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gs70 ubuntu pci latency timer

  • PCI Latency: What is it actually?November 30

    I have heard people talking about PCI latency, but im not sure what it is or what the optimal setting is. Mine is set to 32 in BIOS Also, "PCI BUS MASTERING"...does this mean if you have a PCI IDE add-on card you should enable this? This isn't r

  • [SOLVED] (sortof) : 2.6.30-arch PCI Latency anyone?November 30

    Hi, Alsa sound keeps stuttering (or clicking), so does pulseaudio. Apparently it's due to pci latency? It may be a long shot (lol) but does anybody have any experience of this?. How do you adjust this (reduce latency) to end the stutter. By the way i

  • Best VIA 4in1 + PCI Latency PatchNovember 30

    NOTE: For K7T Turbo2 ver 5.0 (bios 3.5)! Which combination of VIA 4in1 drivers and George's PCI latency patch (If needed) did you guys used which overall gives best performance? Hard Drives performance, Graphics performance etc... ??? Currently using

  • PCI Latency with VIA 4.46November 30

       I read the article about VIAs slow HDD transfers. I downloaded the hdspeed 014 and ran it. It indicated that I had a bandwidth of 9 and seq of 40. I have a KT3 Ultra ARU with a 1100 Athlon CPU, 512 PC 27000 Kingston RAM, a 40gig maxtor 7200 ata 10

  • Pci latency kt4November 30

    pci latency kt4 whats a good number to set pci latency in bios?I have problems - CRC errors on RAID. See this thread http://www.msi.com.tw/program/service/forum/index.php?threadid=5591&boardid=13&styleid=1Read other 6 answers

  • Check your PCI latency, may cause issuNovember 30

    I , for the most part in my bios had PCI lat at 32. It was stable and no issue. Since getting a ZS i had a few instability issues. I then set PCI latency back to 64 and all seems fine now. If you dont have this option ( your Mobo must be old man ) th

  • PCI Latency Timer ?November 30

    Hey guys ,  Sorry if this is in the wrong place or a noobish question but , the PCI Latency Timer in bios is set to 64 by default on my pc . Is this the same as PCI clocks ? Like i have two XFX GTX260 Black Editions in Sli with a core clock of 216 ,

  • VIA PCI Latency 0.19November 30

    I have install the Pci latency patch,but i read from FAQthe cooling software must need to unistall during 0.14 version PCI latency,how the about  0.19 Version,i using MSI PC Alert III,the PC Alert III  must uninstall or no ,And one more question,the

  • PCI latencyNovember 30

    Is it posible to adjust PCI latency on Neo2 Platinum? There is rumour that will improve fps and stutters with newer graphics cards.Those changing the latency and testing using "benchmarks" are missing the point. Graphics benchmarks "avoid&q

  • Re: PCI latency in the BIOSNovember 30

    Quote from: graneri.fabien on 02-July-15, 16:23:09Hello, I have a GE60-2PL, and looking on the BIOS I found the option : PCI latency. I searched on the internet and answers are really different, some people tell to l...Quote from: flobelix on Yesterd

  • Interesting article on PCI LatencyNovember 30

    I've had a known problem with PCI latency on my K7N420, so this article caught my eye. The author claims to have fixed many "hitching" type problems with this. I will be testing this out tonight and see if it fixes my problem.Great information!R

  • AGP/PCI Latency Tool - It worksNovember 30

    i´ve found a utility which can decrease the default 248 clock latency of agp video cards to the faster 32 clocks. i tested it myself and it works flawlessly. http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=951 and download it. it will display all the pc

  • Re: XPOWER Z87 Massive PCIe Latency with Titan X 2-Way SLINovember 30

    First make sure single card work with both cards. What is the BIOS version? There is a beta version that mention SLI issues fix https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=169796.msg1318566#msg1318566Quote from: snowsak on Today at 18:04:08Well i believ

  • Crackling while PCI-bus is stressed [Audigy 2October 11

    Hello I have a Audigy 2 NZ soundcard. I recently bought a SATA-controller card and have connected a harddri've to said controller. When that disc is under heavy load, such as when transferring large amounts of data to my main harddri've, I experience

  • X79A GD65 [8D] Latency TimeOctober 11

    I would like some advice on this if possible... What should I set my PCI Latency Timer to? I have 2 (two) Radeon HD 7850 in X-Fire with PCI GEN3 Enabled.... Is it worth having GEN3 Enabled and changing the PCI Latency Timer which is currently set to

  • PCI port problems with video cardNovember 30

    I have been running 2 video cards (ati 9800pro and 7500) fine for about 2 months now.  Over the weekend I came home to find the monitor with my second card garbled with black lines running up and down the screen, shifting left and right.  Also, there

  • P4M Freezes with WiFI PCI CardNovember 30

    My PC freezes requiring a reboot. This has occured since I recently replaced an IDE HDD with a SATA HDD.  The PC freezes pretty quicky;  sometimes when everything is up and running for a few minutes, othertimes at the XP logon screen This is associat

  • Best PCI slot for soundcNovember 30

    Hi, I have Sound Blaster Audigy 4. I have 5 PCI slots and all of them are free. Does it matter, what slot I put the Audigy 4 in? Are there any performance differences between the PCI slots?Skynet06 wrote: Well, I now disabled all the unnecessary devi

  • Changing latency allocation for soundcardNovember 30

    Hello, due to the well known malfunction of sizzling/popping/hissing of my X-Fi Extreme Music I was regularly allocating more latency to the soundcard. If, eg, every hardware component has 32ms latency allocated, I would simply raise that value for m

  • Z68A-GD65 (G3) - Motherboard's not booting with a PCI Soundblaster Audigy 2.November 30

    Hi everybody, as thread title says I've got some trouble with my motherboard, Z68A-GD65 (G3) and a Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS that a friend of mine gave to me. I gave a try in both PCI slots avaiable on the motherboard but as i place the SB in PCI slot

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