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  • Gmail on Lumia 710November 30

    How do I read my Gmail Emails without synchronizing the Gmail contacts to my phone? I added my Gmail account to my phone by settings>email+accounts>add an account. But it synchronises the Gmail contacts to my phones people/contacts list, which I don

  • Lumia 710 Push notificationsNovember 30

    Hii.. Could someone tell me how to disable / Enable push notification feature in LUMIA 710? I have enabled it when setting up twitter app in phone and since then messages are pouring in day and night!! I like to stop it. Also is push notifications me

  • Toast Notification - Nokia Lumia 710November 30

    Is there a way to disable / enable the toast notification of SMS on Nokia Lumia 710?I work for a cellular provider. The SMS toast notification is a big deal customers. When my phone is locked and sitting on my desk or coffee table I want a notificati

  • Notification Switch off in Lumia 710November 30

    How do i switch off the notification which pops up on the top of the screen when a message is recieved .. ?? I use a Lumia 710.Hi vlabla, Welcome to Nokia Support Discussions! There is no setting to set your phone to switch on/off as per to a schedul

  • Nokia lumia 710 update to 7.8November 30

    sir.. still there is no  7.8 update for my lumia 710 on zune..when ever i check it shows your phone is uptodate 7.10..hi all pleaase help me i had recieved a update notification on my lumia 710 then i pluged it into my laptop to update the phone to 7

  • Proximity Sensor problem after update. Lumia 710November 30

    Hi, Yesterday i received the update notification to Tango through Zune. After perform the update, I noticed that when making or receiving calls, the screen immediately turned off and is not turned on again until the other person hung up. I did the te

  • Lumia 710 - Facebook Messaging disconnectingNovember 30

    I just bought my Lumia 710 yesterday. When I tried to go to Messaging > Online, it would show my Facebook contacts. After about 30 seconds or so, it would show these contacts as offline.  I've tried turning Facebook chat on and off via Messaging > O

  • Facebook stopped working on Nokia Lumia 710November 30

    I cannot access or add my facebook account to my Nokia Lumia 710 windows phone. Earlier today the people app stopped updating notifications from facebook. When I looked at the account info it said the account "required attention" I tried to sync

  • Nokia Lumia 710 - Storage problemNovember 30

    I am currently having problems with my Nokia Lumia 710, I keep getting the low storage space notification but I delete things and my storage space still decreases. I am unable to download zune software and have been unable to connect to skydrive, so

  • Silent mode for lumia 710November 30

    Is there a silent mode in the lumia 710 that cuts out ALL sounds including gaming and all notifications.  I can see by the instruction manual where to change this, and it also says silent, but there is only ring and viabrate, or viabrate only.  This

  • New update available for Lumia 710 (version 1600.3...November 30

    Hi all! Good news! We have brought forward the software update schedule for our Nokia Lumia 710, and have begun rolling out the latest update 1600.3015.8107.12070 to India and Singapore. We will add more countries and variants to the rollout based on

  • Not able to make any call with my lumia 710October 11

    Not able to make any call with my lumia 710 though other then call everything is working fine. I chacked my SIM in other phone, i there phone i can make calls. Whats wrong with my phone?hi i am using nokia lumia since last 6 months. i am having aitel

  • I get double the amount od gmail notifications in notification -- both from new mail and all mail.  What can I do?October 11

    I get double the amount of gmail notifications on my iPhone 4 or iPad 2 using iOS 5.  Any ideas how to fix?I Think that you have system sounds muted. System sounds can be muted and controlled two different ways. The screen lock rotation can be contro

  • Lumia 710 signal and Internet sharing problemOctober 11

    I've been using Lumia 710 since 3 months. Even though the initial experience was good now I'm facing a serious signal problem with the phone. We recently moved to a high-rise building where the signal is weak inside the rooms. If the phone looses the

  • No batteries for Nokia Lumia 710?October 11

    I am in Perth, Western Australia and I am one unhappy customer Last Friday I went to Battery World to get a spare battery for my new Nokia Lumia 710 as I'm travelling overseas. They don't have them. I phoned JB HIFI as I bought the phone from them. T

  • Nokia lumia 710 issue before and after send to rep...October 11

    need some advice from the forumer/nokia. Just bought about a month but my lumia 710 already had an issue 3 days after bought it. had send it to nokia care center at the 1st time due to battery drainage issue but the profesionalism of the staff was to

  • My Nokia Lumia 710 stopped working during updating...October 11

    My Nokia Lumia 710 was connected to my Pc by cable and was being updated. As the updating was going on, probably during the 7th or 8th step, it hanged and stopped responding. The updating could not complete. The worst is that the phone can no longer

  • Problems in internet connection in Lumia 710October 11

    I have problems in internet connections in Lumia 710... I have to reset the phone everytime for the connection to work properly... Solved! Go to Solution.I can let you know this is not a known issue with the Windows ecosystem as the Lumia range of de

  • How to update my Nokia Lumia 710?October 11

    Sir I want to update my window software of my Nokia lumia 710 as windows 8 or 7.8. So how can I do?? Moderator's note: The post was edited. A better subject was [email protected]_aadat if you are on Windows, you need Microsoft Zune. In Mac OS X, your n

  • Software Update Availability for Lumia 710October 11

    When updates are available for lumia 710 Moderator's notes: Appropriate subject providedhi mate, please read this article: http://discussions.nokia.com/t5/Software-Updates/Updates-to-Windows-Phone-7-8-starting-today/td-p/17...Read other 2 answers

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