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free norton antivirus for my apple 10.3

  • Hello everyone. I've got a macbook pro running on mac os x 10.6.8; trying to set up norton antivirus and it requires mac os x 7 or later. How can I safely upgrade to mac os. 7?October 11

    Hello everyone. I've got a macbook pro running on mac os x 10.6.8; trying to set up norton antivirus and it requires mac os x 7 or later. How can I safely upgrade to mac os. 7?leroydouglas is correct, DO NOT install Norton or any other commercial ant

  • Norton Antivirus and Mac Book ProOctober 11

    I receive the same error message every time I start up my Mac Book Pro. That Norton antivirus needs to be reinstalled. I have done this several times and have gotten the latest updates but still get the same message. Is it a compatibilty problem with

  • Norton Antivirus 11.0 for MacNovember 30

    Scheduled scan using Norton Antivirus 11.0 for Leopard crashes after exactly one minute after it starts. Norton's log says: " Virus 'Did not have permission to scan.'" (Everything on my Intel iMac and Norton is up to date.) The Mac's log file sa

  • ARP Cache Poison reported in Norton AntiVirus for MacNovember 30

    The MAC address from my new gen Apple TV is being tagged from Norton Antivirus as sending an ARP Cache Poison. Anything to care about, folks?DNS cache poisoning affects certain versions of named and is used by miscreants to redirect access requests t

  • Norton antivirus will not run on Intel MacNovember 30

    I installed Norton Antivirus that I received from school but when my computer starts it errors and says it will not run on an Intel Mac. How do I uninstall. I took the program and dragged it to trash but it still has a startup item.Hello and Welcome

  • Norton Antivirus for Mac update?November 30

    My Norton Antivirus subscription has had its year and needs updating - ie more money! There's been so much talk on this site about how useless and how NV can even be damaging, is it worth updating?? If I don't, presumably the old outdated software wi

  • Norton Antivirus blocks printing to Airport Express-attached printerNovember 30

    I have my HP Photosmart C4480 ("the free printer") set up with my airport express base station and it works fine, but only if I disable the portscan vulnerability protection in Norton Antivirus (11.0.1). Does anyone know if there is a better way

  • Norton Antivirus HD scanNovember 30

    When I scan the hard drive using Norton Antivirus, I get a list of files that it "Did not have permission to open the file." Is this normal? Shouldn't I be able to command Norton scan all my files? Below is a partial list of un-scanned files: .A

  • Norton Antivirus Thinks Quicktime is a WormNovember 30

    Just registered here to point out that the latest Norton AntiVirus update seems to be blocking Quicktime trailer viewing by default because it seems to think it's detecting a worm. To sort it just disable "Internet Worm Protection". If a user de

  • Norton antivirus and cached emailNovember 30

    Norton keeps telling one of our teachers that she has a virus in her Mail cache. She closes the norton box and it keeps popping up , over and over. She has deleted emails, emptied the trash nothing helped. Does she need to delete some preference file

  • Why won't Norton AntiVirus 10.0 install on my PowerBook G4?November 30

    I have a PowerBook G4 and have installed OSX 10.4.7 for PPC. I am now attempting to install Norton AntiVirus 10.0. The error message I get is: "...Software requires Mac OS X BSD Package." My PowerBook G4 does not have an Intel process (pre-Intel

  • Is norton antivirus useful or needed on a macbook pro?November 30

    Is norton antivirus useful or needed on a macbook pro?Worse software you can install on a Mac. This software is so invasive, it's nearly impossible to uninstall. I've been a helper in the Safari forum for several years and I have seen numerous Safari

  • Norton Antivirus 6/1/2006 update blocks OracleXE (fix)November 30

    It appears the NAV 6/1/2006 virus definition update doesn't like OracleXE (Windows XP Pro). For those of you like me are not familiar with how to configure Norton Antivirus, here's the simple fix: Open NAV Under Options, select 'Norton Anti-Virus' On

  • Should I renew existing Norton antivirus on my Mac?November 30

    When I bought my Powerbook one year ago, the salesman at the Apple Store suggested that I should use Norton Antivirus "just in case." So, I installed it. Now I'm getting notices that it's time to renew, but I've read on this forum that it's prob

  • Why does norton antivirus keep telling me that an attack attempt hss been and it points to firefox.exe?November 30

    I keep getting messages from norton antivirus that an attempted attack has occurred and it points to firefox.exeHi there Amiliz1313, I seems like you may have already done a few of these steps, but I would recommend going over some from the article b

  • Rosetta and Norton AntivirusNovember 30

    I wanted to install Norton AntiVirus software on my MAC last night because I work in a mixed environment and don't want to risk getting some crap on my MAC. I plan on installing Parallels to run Windows. Anyway, when I went to install it I was inform

  • Norton AntiVirus Software Good or Bad for Imac?November 30

         Would like to know if Norton AntiVirus software is good for protecting my Imac from malware or are there other brands that work better? My ISP provides the Norton AV at no cost, but I've heard that it may cause problems, so want input on best AV

  • Dr. Smoke-why Norton Antivirus?November 30

    (I hope Dr. Smoke gets this) I was reading in your profile that you have Norton Antivirus 10 on your PM G5. I'm supposed to be the "knower of all computer knowledge" here at my work although technically I'm a graphic artist that's been assigned

  • Norton Antivirus 12 and Mac OS 10.7.2November 30

    I am having trouble with Norton Antivirus 12 on my iMac using Mac OS 10.7.2. When I open the program the Automatic Protection keys are turned off. They should be on at all times. Can anyone give me some help on this problem?Norton has a very bad repu

  • Problems with Norton antivirus after Tiger installNovember 30

    I installed Tiger yesterday and it all went well. After the install however, on every restart or when turning on the computer I get this error message: Norton AntiVirus Error. Norton AntiVirus Auto Protect could not continue. Please reinstall Norton

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