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g4 mdd video freezing while booting

  • I have a new Macbook Pro.  When watching Youtube videos, it works perfectly until I attempt to watch the video in full screen.  When in full screen, the video freezes immediately and the audio continues.  When minimized it works fine as before. Help?October 11

    I have a brand new Macbook model A1502.  I am taking online college classes that incorporate youtube tutorial videos.  I can watch the videos if I don't maximize the screen to full screen.  When in full screen, the video freezes immediately and the a

  • Freeze at boot (due to NM?)October 11

    Hey, since my dual/triple monitor configuration (Optimus Intel/Nouveau via bumblebee) did not work properly anymore I messed arround with the drivers (i.e. installed the nvidia drivers). However, the system now freezes at boot time. That means after

  • G41M-P26 video freeze and crashNovember 30

    I have a G41M-P26 with the following: Intel Pentium E5700 Wolfdale 3.0GHz LGA 775 G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 PC3 8500 Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 On-board video Windows will boot and run fine for 10 minutes (sometimes less), the

  • Installer freezes during boot with ATI Radeon cardNovember 30

    System: Toshiba Satellite A305-S6916 Video card: ATI Radeon Mobility HD 3650 Installer: 2010.05 amd64 netinstall Problem: Installer freezes during boot at "setting console to utf-8 mode". Solution: Add "radeon.modeset=0" to kernel comm

  • Macbook pro freezing on boot upNovember 30

    My Macbook Pro suddenly started to freeze on boot up.  It takes a number of attempts before it finally boots successfully.  Sometimes the video freezes.Steve Zoom wrote: vea1083 may be correct if you have a 2008. I have a mid 2010 Macbook Pro, and wh

  • Browser (video) freezes after iMovie 08 import; audio playsNovember 30

    I'm a novice to FCE. I'm trying to use it for some simple editing. I have several problems. This is the first. I've imported a two minute clip from iMovie 08 via an XML export. Once it appears in my time line, I drag the clip to the browser in order

  • Ihcat video freezes when this happensNovember 30

    Whenever I am viewing ichat video and sharing an avi on ichat theater it freezes whenever I am wether viewing a large amount of files on quick look . I has also frozen when I am burning a dvd and it is ejecting after it is done verifying . When it cr

  • Mini-DVI to VGA - online video freezes when dragged from MacBook to LCD TVOctober 11

    I connected my MacBook to my LCD TV this morning via Mini-DVI to VGA, and am trying to stream online video. The video works fine when the browser is on my MacBook screen, but when I drag it over to the LCD TV, the video freezes. I tried setting the s

  • Video freeze with Fast User SwitchingOctober 11

    I can't seem to find anything on this specific topic in the forums, but it's plagued me pretty much since I got the i7 iMac a year ago. The problem is this: when I have more than one account logged in via Fast User Switching, the video will freeze on

  • Memory full/video freeze - backup - Spiderman (!)October 11

    Hi Read lots of these posts regarding memory full errors, so I am planning to upgrade the firmware. However when doing the backup, it's told me that it could not back-up copyright material (I am assuming this is the Spiderman vid that came with it) -

  • Video freezes when playing after ipod updatingOctober 11

    My 60GB ipod video freezes up after a few minutes of playing video. It was operating fine until I installed the latest IPOD updater software "2006-01-10". I have tried reseting the ipod, but it makes no difference. When the freeze occurs, I foun

  • Video freezes for a few seconds multiple times but audio continues okOctober 11

    Flash freezes for a second or three; audio continues ok. Happens usually a few seconds in, every 8 seconds or so for maybe 3 times and intermittent after that (sometimes runs fine the rest of the way). Have Vista64 IE9 - Chrome and FF doesn't freeze

  • Video freezes when burning disc imageOctober 11

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem when making a disc image? I created movie in imovie and saved it as a dv (which I do all the time). After creating an idvd menu, etc., I save it as a disc image. But when I test the movie in dvd play

  • Video FreezesOctober 11

    Greetings, I've recently swapped from a laptop to a desktop and am having issues with my logitech c270 and Skype. Everything worked perfectly on my laptop, but now my video freezes a few minutes into every call that I make or receive. Sometimes the v

  • Video Freezes and Stays FrozenOctober 11

    Hello, Every single time I use Skype my video freezes after only a few seconds. Sometimes it will unfreeze after a few minutes and sometimes not at all. I am currently using Skype 6.21 and have a logitech c270. The c270 works fine with my laptop. I w

  • Video freeze, sound only, no solutionOctober 11

    I'm having problems with video iChat. Shortly after I connect, my video freezes (both send and receive) but the chat continues with sound. If I try doing anything in iChat (like quitting) I get the spinning wheel of death. The only thing I can do at

  • I am still having problems with my music videos freezing (all purchased from iTunes) since the update.  Have restarted, rebooted etc. and it is worse than before.  Help!  Spent a lot of money on these and they won't play properly.October 11

    I am still having problems with my music videos freezing (all purchased on iTunes) since the update.  The first day of the update, no problems...played 6 hours of music videos and no freezing.  Today...every single video froze!!! So frustrating!  I r

  • IDVD unexpectedly quits and/or video freezes during burnOctober 11

    Please help! I'm going crazy trying to get a completed video project burned onto DVD. I have three video programs (one is a slide show), all created in Final Cut Pro and saved as either Final Cut Quicktimes or Quicktime movies using H264 compressor.

  • Video freezes when exporting to Full QualityOctober 11

    [Background: I've been working on a video project in iMovie HD that I'm doing in pieces - exporting each section of the video at full quality when it's done, so that later I can put them all together in a new project.] Lately I've been having major p

  • FMS publish record - Video freezeOctober 11

    Hello, I have a problem to record and replay my video with flvplayback. I publish a mp4 file with mic and camera. When i would like to play after, if the video is too long the video freeze i think after 5000ko. I my video is more short its ok. It is

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