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  • Fan Error on X201October 11

    I bought my X201 (3249CTO) last october from lenovo's website. 2 weeks ago, my laptop became unable to boot up except showing "Fan Error" message. Before that, my laptop sometimes suddenly shut down(directly to dark screen) with no reason.  The

  • Month Owned MSI GE60 Apache Pro Fan IssuesOctober 11

    Hi everyone, I have had my MSI GE60 Apachce Pro 15" laptop for a little over a month now. For the first month, I could barely hear the fans when leaving the laptop idle or using non-power hungry applications that do not involve gaming, such as browsi

  • MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR Noisy Northbridge fanOctober 11

    Hi I'm having a problem with the nforce chipset fan on my K7N2 Delta-ILSR. It makes a horrible wailing sound when cold booting and is only running at about 2500rpm instead of 4000rpm. It does this usually for about 30 seconds then runs normally. Does

  • MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR - Noisy Grinding Motherboard FanOctober 11

    Hi, The Motherboard Fan on my MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR has started to make a terrible grinding noise and I was hoping someone could offer some help on how to replace it. Some of the questions I have are -  + Is the Motherboard Fan screwed on or glued on?

  • Workstation Logo Contest - Facebook Fans Favorite PickOctober 11

    Hey MSI Workstation Fans! Thanks for your great work, we are glad to receive so many cool designs! Let's help yourself a chance to win the "Facebook Fans Favorite Pick" prize –  EIZO 24.1-inch monitor ColorEdge CX240 valued at USD$1,499- by invi

  • Design Flaw in Twin Frozr fansOctober 11

    So, I'm finally creating a thread about this. There's been reports over the last few years about fans making rattling noises, grinding noises, high pitched whines, whether on cold boot, idle, high RPM, or constantly, and quite frankly I'm tired of MS

  • MSI GF4Ti 4200-TD64-the fan is to loud..October 11

    Hi all.I put together a a system thats really quiet but the fan on my msi gf4 ti 4200 is really making noise.Anyone else think the same of their msi gf4 ti 4200 cards?Well today im gonna buy the Tt GF4 cooler and see if its less noisier and it comes

  • MBP fans @ 6000 rmp when chargingOctober 11

    The fans of my 2yr old mac have been going nuts lately (high 5000s/6000s rpm) so after looking into it with iStats I was led to change the battery (last one was health @36% w 157 cycles). Things are now great in terms of not having to keep the laptop

  • MBP won't wake, is REALLY HOT, fans going full blastOctober 11

    This morning I made sure when I closed the lid on my MacBook Pro, that it went to sleep (pulsing sleep light). I found that this doesn't always happen right away, unlike the old Powerbooks. I then put it into my laptop bag, confident that it was full

  • Can anyone recommend me a Northbridge fan replacement?October 11

    I have a MSI K8N Neo4-F nForce4 and recently i have been experiencing random crashes and lock ups which i think are due to the northbridge fan failing (it was making horrible noises). I tried to replace this with the Asaka heatsink/fan combination th

  • [865PE/G Neo2 Series] Suggestions for excellent Air/Fan Cooling - P4 NorthwoodOctober 11

    Guys, I need some advice here.  I've got my 2.8 Northwood up to 3.16 (yea, I know, not great or anything but good enough for right now).  Anyway, with the coming of the blazing Summer temps hitting Michigan in the high 80-90s, my case and CPU temps a

  • KT3 Ultra-ARU (Chipset fan problem)October 11

    Hi! I have a motherboard from MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU with AMD Athlon XP2000. I bought last year ago, I have a problem now.  My chipset fan that is on the motherboard is not working good anymore it makes lots of damm sound. Please help me I don't know if t

  • MSI KT3 Ultra ARU 2 fan speed controllingOctober 11

    Hi, i'd like to know if is it possible to control the fan speed via software with this motherboard. I've try with Speedfan, but it seems to have no effect :( . Suggestions?Hi, Sorry, it's not possible.Read other 2 answers

  • K9n Platinum fan speed controlOctober 11

    Hi! I have the following configuration: -Motherboard: MSI K9N Platinum v1.1 -Bios: AMI v1.3 -CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core) -CPU cooler: Artic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro -Memory: Kingmax 2*1 GB -Video card: MSI NX7600 GT -Power Supply: Antec NeoHE430 4

  • Satellite A505-S6973 overheating and fan works oftenOctober 11

    I hate doing this but I seem to have encountered another problem which i have been searching and reading with the hopes of correcting myself. I presently own a Satellite series laptop with an Intel Cor 2 Duo T6500 2.1Ghz processor. I 've been monitor

  • HP Pavilion Elite E9120F running hot, what fan do I need to buy. It is running at over 90 degreesOctober 11

    My desktop HP Pavilion E9120F began to run hot, fan was coming on very slow, I cleaned really good, was a bit dusty.. I think this may have caused the problem. It is not running at 90 degrees farenheit. I replaced the video card so I could run video

  • GT 70 missing graphic card and constant fan noise IssuesOctober 11

    Not even sure if this is the correct place to post this thread if not could someone move it to a different section. So today for some odd reason my laptop decided to freak out on me. I get a bluescreen saying VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE, I have GT70 NVIDIA GTX

  • System fan error on g62-352ca on startup. are there two fans ie a cpu fan and a system fan?October 11

    I get a system fan error on power up?     Are there two fans in the G52-352CA?   Ie a general system fan and a CPU cooling fan or just the one CPU/heatsink fan? If it is the CPU/heatsink fan then there are 4 part numbers for different options.   Is t

  • Fan Error on HP desktopOctober 11

    hi there guys, i got a hp: p6203w desktop computer with the stock; Sunon KD1209PTS2 on board as a case fan. I recently switched it with a Noiseblocker MS-81 quiet fan and got the cpu fan failure on startup. Now whats weird is when i check my speeds w

  • "Fan error" on Thinkpad X201sOctober 11

    Hello, My X201s surprisingly overheated and soft-shut down. Upon rebooting the BIOS interrupted startup just to say "Fan Error" and shut down again. Has anyone seen this issue before? Up until now the fan has been working! I took the keyboard of

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