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gi on production order material ledger

  • Valuation area not yet productive with material ledgerOctober 11

    While doing goods receipt at MB1C,i got the below error: The description of the error is given below Valuation area XXX2 not yet productive with material ledger Message no. C+020 Diagnosis The material ledger has been activated for the valuation area

  • Show batch clasification char val of the production order material in COOISNovember 30

    I want to display a characteristic value entered in the material batch classification of the production order material in COOIS report. Ex: I maintain material stock code in material batch classification. Within the same material there can be multipl

  • PRODUCTION order material configuration infoNovember 30

    HI, any one please let me know how can i get production order material configuration information.from which table we can get this info or is there any function module to get this info. Thanks & reagrds.. Anil.Tcheck this include Program , u will find

  • Error Message :Valuation area 1000 not yet productive with material ledgerNovember 30

    Dear Floks, I need some clarification to get rid of this error message and move further. While saving the PGI I am facing the follwoing error message: "Valuation area 1000 not yet productive with material ledger---- The material ledger has been activ

  • Valuation area HDQF not yet productive with material ledgerNovember 30

    Dear all, When i PGI, there is an error: Valuation area HDQF not yet productive with material ledger. Pls help me to resolved. Thanks & Regards,Hi Quang, Please run CKMSTART tcode and give that plant no(HDQF). Execute the process and then click on Co

  • CKMLCP - Zero-stock Product Impacts Material LedgerNovember 30

    Dear experts, We've executed a monthly costing run using material ledger. It's run smoothly every month but, at this time, the system selected a material which stock quantty is zero, that hasn't had any movements since last year and hasn't been chang

  • Exit to transfer SD item text to Production order material textNovember 30

    Hi Experts, I have a requirement to copy the sales order item description into the material description of the production order . I guess I need  to do the same, using exit enhancement. please guide me on this.Hi prasann     go to this thread it will

  • Production order material change reportNovember 30

    Hi, Is there any standard report to find out the list of materials added, changed or deleted in production orders by a specific persion? If not, which tables can I query to get the data? Thanks, Sincerely, NickyHi, There is no such standard report av

  • Production Order Material StagingNovember 30

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if there is a way that you can change SAP so that it picks the raw materials by batch number instead of reciept date for production staging, at the company I workwe use part of the raw material but then send back to st

  • Error: Valuation area PLANT1 not yet productive with material ledgerNovember 30

    Hi Sap Consultants, I am getting the above error when I am trying to create materail. Thanks, PadmajaHello Padmaja, You will to check the following before activation the Val.area 1) OMX1: Check if ML is active against the plant IF NOT 2) Use tcode CK

  • Setting Material Ledger to ProductiveNovember 30

    All, How do I set the material ledger to productive for a given plant ? The accounts are all setup and everything  is fine in transaction OMX1 (the active material ledger is checked for the plant\valuation area) However in transaction CKM9 the materi

  • User-exit to update material component in a production order with a batchNovember 30

    I am looking for a solution to update a production order material component with a batch number what is stored in the configuration of a sales order. The production order is defined for salesorder related production. How can I update the field RESBD-

  • BAPI - Goods receipt and then create transfer order for a production orderOctober 11

    Hello Everyone We need to do goods receipt and then create transfer order for a production order (Material for WM scenario) We are using BAPI 'BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE'       i_items-orderid = wa_afpo-aufnr .       i_items-order_itno = wa_afpo-posnr.    

  • Sequencing of Purchase order and Good Issue acc. to Production order dateOctober 11

    Hello , We are using Direct procurement scenario ,During MRP run we generate a Plan order(which have dates); which converted into Production order later.For these production order material is needed (components). And for procuring components we need

  • Transfer Order not created while performing GR for Production orderOctober 11

    Hi, I am facing a problem while recieving stock from a production order. The system does not create a transfer requirement or a TO. Let me give you a brief background. This is a new functionality introduced in ECC 6.0 for working with kanban in WM. S

  • Missing part list is incomplete while creating Production Order and 2 components are not shown in the list.October 11

    Hi Team, We are facing issue for availability check. During creation of Production order, the missing part list is not complete and it should show componenet A in the Missing part list. Below is the details: Production Order quantity: 100 kg Componen

  • Production Order GR accounitng entriesNovember 30

    Hi Friends, Can you tell me, during the goods receipt against production order, accounting entries with mvmt type 101 are hitting with which prices of production order material. i.e. I was checking one production order and found the prices were neith

  • Production order costing issue in MTO with variant configurationNovember 30

    We have an urgent issue to be resolved in production order costing in MTO scenario. We have two level configuration with configuration passed from parent to children. The parent has many configurable materials as child(semi finished BOM items) and BO

  • Dump when execute MMPV (Material Ledger is actived)November 30

    Hi experts, This is my scenario: - We are testing in a Development system (No productive system) - Material Ledger is actived since 12-2011 - No Material Ledger period end closing made in 12-2011 When we execute MMPV the system shows the dump:    SAP

  • Production order creating PRNovember 30

    While creating a production order by T code co01  it is generating a PR  for one of its component  and promping for Valuation price which is not there earlier  and the components material type is UNBW On analysis found that specific UNBW component is

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