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  • Preciso de um conversor de 4 a 20mA para GPIB. Voces fornecemOctober 11

    Gostaria de saber se vocês fornecem uma solução para medição de sinal de corrente padrão de instrumentação de campo (4 a 20mA) para protocolo IEEE 488 (GPIB). Um cartão de conversão ou algo deste tipo?Acho que acidentalmente você colocou a sua pergun

  • GPIB Ethernet/1​00 Performanc​eOctober 11

    Does anyone have some real world peformance measurements on the transfer speeds of the NI GPIB-Ethernet/100 box. I am very disappointed in the performance of a block read which is approximately 6ms/byte transfer (tested from 20 bytes to 32kbytes bloc

  • How can i get the count vaule from GPIB?October 11

    I want to get the count waule from GPIB ,but I find that the vaule I get from GPIB now is the trace vaule , so I ask How can i get it.The count of what? What kind of instrument are you using?Read other 2 answers

  • Old visa open, error code 1073807343, using VISA with a GPIB device, and VISA resource namesOctober 11

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to get a SRS model SR720 LCR meter (manual on this page) working with LabView, connecting it to my PC with an Agilent 82357A GPIB/USB interface (manual on this page). I'm running MAX version 14.0, and NI-VISA version 14.0. I'm

  • Data-acquisition with NI 6036E DAQ card & GPIB using an external triggerOctober 11

    Hi all, I hope somebody could give me some help with the following and answer some questions: Simple system description: Labview 6.1 PCI-GPIB card 6036E DAQ card In my system, I am using an external analog trigger signal (A) for continuous data-acqui

  • Error when running software on computers w/o GPIB interface cardOctober 11

    I'm writing some simple GPIB I/O software using the VISA libraries and I'm getting an error when I run the program on a computer that doesn't have a GPIB card. The error is "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). Click on OK...&q

  • Error 7 occurred at Open File+.vi:Open File,NI-488: Nonexistent GPIB interfaceOctober 11

    I did some clean-up of my computer and have been having issues ever since. I'm not the one that did the programming; the person who did is long gone. The VI loads fine but when I hit run I get: Error 7 occurred at Open File+.vipen File LabVIEW:  File

  • How to resolve the error -1073807339 when using Agilent LAN/GPIB Gateway (E5810A)?October 11

    Dear Sir/Madam, Appreciate that you could advise me on the following error occur when connect power meter E4419B to computer via E5810A LAN/GPIB Gateway(remote interface) & run with Labview:  -1073807339 VISA Write in E4419_read_power.vi I have added

  • How do I use multiple GPIB cards in one computer?October 11

    I have two GPIB cards installed in my computer. One has aprimary address 0 and the other is 1. The card with adress 0 works fine but when I try to communicate with some instrument via the second card, the instructions are not carried out. However MAX

  • How do I create Labview VISA ports for *individual* GPIB instruments using Prologix USB GPIB controller?October 11

    Hello, I'm trying to use a Prologix USB GPIB controller to control GPIB instruments, and I would like to have a virtual serial (VISA) port for *each instrument*, as is the case with a normal GPIB controller with a standard NI driver. However this is

  • Can I use a USB hub to connect to multiple USB ports from one GPIB-USB-HS?October 11

    I have one instrument which has a GPIB-USB-HS connected and the USB cable is connected to a USB hub. Can I have multiple PCs to connect using USB hub at their respective USB ports? If so, how many PCs can I connect using the USB cable? I have downloa

  • Whats the difference between VISA and GPIB?October 11

    The reason i am asking this question stems from a problem i am having. I am using an MXA N9020A to aquire Burst Power measurements and i'm using labview to automate and issue the commands.  If i connect to the device using VISA (which is how i pretty

  • How can I convert output data (string?) from GPIB-read to an 1D array?October 11

    Hello all, I am reading a displayed waveform from my Tektronix Oscilloscope (TDS3032) via the GPIB Read VI. The format of the waveform data is: positive integer data-point representation with the most significant byte transferred first (2 bytes per d

  • GPIB Communication between multiple devicesOctober 11

    Hello,  I am trying to build an application in C# which will be able to send commands to more than one device on the GPIB BUS. For example I have 3 devices connected to the computer with addresses as:"GPIB0::18::INSTR","GPIB0::19::INSTR&quo

  • How can I use a GPIB and AT-MIO-16L with a common NI-DAQ?October 11

    I'm using a GPIB card for recording data and a AT-MIO-16L for sending an analog output to my instrument. Earlier, both the devices (GPIB and AT-MIO-16L) were running correctly. Until I reformated my hard disk. Now I'm trying to install NI-DAQ 6.1.1 f

  • GPIB and RS232 communication problemsOctober 11

    I've been having several "interesting" problems with GPIB and RS232 communications in LabVIEW VIs.  Some I'll mention at the end for curiosity, but right now I'm facing a rather big problem.  I'm essentially self-taught at doing LabVIEW (using 8

  • NI GPIB driver support for linux 2.4October 11

    Is the NI linux GPIB driver compatible with the Linux 2.4 kernel? Does the NI linux GPIB driver provide a generic device interface (i.e. independent of LabVIEW)? I would like to access the driver using the POSIX interface (i.e. read/write/mmap etc.)

  • Lc8901a(Gpib) and 3512(ADC) fast polling repost. Labwindows CVI(on a win98 machine)October 11

    Okies I made a this lowlevel try to get a controlled poll. I only pull 2 bytes but still its slow(around 60 polls per second). I also made some attempts with the IVI driver, which isn't workin that good either. mabe i'm doing things in the wrong orde

  • Slow GPIB performanc​e after upgrading GPIB from 1.7 to 2.6 in Windows XPOctober 11

    We have bought several GPIB cards and installed driver 2.6, and I also installed the driver on my computer too. After installation, I got some questions: 1. After installation, under the path folder "C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\Exter

  • Write to GPIB at a specific time in AO waveformOctober 11

    I would like to write a command to GPIB (using "GBIP Write.vi") at a specific time in every iteration of buffered analog output. But I have two question: 1. all iterations are generated at once by "AO Start.vi" ,how could I write to GP

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