, after maybe 4 months of use, the headphone jack on my Mac Book Pro started acting up. Crackling, pops,

  • Headphone jack issue on new macbook proNovember 30

    My Macbook Pro will only play sound out of the left speaker of anything I plug into the headphone jack. It is only one month old and has had no problems before.Adjust the Balance in the Sound pane of System Preferences, Output tab.Read other 2 answer

  • How to make my computer send all the audio through optical audio cable instead of headphone jack?October 11

    Howdy, To listen to online radios or CD's played from my computer, I used to connect the computer to my home entertainment system from the computer's headphone jack to the AUX port on my home entertainment system. I now wanted to get better sound and

  • G710 headphone jack not workingOctober 11

    Hi, the headphone jack on my G710 does not seem to be working. I tried two different headphones, no luck.  I get a message "jack is now plugged in", the speakers turn off but no audio in the headphones. Latest driver (win 8.1 64) has been instal

  • Headphone jack, speakers went dead, analog mic jack dead, HDMI sound okNovember 30

     HP ENVY dv7-7270ca After about a year the device has lost all sound from internal speakers;  the test meter in the 'Playback Devices' shows everything ok with the IDT Speakers, but the Headphone jack shows unplugged when headphones are indeed plugge

  • No Audio From HeadPhone Jacks !! ? !!November 30

    Product: dv2500tv CTO Notebook PC Out of the blue, both the headphone jacks placed infront of the laptop WONT work !! This is utterly frustuating as the laptop speakers are working fine. I didnt change anything prior to the 2 headphone jacks stopped

  • No sound from headphone jackNovember 30

    Hello friends. Out of the blue this afternoon my headphone jack stopped working. The speakers work just fine however, and I checked the headphones with several other devices to confirm that they work. I'm using a  HP Pavilion m6 Notebook PC with Wind

  • HP Envy Phoenix h9 Headphone Jack problemNovember 30

    When i plug in my headset, no sound comes from it, but instead the speaker plays the sound. I realised that only my mic jack is working and when i plug in the headset's headphone jack, the computer says that there is no headphone plugged in. This is

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