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group mms wont let me add

  • Group MMS- what is it and how does it work?November 30

    I'm rarely one to ask questions about the iphone but I got my iphone 4G and today realized there was a setting that says group mms. I turned it on. I sent a text message to two people, expecting their replies to appear in the same window but they cam

  • My Itunes wont let me add music to my phoneOctober 11

    Yesterday, I went to Target and bought From Death To Destiny (Asking Alexandria's new album) I then added it to my itunes but it wont let me add it to my phone.. I have Windows 8 I dont know if that has ANYTHING to do with it but its frustrating me b

  • Why my iPhone wont let me add to conference call or hang up on a particular person?October 11

    Why my iPhone wont let me add to conference call or hang up on a particular person?Hey D.j., Welcome to the Apple Support Communities. The following article will go over the Conference features and will provide some help. iPhone: Using Conference htt

  • Is there anyway to turn off the Group MMS texting?  I want to send a mass text but don't want every person to see every other person's response. Please help!October 11

    Is there anyway to turn off the Group MMS texting?  I want to send a mass text but don't want every person to see every other person's response. I am getting ready to have a baby and want to send one text out to friends and family when the baby comes

  • How to change the name of a group mms in iOS 8.1.2?October 11

    I have a group of friends and we made a group mms to keep track of things. There are more than 8 people in this group so I get nonstop messages from everybody and I would like to be more organized and make a name for it. I looked up how to and I did

  • HELP....why do I keep getting "Not Delivered" errors when trying to send a Group MMS text message?October 11

    I am trying to send a Group MMS text. There are 6 recipients. I hit "send" and the progress bar goes almost to the very end, and then hangs up....and eventually I get a "Not Delivered" error message. I click on the "i" icon a

  • Group MMS sent from my iPhone 4 - I did not send itOctober 11

    I had a group MMS sent from my iPhone 4 this morning - they sent it to 3 of my contacts and 3 numbers I do not know. I was at work at the time the message was sent and it was zipped up in my purse. I have my own office and none of my co-workers had/h

  • Missing messages or delay of messages in group mms.November 30

    I'm experiencing extreme message delays in group mms - we're talking hours here.    Also, I'm not receiving all of the messages in the group Or they are out of order.  I recently upgraded from an iPhone 4s to an iPhone 5s.        Any ideas?iOS: Using

  • Group mms with iOS 7November 30

    Since upgrading my iPhone to iOS the group mms option in settings>messaging has disappeared. My sister has the same problem with hers , they are separate iTunes accounts, anyone been able to rectify thisHello Judith, Thank you for your question.  It

  • How to leave group MMSNovember 30

    I'm in a group chat with some kids who are spamming my phone constantly. The chat consists of 7 other people one of which does not have an iPhone. I tried to use do not disturb so I can mute the conversation but the banners keep popping up when my ph

  • Weird Group MMS message.November 30

    This morning at 2:38 AM I receieved a txt message. It was a "Group MMS" with 10 phone numbers listed. I only knew one of the phone numbers. It was a friend of mine, the message was just a picture of that friend. I've never seen the picture but I

  • Solution for group MMS problem?November 30

    I have seen many posts about the issue of being unable to send group MMS text messages with this phone.  I havent seen any solutions.  Has Verizon come up with anything?  I cannot generate or reply to group messages, only individual messages. thxI am

  • Group MMS - The good and the badNovember 30

    While Group MMS on the iphone is a cool features sometimes, other times it is VERY annoying. Why can I not remove myself from a group mms? Turning group MMS off does nothing except receive the text individually rather than in one text. Clearly this "

  • Group MMSNovember 30

    When you send a text to multiple people, and one of those people responds, and then you respond back, do the other people all receive the response as well? I'm responding to someone, but it still says group MMS at the top, so I'm curious if all of th

  • Re: IOS7 Preventing Reply-Alls in group MMS messagingNovember 30

    Is it possible to reply to just a single person in a group MMS?No.   Start a new converstaion with just that contact.Read other 2 answers

  • Xperia Z3 Group MMS (group messaging)November 30

    Hi. I plan on getting the Xperia Z3 phone. One thing that will stop me from getting it is if it does not support Group MMS (group/threaded messaging). This means if you send a message to multiple people, it's more of a group chat, rather than individ

  • Group Messaging / Group MMSNovember 30

    How can I enable sending Group messaging / group MMS to different phones ( iPhones and non-iPhones ) using factory unlocked iPhone 4s and T-mobile? I can send group messages/group MMS when ALL my recipients are using iPhones only. When I send to a gr

  • DNS wont let me add a zoneNovember 30

    I had a zone working for my dns server and i deleted it to add it again with a new ip. But now it wont let me add a new one. What the **** is gone wrong?!Did you stop the service first before deleting the zone?Read other 2 answers

  • Group MMS on the 3GsNovember 30

    Does this feature work?...I'm not sure if this means we will recieve responses as if we are all in a "chat room". Does anybody know?I'm not sure I understand your question. But first, yes, the Group MMS should work when sending out a message to

  • Group Policy - Computer Startup Scripts - Add/Set Default printerOctober 11

    Good Morning. Let's say we have 2 offices, A and B, and only 1 user.  The user is using Roaming Profiles.  Each office has its own printer. What I am trying to do, is make a Startup script that is specific to the COMPUTER being logged into so when an

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