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  • GWDVA restarting after migrationOctober 11

    Last weekend I migrated my 7.0.3 HP2 system from Netware 5.1 to OES 6.5 SP8 on Netware. I used the migration tool to move all the data over and did fresh installs of all of the GW agents. Everything seems to be OK except for 2 things. The first seems

  • Gwdva unavailableNovember 30

    Running webacc 7.0.3 on my nw65sp8 box, edir 8.8.5 on a VM w/ 1 cpu & 2GB RAM. Updated the server w/ latest Netware FTFs, edir patch, tcpip & tcp nlms, & slptcp nlms. After rebooting my server due to the edir patch, webaccess won't stay runnin

  • Gwdva loading then server abendsNovember 30

    Hi all, This module loads and reloads...then the server locks up. Is there a way to check for bad messages in webaccess or the viewer. Im using 7.03.EBSR, It appears that in the past few days you have not received a response to your posting. That con

  • Changing path of GWadmin / Domain and gwdvaNovember 30

    I screwed up when creating my secondary domain. I did not pay attention that the Volume that the domain is created on has capital letters in it. I would like to rename the volume to have lower case and then re-path the GWadmin / Domain and DVA runnin

  • Abends - CLIB.NLM / GWIA.NLMOctober 11

    We have GroupWise 8.02 HP1 running on a NetWare 6.5 SP8 system. We were having occasional Abends (maybe a few times a month) until the past week, or so, when we started having them much more frequently. This seems to be an issue with IMAP. We've trie

  • Having abends issues. Netware 6.5 with Support Pack 8.October 11

    Novell Open Enterprise Server, NetWare 6.5 PVER: 6.50.08 Server POSEIDON halted Wednesday, August 31, 2011 1:49:48.023 pm Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.70.08: Invalid Opcode Processor Exception Registers: CS = 0008 DS = 0023 ES = 0023 FS = 0023 GS = 0023

  • Gwenn5 abendOctober 11

    Netware Server 6.5 with SP8 and Groupwise 8.0.3. We have been having multiple abends involving gwenn5, twice this week so far and again about 4 weeks ago. The most recent update to the server was the SP3 for Groupwise about 5-6 months ago. Below is t

  • Abend Bad Resource Tag passed to LSLReturnRcvECBOctober 11

    Server with 6.5 SP7 GRW 7.04 +FTF , BM 3.8 sp5 , GWIA WEBACC , ARCSERVE R11 SP3 today had 2 Abends at 13:37 and 16:12 for the same reason , never had this reason before . Does this happen elsewhere? Any idea as to reason or cause ? Possible fixes suc

  • Mta - poa communcation issues after 8.0.1 hp1 upgradeOctober 11

    Hello, Upgraded to 8.0.1 hp1 about a month ago, and since doing so have had to reboot the server twice (about every 2 weeks) to restore mta - poa communications. Small GroupWise system, all components (poa, mta, gwia and webacc) on the same physical

  • After upgrade DVA doesn't show in AdminService Console.October 11

    I upgraded our GW2012 system and it went okay; aside from some issues the GWIA. But, anyway, the GW2012 system had a running DVA, and after the upgrade it still works. However, the Admin-Console doesn't know about it. Under "Document Viewer Agent&quo

  • Document Viewer AgentNovember 30

    I have not done much with GroupWise 2012 so I apologize for this question, my customer is having an issue with the document viewer agent (gwdva) and I really do not know the answer, but I thought I would post here, please see the following, most loca

  • DVA cluster configurationNovember 30

    Hello everyone! I'm about to upgrade a customer's GW8 (on linux) cluster to 2014. I've done some tests in a lab and everything seems pretty straight forward, the only thing that I am missing is the proper configuration for the DVA in a cluster. I'd l

  • GW2012 SP3 command line recipe.November 30

    Hello there! At last we have the latest service pack. I waited till this because we have SP1 and I didn't want to do two upgrades. I want to upgrade it in command line without the installers. I have in mind some steps: -Stop all agents -Backup all st

  • Webaccess 8.2: Unable to view AttachmentsNovember 30

    Our users are unable to view attachments. When trying to View a file the rendering file view window opens but all that is diplayed is a blank window. The attachments can be opened and saved. The attachments can be viewed using the GroupWise desktop c

  • DBCopy fails to copy all of offilesNovember 30

    Following our recent upgrade to GW12.0.2, our nightly DBCopy jobs aren't copying all of the contents of the offiles directories. We use DBcopy to copy our GW system to other OES11 SLES11.1 servers, where they are then backed up offline. We are gettin

  • Blank HTML messages in WebaccessNovember 30

    ok I see a few posts about this, and not a lot of answer, but I don't see anyone mentioning what I have found. Same as others, my users go into webaccess and they can view text e-mails just fine, but HTML formatted messages appear blank. From the des

  • EA10 Missing session string - Proxying into another accountNovember 30

    Hi there. We are getting this error on Webacess 2012 SP2 when proxying into another account. Here are the versions of agents: novell-groupwise-webaccess-12.0.2-108211 novell-groupwise-gwha-12.0.2-108211 novell-groupwise-gwdva-12.0.2-108211 novell-gro

  • GW2014 Fresh Install Client Cannot connectNovember 30

    I have completed a new installation of SLES11 SP3 with OES11 SP2 add-on after repeating the exercise in order to be able to create a Pool and volumes for OES. I can now log onto the server using the Novell Client and access files in folders I've crea

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