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G5 Quad core mac pro getting hot

  • Time machine only copies User Info and Users (Applications, Library, and System are missing) from my quad core Mac Pro.  45 Gb of 162 Gb are missing.  Any one having success with time machine copying all folders using Mavericks?   What do I need to do difNovember 30

    Time machine only copies User Info and Users (Applications, Library, and System are missing) from my quad core Mac Pro.  45 Gb of 162 Gb are missing.  Any one having success with time machine copying all folders using Mavericks? What do I need to do

  • Intel Core Duo, or 2 Quad cores (Mac Pro)?November 30

    While I like the idea of a portable Mac, I want to know if there will be a big difference between the rendering ability of a Quad Core system (Mac Pro) and a Duo core system (Macbook Pro). I went into an Apple store today & opened up Final Cut Pro on

  • Quad Core iMac vs. Quad Core Mac Pro?November 30

    My old Dual 2.5Ghz PowerMac had a coolant leak and Apple is replacing it with a Quad Core 2.66Ghz Mac Pro with 8 gigs of ram and 1 terabyte hd. Is the new Quad Core iMac a more powerful computer? 2.66Ghz vs. 2.66Ghz - NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 vs. ATI Ra

  • Max ram size for a quad core Mac pro tower?November 30

    I have a 4-Core, Xeon 3500 series, 3rd gen Mac pro tower with four DIMM slots and would like to know what is the largest size ram I can put in each slot and what is the best configuration for that ram?  My main concern is maximizing the rendering spe

  • Is the new Core i7 MacBook Pro as fast as my quad core Mac Pro?November 30

    Hello, I'm wondering if someone could advise me about the relative power of my current Mac Pro (2 x 3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon 8GB RAM), and the new 17" MacBook Pro (2.66GHz Core i7 8GB RAM). Is there a website that details such comparisons? The reas

  • Slowly I turned.... Why is my Quad Core MacBook Pro getting slower with each Lion update?November 30

    I upgraded to Lion on my 20011 15" 2.0GHZ Quad Core MacBook Pro. The machine crashed at least 7 times (reports forwarded). I upgraded to 10.7.1 hoping for the crashes to go away. It began to crashed once a week. On checking the console reports Virus

  • Which memory modules to use for upgrade 8 core Mac ProOctober 11

    I am planning to upgrade the memory in my new 8 core Mac Pro, I use it for graphics and video editing (FCS2), I am wondering what would be the advantages and differences between getting the 8GB upgrade in 2-pair of 4GB module or 4-pair of 2GB module,

  • Need help improving XP SP3 performance on 4-core Mac Pro 2009October 11

    I'm running Windows XP SP3 under Boot Camp 3 (Mac OS X v. 10.6.2). Currently, XP is on a second partitioned HD, but it was previously running on a drive all its own with the same problems which are: When I boot into Windows the sound stutters quite a

  • New 8 Core Mac Pro QuestionOctober 11

    What will the 8 Core Mac Pro do for Aperture? I know you need 4 gig of ram and the ATI video card. I am just curious about what processor to purchase. I find that Exporting images from a wedding of 800 or so images takes about 2.5 hours on my G5 Dual

  • Installed Memory not showing up in a late 2009 Dual Core Mac ProNovember 30

    I have a late 2009 Dual Core Mac Pro. I restarted the my computer today, an a utility popped up saying something about I need to re-arrange the memory in my mac because it was not optimized. I thought this was weird because all the slots are filled w

  • Where are the 6-core Mac Pro at 3.33GHz in the 'store'???November 30

    I'm trying to configure a 6-core Mac Pro at 3.33GHz with some extras but, it's nowhere to be found at the online store!... What gives?? ThanksThanks... But when I go to the buy page this is all i get.... http://store.apple.com/ussmb_78313/browse/home

  • Illustrator CC 2014 running EXTREMELY slow on brand new 6 Core Mac Pro with 64Gbs of Ram. This can't be right :(November 30

    Hi, I've just picked up a brand new 6 core Mac Pro and I am having some serious lag issues with Illustrator CC 2014. I am just trying to select relatively simple objects (an illustration of the side of a coin) and there is a massive delay between whe

  • Mac OS X - Opening Project Crawls - Uses Only 1/2 Core on a 12 Core Mac ProNovember 30

    Can anyone else confirm this: When opening a project in PP .. the Activity Monitor only shows one hyerthread ( out of 24 )  active while the program opens .. and it takes a long time. This is a 12 Core ( 24 hyperthreads ) Mac Pro Does it happen on a

  • Does Premiere Pro benefit from 8 Core Mac ProNovember 30

    I'm considering buying an 8 core Mac Pro because my current Intel Core 2 Duo iMac is struggling with the editing I do in Adobe Premiere. There seems to be some debate as to whether 8 cores are any better than 4 cores or 2 cores in a lot of applicatio

  • 8 Core Mac Pro only using 40% of its power? ouch.November 30

    Hi there I have purchased a top of the line 8 Core Mac Pro with 10GB RAM to do video conversion tasks, among other things. Right now, i'm importing a m4v file into iMovie, and i've opened up Activity Monitor, and it stays around the 40% mark. The imp

  • Hip Hop, Dance, Pop on 4 or 8 core Mac ProsNovember 30

    Just wondering if anybody has been making this kind of music on 4/8 core mac pros? If so has anybody come close to the edge with these systems? I wouldn't think you would since hop hop/pop don't usually use as many track as scoring films. But what do

  • Huge CPU-spikes on 8-core Mac ProNovember 30

    Hello, I just got a new 8-core Mac Pro with 16Gb of RAM. And updated to Logic 9. And Snow Leopard. Now logic is giving me the "System overload - could not process data etc" -dialog constantly. From the system performance window I see huge CPU sp

  • 1066Mhz Memory in a WestMere 12-core Mac ProNovember 30

    Hello, Thanks for reading and for your help. I've tried to find an anwser on Google but without success. I presently have a 2.26Ghz 8-core Mac Pro (Nahelem). I would like to exchange it with a 2.66Ghz 12-core Mac Pro (Westmere). I previously bought f

  • CPU v. GPU in 12 core Mac ProNovember 30

    I think I know the answer to this question but I wanted to ask around to make sure I wasn't missing the obvious. Looking at the Compressor4 specs I see that "...Distributed encoding uses available capacity in other cores and other computers to make e

  • Anyone using a 12 Core Mac Pro? I have HORRIBLE performance issues .. Help!November 30

    After the latest 10.7.4 Mac OS X update I have extremely horrible performance issues with AE ... and they were not so great before the update. It is still stabilizing ... but an 1:19 clip in SD is taking 12 HOURS TO analyze and stabilize. !!! The 12

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