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  • Help! Cannot Get Garageband 11 to allow me to punch in / outNovember 30

    So I'm trying to basically punch in / punch out with Garageband 11, but I'm having some trouble. I'm trying to use the cycle region feature, as instructed in the manual under the heading "Record over a specific part of a project". But everytime

  • How to punch in using Garageband?November 30

    Hey, How do you punch in with garageband?TitoKeys wrote: How do you punch in with garageband? in theory you can turn on the Cycle Region function to record in a restricted area in reality, it's _far_ better to record on another track (you can then ei

  • Questions on punch in and mix downOctober 11

    i've been using vers 1.5 and it seems a lot simpler to use. after punching in and want to keep the take- how do you put it in the track. another question i would like to mix my vocal to another track in multi track that i have added a fx to, i don't

  • Punch in/out and crossfadesOctober 11

    I'm really surprised at how lousy the documentation is for Garageband '08. I'd just like to learn how to: 1 - Punch in on a track 2 - Smooth out the result of the punch-in (I belive that's called crossfading, correct) Any help would be much appreciat

  • Spot recording with garageband v1.1November 30

    i have the first version of garageband and I cant seem to spot record or punch in/punch out. I have followed to directions, clicking on the button, highlighting the section I want to record over, but when I back up the play head to the beginning and

  • MIDI Punch InNovember 30

    Hi All - I am new to GarageBand but have used other packages which do this - can you nominate a point to 'drop in' or 'punch in' a MIDI event? It seems that if I go back and try and re-do a chord or a couple of notes in a bar, I then overwrite other

  • How do I use Garageband for iPad with a real amp?October 11

    I play with a guy down the street who has a couple of amps set up. The one I use is kind of limited in it's tonal qualities. In my twenties and thirties I would have no problem hauling my own amp down there to get my tones dialed in, but I'm forty fr

  • How do I use a bluetooth headset with garageband?October 11

    How do I use a bluetooth headset with garageband? I can't get it to work after many tries.I can pair the headphones with the computer but the sound from GB is distorted and muffled. I can barely hear it. The set works with iTunes, but not with Garage

  • Loops not showing up at all in Garageband.. but are on computer...October 11

    Hey, My loops are not showing up... however I don't have my CDs with me at Uni. However, I disovered by using Spotlight that the loops are actually on the computer in a folder called "Apple Loops for Garageband". They are in my user library and

  • Why does GarageBand audio work for guest user but not my account?October 11

    Hello, I have a 15-inch MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3) from late 2011 that I bought brand new in 2012. I'm running OS X Mavericks 10.9.4 and my MacBook has 500 GB of storage. About a month or two ago I tried to download the ne

  • *Logic Pro 9.1.1, Garageband, Waveburner, Abelton suddenly crashed and won't open at all !October 11

    I recently was working on a project in Logic Pro 9.1.1, saved the project and put my macbook to sleep. When i return, my mac wont turn on for the first 10-15 minutes sitting on the blank screen with the rotating circle. When it finally loads through

  • Why can't I open a GarageBand recording on my iPhone in GarageBand on Mac OSX?October 11

    I recorded an acoustic performance of my vocal quart last night on an iPhone running GarageBand 2.0.1 on iOS 7.1.2.  But I can't open it in GarageBand 11 (6.0.5) on Mac OSX 10.9.5.  What gives? Not only will it not open (and the software on my Mac pl

  • How do I install garageband on my new macbook pro without paying for it since it didn't come pre installed?October 11

    I bought a new 13" MacBook Pro with retina (mid 2014). It didn't have pages, keynote, numbers and garageband pre installed. I managed to install all except garageband. How can I get that installed without having to pay for it since it was supposed to

  • Error reading/writing file "com.garageband.cs":`≤Ć». messageOctober 11

    Hey all! Don't know if anyone can help but I keep getting the message... " Error reading/writing file "com.garageband.cs":`≤Ć». " with a cancel button. If you click on it it does go away, but after a time playback starts skipping and

  • Error reading/writing file message when opening garageband and/or filesOctober 11

    I've been recently getting this message when I open garageband and files "Error reading/writing file\U201Ccom.apple.garageband.cs\U201D I've been in and repaired disk permissions and all that it says it is all fine, reinstall garageband and message s

  • Voice memos to GarageBandOctober 11

    Can voice memos be exported to GarageBand?In order to use your voice memos in Garageband you must convert them to an MP3 or AAC file in iTunes. Right click on the file you want to use in iTunes and select "convert to AAC" or "convert to MP3

  • How can I use my iRig plugin for guitar/keyboard in garageband 10.0.2??October 11

    Hey, I'm having A LOT of trouble with the newest version of garageband. I recently updated it so I now have version 10.0.2, starting of with a loooot of trouble getting it to finish downloading/installing. I kept saying that it couldn't finish becaus

  • HT4106 How do I use a midi keyboard on GarageBand with my iPad? When I try it says the device cannot be used as it requires too much power.  However, I have given the midi it's own power source.October 11

    How do I use a midi keyboard as an input device on garageband? Its an oxygen 61 board.  I'm using an iPad camera connection kit and a separate power source for the midi but each time it says it cannot use the midi as it requires too much power. I hav

  • How do I use beringer qx1002usb mixer with garagebandOctober 11

    I have a Beringer qx1002usb mixer that I would like to attach to use with garageband. When I plug it in it does not connect. Is there software that needs to be installed in order to use? Anyone who has used this mixer before  please help!!!I can pair

  • How do I use my controller board with garageband?October 11

    I have an Edirol PCR-30 controller board which I use w/ garageband 3.x. So far I've only been using it as a keyboard and not as a tool. What I mean is it has all these knobs and sliders but I have no idea how to get them integrated with GarageBand. C

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