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gnome desktop override lc_time

  • Conky disappers when Gnome-Desktop startsNovember 30

    Hi there, I've installed conky as a systemmonitor and would like to let it start when my Gnome-Desktop starts. To achieve this, I put the "conky"-command under System -> Preferences -> Session. In principle this works, because when Gnome s

  • GNOME Desktop Too Bare!October 11

    I love Arch and I love GNOME.  The problem is - the default GNOME desktop that comes with Arch is EXTREMELY BARE!  Even after I change the wallpaper and add some new icons.  It just feels so empty.  Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can fix t

  • Automatic Time Sync on Gnome Desktop?October 11

    What would you do to sync time on your Gnome Desktop? Gnome Settings for "Networktime" does not work for me caus it is deactivated after reboot.... All what i try to do with ntp does not work too... Is there any "easy" way to sync time

  • Gnome desktop icons dissappearOctober 11

    the gnome desktop icons, terminal,trash,computer etc. dissappear from the desktop ? how do i get them back without exiting the session and logging back in ?it appears the problem is occuring after the session had been idle for a period of time > 3 ho

  • HDD icons not appearing on my Gnome desktop when mounted [SOLVED]October 11

    I have several ntfs partitons that I'd like to see as icons on my Gnome desktop.  When I ran Debian/Lenny, I would mount them like so: $ sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /mnt/D After that command ran, a new icon (HDD) would appear on my Gnome desktop.

  • Hal start failure,relogin gdm,and cant see gnome desktopNovember 30

    Hal start failure,relogin gdm,and cant see gnome desktop When system start ,I can see gdm. When you enter a user and name password to login the desktop, the screen flash, immediately logout from the desktop,Back to the login interface. manual start h

  • Gdm depends on gnome-desktop [SOLVED]November 30

    I have xfce and want to have a display manager so that I can automatically boot to the desktop. In (X)ubuntu I used to have gdm, so I would like to have that now too. The problem is that when I try to install gdm with pacman, gnome-desktop becomes a

  • Newbie: EL6 "database server" installed - how do I get the Gnome desktop ?November 30

    I installed fresh EL6 on the same partition where EL5.6 was installed - did a reformat of "/" to take advantage of ext4. While installing EL6, I chose "Database Server" option - and did custom partitioning to preserve my other OS-es. T

  • [NEW RELEASE] Arista - Easy to use transcoder for the GNOME DesktopNovember 30

    I have created packages (regular and nightly releases) in the AUR for a new program called Arista. http://programmer-art.org/projects/arista-transcoder An easy to use multimedia transcoder for the GNOME Desktop. Arista focuses on being easy to use by

  • Gnome-desktop 1: prefix?November 30

    Here: https://www.archlinux.org/packages/extr - e-desktop/ Does anyone know why the 1: prefix is used on this package? gnome-desktop 1:3.8.1-1 Thank you!If you look at the PKGBUILD you can see the epoch value, maybe that's the reason?Read other 6 ans

  • Gnome desktop icon description wrapping [Solved]November 30

    How is it possible to make the icon descriptions in gnome desktop not wrap so early? For instance, the name "Evolution" is wrapped just before "n": Evolutio n And "Thunderbird" is wrapped as follows: Thunde rbird Solution It

  • Gnome desktop crashes (wacom-plugin-CRITICAL)!November 30

    Hello folks! I'm using E17 as my default desktop. For some time I noticed that my font settings for gnome applications are not effective any more. I had the suspicion that maybe something is wrong with gnome-settings-daemon and tried to check  it by

  • GNOME desktop sometimes doesn't appearNovember 30

    When I start computer and load GNOME through GDM, GNOME desktop sometimes doesn't appear. Both panels appear but wallpaper and icons don't appear, only gray background. I should press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to reload X Window and after it desktop appears

  • Gnome desktop does not openNovember 30

    Hi, After installing Solaris 10 on some of the systems in my workplace the gnome desktop does not open. The installation was uneventful. Seemed completely successful. On my IBM systems it works just fine. Yet though the Common Desktop Environment ope

  • How to merge title bar and tab bar on Gnome desktop?November 30

    Not exactly a Firefox issue, but if it works fine on Windows it should work on Gnome too... How can I merge title bar and tabs bar? In Windows if we hide the menu bar Firefox puts in a single line Firefox button, tabs and minimize, maximize and close

  • [SOLVED]Gnome desktop and KDE menu suddenly goneNovember 30

    I run Arch on a second machine with both KDEmod and Gnome installed. When logging in today Gnome desktop was gone (wallpaper, icons, etc), but the panels were still there. All applications seem to function normally. Switching to Kdemod brought the fo

  • Gnome shell overrides locale settings?November 30

    Untill yesterday I put: export LC_TIME=it_IT in ~/.profile and it let me see date in thunderbird in italian format (dd/MM/YYYY). Today gnome-shell crashed at login... after some thinking I commented some files among which .fonts.conf and others and t

  • URL Link In Gnome DesktopOctober 11

    Hello, If I drag an URL from the Firefox address bar to my personal desktop in Gnome an icon is created and I can latter access that site by clicking on it. But when I do that the browser that opens the page is Epiphany rather than Firefox as I expec

  • Is there a way to remove the GNome border for Firefox in Fedora 20 (gnome desktop)October 11

    Hi I have Fedora 20 with Gnome 3 desktop. The Firefox 31.0 has a bar above the tabs where it displays a bar and it shows the page title. Is there any way to remove it as it uses some space and I hate it. Is there any way to hide it or remove it. I ha

  • [SOLVED] Arch does not start into gnome desktopNovember 30

    I installed arch from the scratch into a new hard drive due to a disk failure in the old one. After installing it, I booted into gnome3 desktop without problems. Today I have upgraded it by performing: #pacman -Syu and also I have installed some othe

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