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full anti glare bleeding problem

  • Macbook Pro 17 Anti-Glare LCD ProblemOctober 11

    Here is the LCD screen on my MBP on black background. The back light is more or less very uneven. Is this normal to other Macbook pro anti-glare users? [IMG]http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/2341/dsc0627.th.jpg[/IMG]Hi everyone! I've just noticed so

  • Problem of the anti-glare coating on 15" Macbook Pro display peeling off?November 30

    Hi, bought my Macbook Pro 15" with Retina display about a year ago. Recently discovered the anti-glare coating peeling off, leaving ugly 'bald' spots on the screen bezel sides (thankfully, not in the main display area!). Only use the provided polishi

  • Is backlight bleeding normal on anti glare screens?November 30

    I just purchased a 2012 15' macbook po and noticed baclking bleeding on the bottow right to center of the screen. being new to the anti glare screen, I just want to know if this is normal of should i get a replaceent? and/or what are the chances of g

  • Where can I find a 17" desktop anti-glare filter for my iMac?October 11

    I checked a couple of sites that sell anti-glare filters. I'm trying to find one to fit my widescreen 17" iMac, however, both sites charged exorbitant prices, one $80, another $100. I remember ten years ago I was able to buy an anti-glare filter for

  • Is there a genuine IPad anti glare screen to reduce the reflection/mirror effect when using outdoors?November 30

    The reflection in the IPad 4th generation retina screen when using outdoors or in bright light is very distracting. You look at yourself! Especially if using the pad on your knees. I have fitted the excellent Moshi clear protection screen, but this d

  • IPod Touch Power Support Screen Protector: Anti-Glare or Crystal?November 30

    Which do you recommend?I had anti-glare protectors on my Palms for years-- and they worked like a charm. I thought that's what I was going to install on my IPT 2G, but I saw a video showing the difference... I ordered the Air Support Power Jacket tha

  • With an anti-glare screen can you read on your mini out of doorsNovember 30

    with an anti-glare screen can you read on your mini out of doors?I have similar problem with Windows 8.1 and cannot authorize downloaded books from library to put on my KoboRead other 2 answers

  • Anti glare iphone 4November 30

    hi does the anti glare power support film have any problems with incase snap clear case?together and is anti glare harmful for retina display of iphone 4 ?or Useful? thank youdoes the anti glare power support film have any problems with incase snap c

  • Ipad 3 anti glare screen protectorNovember 30

    I suffer from headaches from my new Ipad 3. I also suffered with them on my Ipad 1 but used a Media Devil anti glare screen protector and the problem was solved. I have tried the Media Devil on the Ipad 3 but it does not work very well as the resolut

  • New MBP 17-inch anti-glare display creates a moire pattern when scrollingNovember 30

    This is kind of hard to explain: The color on the display is fine when a page is stationary, but when I scroll vertically, the blues (especially light blues) and reds get a strange tint to them and create an effect that's hard on the eyes. The graphi

  • Cleaning the PowerSupport Anti-Glare FilmNovember 30

    After well over an hour trying to get the film positioned properly without bubble I finally succeeded...almost. Even though I used canned air to blow off the dust, etc., I managed to get a few dirt particles trapped between the film and iPod. They we

  • What anti-glare do you use on your LED Display?November 30

    My office just got me a 27" Cinema Display and it's awesome! Only problem is I have windows behind me from floor to ceiling. I see traffic buzzing behind me all day! I try to close the shades when it gets unbareable but for the most part it's really

  • Anti glare coatingNovember 30

    Hi does anyone know if there is any way of reducing the anti glare sparkle on the screen? I have a 8 month old 30" cinema display which is perfect I also have a 1 week old 30" (which was replaced because the first one had a problem with lines in

  • Anti glare screen - put glossy glass over it?November 30

    Hi all I recently bought a 15" MBP with a high res anti glare screen - I noticed that the screen dosent have the glas front "cover" like my 13" MBP glossy has. Is it possible to put this glass on the anti glare screen? I know that the

  • 2009 late model plastic unibody MacBook cracked & anti-glare glass chipped?November 30

    I'm disappointed in my macbook, not in performance, rather quality and Apple's lack of customer service. The front of the case has cracked from normal use, beginning under the case and ending just to the right of my touchpad. I contacted Apple and th

  • Glossy vs. Anti-glare: Is it worth $700?November 30

    Debating between the: 13-inch : 2.53GHz - $1,399.00 15-inch : 2.8GHz (anti-glare option) - $2,099.00 I would just go ahead and get the 13 inch, but I'm worried about the glossy screen. I've read that some people get headaches (which I have a problem

  • Anti-glare layerNovember 30

    The anti-glare layer on my Apple Studio Display has been badly damaged by using a multi purpose foam cleaner (suitable for computer equipment!). It looks a mess, Should I put up with it, claim on my business insurance or try and remove all of the ant

  • NuVue Anti-Glare screen protectorNovember 30

    Is anyone familiar with this product, as I haven't been able to find any reviews? I'm looking for an AG protector, and everything I've looked at--Power Support, Box Wave, Speck, among others, all seem to make the same promises (no bubbles, no fingerp

  • Glossy versus Anti-GlareNovember 30

    Which is better for video editing? I like the anti-glare screen but am worried that it won't give me true colors and black levels. Any thoughts on the matter?We use matte screens in our digital design Photo-shop class with no appreciable color loss o

  • Anti-glare screen or filtersNovember 30

    Hi everyone, a first timer to this forum. I bought a MacBook in Jan and is with a glossy screen. The glossy display is bothering my eyes and get headaches whenever i use the MacBook. I wanted to know if anybody knows about a anti-glare screens or fil

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