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gps issues on lenovo a536

  • Headset problem on Lenovo A536November 30

    introduce, We of the community Smartphone Lenovo A536 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/464647510343435/), lately we get problems on our mobile phones, which is when we play music and wear a headset, the music is often stopped for no reason .... then

  • Lenovo A536 Slow chargingNovember 30

    I recently Buy Lenovo A536. at first it was good because of the specs and good touch screen. But when the battery becomes low (because I play games), I charged my phone using 2.1A adapter (it is a fast charger) after a while, I was shocked. My phone

  • GPS issue please help me pleaseOctober 11

    Hi guys, Well i know there are several forms for GPS issue but i cant find the right one for me...Please guys help me if u can. I have N95 8 GB with GPS activated for Middle East Dubai.... Now the issue is this that before i was used to connect very

  • Lenovo A536 problem with audio video playback.November 30

    I've bought lenovo a536 smartphone 3days ago and I couldn't listen to music continuesly. The audio or video player is stop playing or pausing unexpectedly. It is only giving problem while using headset. Try to fix this critical bug. It just ruined th

  • GPS issues on CDMA iPhone?November 30

    i'm getting pretty frustrated with the GPS issues with the CDMA iPhone. i cannot maintain a consistent lock with GPS for more than a few minutes. on Navigon: GPS looses every 4 minutes or so, and the speed indicator never shows a consistent speed, it

  • I need some help with my GPS issueNovember 30

    I'm writing to ask you if You could somehow help me solve my GPS issue. I own Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. I've recently updated it's software and installed the new OVI Maps. I know that there is an option to use it offline which means without an Internet

  • Manual for lenovo A536November 30

    Is there a full manual for lenovo A536?Shanya, Serege1410's suggestion is good and will help you find information about your system, but much of what you seek is probably available in the preloaded software.  You may also want to check the ThinkVanta

  • HOW TO DO VIDEO CALLING IN LENOVO A536?????November 30

    i am not getting the option for video calling in my lenovo a536 black.it is having secondary camera and i was told from lenovo support before purchase that this phone having video call.so where the option for video call.Check this thread for video ca

  • Application list in lenovo A536November 30

    I've already have lenovo P770, now I bought lenovo A536. But I cound't find the main menu. All the applications are in desktop. Is there any patch to have that application list. Having everything in desktop is not at all fine. Expecting some help fro

  • Touch Screen Issue in Lenovo K3 NoteNovember 30

    Hello, I am facing issue in Lenovo K3 only 15 days old, Sometimes screen become non responsive and even requires force restart. I need to know is this a Harware Fault or Software Fault ?If possible please share any information which can help me to re

  • N86 GPS issuesNovember 30

    Hi, Posted this seperately from the N97 GPS issues but I'm having similar issues with my N86, namely speed regularly drops to 0, the route is repeatedly recalculated for no obvious reason, the map constantly rotates its orientation (just like being o

  • Lenovo A536 Call barring password?November 30

    Dear Community! I'm writing to You because I would like to use call barring feature on my Lenovo A536 (with ROM of 2014.11.15), but when trying to activate the feature, my phone asks for a call barring password. Because I did not use this feature bef

  • GPS Issues with Ellipsis 7November 30

    I am getting inaccurate and sometimes slow to respond GPS issues with my Ellipsis 7.  it seems that the refresh rate for the GPS is extremely slow so when i'm looking at the maps while driving the dot moves every 1-2 seconds as opposed to moving with

  • Droid 3 GPS issuesNovember 30

    Over the past month or so, the GPS on my Droid 3 has been acting funny.  Examples:  using Google Maps, it will sometimes not find the GPS signal (yes, I'm outside).  In other times, like yesterday, it worked fine but about 35 minutes into the drive,

  • Did they bother to fix the GPS issues in new update 3.1.3?November 30

    Just wondering if they have bothered to fix the gps issues that countless people seen to have with the 3gs, me included. We shouldn't have to mess around putting phone into airplane mode, turning location settings on and off and resetting network set

  • N97 Camera scratch and weak GPS issuesNovember 30

    I visited Nokia Care Alexandria, Egypt to fix my N97 issues but they totally denied recieving any information about Camera scratch and GPS issues, and advised to send an email to Nokia main website I have visited Nokia care after reading this article

  • GPS issues-Note 3 After KitKat UpgradeNovember 30

    Is anyone else having GPS issues. Besides all the other issues I'm seeing here, the GPS takes a long time to lock on outdoors, and wont lock on indoors sitting near a window. I use to be able to go on google maps from inside my house, now there's no

  • Lenovo A536 GPS issueNovember 30

    I have A536 for one month and i have problems with the GPS.Despite the fact that finds the satelites it doesn't lock. I 've read that it's a common problem of Mediatek processors but i'm so frustrated and dissapointed because i like the phone ,it's v

  • Wireless issue on Lenovo B570e2 with Atheros AR9285October 11

    Hello, I have just bought a Lenovo B570e2 with an Atheros AR9285 wireless card and have from now lost two days trying to make it work. Since it works perfectly with Windows 7, it doesn't seem to be an hardware issue. The card is recognized and the at

  • Hdmi issue with lenovo g580 model (2689)October 11

    hi i have a problem with hdmi on my lenovo g580 model 2689. it seems my tv dosent pick it up but when i first setted it up it worked. it worked for a few days and then stop working. it has intel 2nd generation 2000/3000. when i uninstall the intel co

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