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gpu fan thermal calibration

  • Powermac G5 Dual 2.0 thermal calibration issue - Fans on full blast!November 30

    Hello, I need to do thermal calibration on powermac G5 dual 2.0.  Does anyone know where to get ASD dual 2.5.8 discs? I'm afraid to run the computer with fans on full blast.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!Hi, ASD has never been available to t

  • MSI GT70 2PC-1044US - HDMI / GPU / FAN issuesOctober 11

    MSI GT70 2PC-1044US - HDMI / GPU / FAN issues I am having trouble with my HDMI port on a brand new MSI GT70 2PC-1044US . Whenever I plug my HDMI cable from my notebook to the TV, after a few minutes (5 - 20 minutes), my fan will start reving at aroun

  • W530: GPU Fan Won't Stop After StartingNovember 30

    Hello all, I'm the proud owner of a brand of the W530, which I'm absolutely loving. One of the greatest things is how absolutely cool the laptop stays. And after much tinkering with TPFanControl, I've decided just to let the BIOS do it's thing and ke

  • GS70 - GPU Fan being activated most of the time - Unable to flash VBIOSNovember 30

    Hello there, I have a GS70 laptop with 870M, my problem is that the GPU fan is about almost always active. Even when the laptop is in integrated graphics mode. Currently I am not gaming, the GPU temprature is 32 degrees celsius, and the GPU fan still

  • Gpu fanNovember 30

    guys i have a nagging doubt---does the fan of the MSI NVIDIA N750-2GD5/OC 2 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card blow hot air out of the graphics card? see im asking this because ive bought a corsair vs450 w psu...now you know that it has a horizontally placed fan

  • NVidia GPU fan controlNovember 30

    I've done some digging to no avail.  Google hasn't produced a result for me, so I figured I'd turn here. I'm looking for (simple) GPU fan control in the console.  As it stands, I have a box that loads GDM for the sole purpose of throttling the GPU fa

  • Power Mac G5 Thermal CalibrationNovember 30

    can some one pleas help me i need apple thermal calibration for my power mac g5 it is a 2005 quad core if someone can send me the download that would be greatHello again, What you're looking or hoping for is ASD 2.6.3... good luck!Read other 6 answer

  • !3d turbo experience/ ti4200 GPU fan speed problemsNovember 30

    I have recently bought MSI Ti4200 128MB DDR and have installed the 3d turbo software that came bundled with the card. Although i have no real problems with the card that i can see, the software comes up with an abnormal condition alarm; saying that t

  • Impossible to turn off GPU fan on GTX 770?November 30

    The fan on my GPU is annoying and I'd like to turn it off completely. I've secured that there's a good air flow and temperature in my case, and as I'm not gaming these months, it should be okay to turn off the GPU fan. I tried using MSI Afterburner,

  • Satellite Pro P100 GPU Fan off or full speed after Bios-update to 4.20November 30

    Hello, after installing the brandnew Bios-update 4.20 the GPU fan is when the notebook is cool off. While working with it the GPU temperature rises up to 100C (very very hot), then the fan begins to run on medium speed and the GPU cools down. After a

  • GS60 Ghost Pro GPU fan rattleNovember 30

    Hi there I had my GS60 Ghost Pro (2E-056AU) for around 5 months now and am generally very happy with it. However, recently there has been a rattling noise coming from the GPU fan (left side) whenever the GPU is in use. Has anybody else had this probl

  • MSI GX660R broken GPU fanNovember 30

    I bought an MSI GX 660R i7/6GB/320GBx2/ATI5870M in 2010. Recently, I start losing power on the 2 USB 2.0 port and experiencing GPU overheat (over 100C) when running some games. The USB 2.0 ports are completely inactive, will not recognize or power an

  • GPU fan on NVidia 7600GTNovember 30

    I have a NVidia 7600GT card and I'm running the 1.0-9631 driver. Whenever I use OpenGL, the GPU fan kicks on. It's loud. And it takes a long time to turn off. Is there some setting somewhere that regulates that fan? If not, is there some way to tell

  • AMD GPU fan runs constantly even after disabling DGPUOctober 11

    I have a HP-Pavilion dv6 6121TX, with AMD 6770m gpu. The fan of the gpu runs constantly even after disabling it using the following command echo OFF > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch the output for "cat /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switc

  • CPU/GPU fans questionNovember 30

    Hi everyone, i own a MSI GS70 2PE and i wonder is there any kind of fans that i can buy that has lower DBI or w.e it's called fan noise level? since when i etc go into bios fans are loud and when i do os install fan becomes loud but goes lower and is

  • Does changing a power supply require thermal calibration?November 30

    Hi all. I recently changed the power supply on a Late 2005 dual core 2.0 GHz G5 and now the fans are on full bore from startup. Of the 2 fans in the rear of the CPU, only the bottom one (where the 2nd processor would go if it was a quad) was going nu

  • T60 replacement fan - thermal greaseNovember 30

    My T60 fan started whining so IBM sent me a replacement fan and a tube of thermal grease - but the fan already has thermal grease on it. The grease is actually a 5 x 7 matrix of 35 small dots of thermal grease. Everything I have ever read about apply

  • Does MSI recommend manual adjusting of GPU fan speed using Riva Tuner?November 30

    My temp goes to 90c whe laying CoD4. Is it safe to adjust the fan speed with Riva Tuner? Bec. i think this is pretty hot. Or is it?Yes its safe "Bec. i think this is pretty hot. Or is it?" No GPU usually is running hot, its normal. If you don't

  • CPU fan/thermal padNovember 30

    I am trying to purchase a new thermal pad, but there are so many. I am trying to pull up a picture of the fan from the HP parts store website but am un able to do so. Does anyone have a picture of the CPU fan for an HP Pavillion dv7 model # 7135us. T

  • GPU fan of Satellite P100-145 is not running!November 30

    Hi Has there been a solution to this problem yet? It only started since I upgraded my bois to 3.80. The base gets so hot on the right hand side and it's even radiating heat through the top panel on which my wrist/hand rests. Not to mention it will sl

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