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g5 airport no dial tone detected

  • 4630 dial tone detection failNovember 30

    Getting a Dial Tone Detection fail on my 4630. The line has a dial tone through a phone. Anyone ever see this before?Hi @PTrietschChaney, Welcome to the HP Forums! I understand that you are getting a dial tone detection fail with your HP Officejet 46

  • No dial tone detectedNovember 30

    We recently purchased a new toshiba laptop for our daughter. We still have dial up at our home, she was able to get on netzero & set up an account & access the internet. As of last nite, I went to get on the internet & I keep getting an error

  • No dial tone detected connect script failedNovember 30

    i'm running mac mini 10.4, using apple internal 56k modem v.92 (modem model:jump driver:motorola sm56k.kext v1.3.2) and have been consistently having problems with connecting via dial-up, usually getting a no dial tone detected message, but up until

  • Powerbook Internal Modem "No Dial Tone Detected"November 30

    Ti 667 can't shake hands. it's trying to dial up and i hear it dial but it always says no dial tone detected. i've picked up the phone while it dials but i just hear a dial tone. it's been years since i've tried to use a dial up modem but i remember

  • Disable dial-tone detection when sending a fax?November 30

    I just got my iMac an external connexant fax modem, since I need to send faxes (yes, they are still used is some places of the world). Although I am able to receive faxes OK, I find it hard to send a fax, since it seems like the fax modem fails to de

  • Modem problem: "No dial tone"November 30

    Hi all, Can anyone explain how to get my email messages from my lap top when away on holiday (in UK) ??? At home i'm on freeserve hometime - evenings and week ends option. Whilst away this week i was trying to connect via aol broadband, when this obv

  • Dial-up and newly acquired AEBS ~ can't detect modem connection / dial toneOctober 11

    I've read the threads but have yet to find an applicable solution... Just received the new AExtremeBS, connected and set up as prompted... Not able to get online with my iBook G4 as the modem / dial tone cannot be detected. Obviously, since I'm posti

  • Internal modem not detecting dial toneNovember 30

    I have an iMac G3 CRT 333MHz (Lime) which is having trouble connecting to my dial-up internet connection. I am fearing that my internal modem is 'burnt out', and am wondering if anyone out there has any additional troubleshooting tips, or any advice

  • Faxing - Modem Does Not Detect Dial ToneNovember 30

    Hello Everyone, I suddenly have a need to send and receive a Fax. I have a phone line plugged into the modem port on my G4 and on trying to send a text fax, not much happens. Error message to the effect that the modem is not detecting a dial tone. Sa

  • Internet connection "Does not detect a dial tone" ????November 30

    Help! I have not been able to connect to the internet on my imac G5 for the last couple of weeks. I have tried the usual connect and restart computer and have spoken to my ISP who say it's not to do with them. The message 'does not detect a dial tone

  • Voice service down. No dial tone or light.November 30

    It's recently come to my attention after expecting a call that my Uverse phone service is down. Checking the call logs, it looks like this problem started sometime after 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, the 11th. I've tried a number of things on my end to try

  • No Modem Dial ToneNovember 30

    When trying to use Airport lately we constanly get message that modem reports no dial tone. Have checked power and phone lines and they are OK. Have reinstalled software but this doesn't help. Any clues, anyone?Hi Joe, you may want to post this in th

  • Outside dial tone !November 30

    Hi all. i am labbing this to clear my concept. I am using CUCM 8.0 I created a route pattern 956.7XXX (Partition->None) and gateway (my router as CME and one phone registered with DN 7111) Outside dial-tone is checked Offnet Urgent priority

  • Apple USB modem stopped recognising dial toneNovember 30

    Running Snow Leopard (10.6.8) on a 2007 iMac. Have been using an Apple USB modem for the last several years, and as recently as last week successfully sent out a fax, but suddenly today it does not detect the dial tone (although I can hear it), and h

  • Modem Reports No Dial ToneNovember 30

    When we try to use Airport we get message that modem has no dial tone. Was working fine. Took Airport hardware to Apple store and genius bar verdict was Airport was OK but we should bring in iBook so they could be checked out together. Have had no ch

  • Internal modem no dial toneNovember 30

    Its been some years since I used the telephone modem on my macbook and since then it's been upgraded to 10.4. However I suddenly have to use the modem as I am going somewhere non broadband/non wireless. Testing the modem here on a still viable dial u

  • I have a wireless home phone connect device. Can call out on it when dial tone present, but most times cannot receive calls since purchase. Anyone else having a  problem with their home connect device?October 11

    Have had Wireless Home Phone connect device refreshed and updated three times since I purchased it in September 2014. Last tech I worked with on it initialized an NRB to check the network. I checked the location of the tower, which is less than one m

  • New Broadband - No Dial tone - Line Test shows no ...October 11

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me before i start pulling my hair out!.... I have recently attempted to set up my new broadband and phone. My activation date was 4 days ago and ever since ive been on the phone to customer service trying to wor

  • Loss of phone line, no dial tone but broadband sti...October 11

    I have looged a fault with bt for this issue VOL012-*********, but no engineer turned up yesterday to look at it. I have tested 2 different phones in the master test socket and still have the same problem, no dial tone but broadband is working ok. Ho

  • No dial tone for the second time nowOctober 11

    Hi guys, Back in late November 2013 I discovered that the phone was not working correctly that being no dial tone and a faint outside crackling noise coming through, I couldn't call out or receive calls however when I called my phone the line rang fi

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