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format lenovo tab 2 a7 touch.problem

  • Lenovo TAB S8 50F touch screen - additional touches when charged w/ insufficient chargeNovember 30

    As the title says  There are additional registered touches when the tablet is charging with an insufficient charge that follow the same horizontal line (going across the tablet or the same y coordinates) that appear at mostly random locations (althou

  • US version Lenovo Tab 2 (A7-30F) Not receiving updates. - Make offline downloads available?November 30

    I decided it might be best to open a new thread about this issue, since I don't necessarily believe attention is being given to similar threads once marked as "solved." I am a fairly new owner of the A7-30F model Lenovo Tab 2, and it appears tha

  • How to Root a Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70 2015 versionOctober 11

    I am not responsible for any damage that may affect your Device! Rooting is the first step to customise your device. Without rooting absolutely 'extraordinary' nothing is possible. Yes your warranty becomes void after that. So chill. No matter where

  • Receiving an 'Error formatting cross-tab object' error when paging through previewNovember 30

    I have a report with two subreports in the group footer.  One of the subreports contains a cross-tab report.  When I preview the report as a whole, occasionally I get an error formatting cross-tab object and then no more pages of the report are displ

  • Faulty storage on lenovo tab A10!November 30

    OK so I have had the Lenovo tab a10 for about 4 months now, fine but one problem: I am missing over 7 gigabytes of storage. They're just not there. Now it won't let me download anything like apps and movies. Has anyone else had this problem? If it ca

  • My Lenovo Tab S8-50 will not turn on?November 30

    Hi,  i bought myself a new Lenovo Tab s8-50 2 days ago and as i went to put it on charge today it was on a 50% battery life so plenty of juice left but i'm going out tonight and so i wanted it filled up. After coming back after a few hours the tablet

  • NO SIM shown on Lenovo Tab S8November 30

    Lenovo Tab S8 is showing NO SIM but SIM is working. I tried with different SIM cards. Seems some BUG.Aha, it's not just me... There's another thread here where Mac users are discussing the same problem. tt2Read other 3 answers

  • IE 10 blank new tab and missing favourites problem only when requiring a proxy for first page visitOctober 11

    We are having a very strange situation with one (only) of our 64bit 2008r2 remote desktop session host servers.  The problem we are having is that when any new tab or window is opened it must first open a page that is in the internet options -> conne

  • Hello guys my i phone touch is not working on edges and some touch problem and it is not taking too much time too respond it is purshecd in kuwait can i get replace in indiaOctober 11

    hello guys my i phone touch is not working on edges and some touch problem and it is not taking too much time too respond it is purshecd in kuwait can i get replace in india it is i phone 4ssaikumar3 wrote: ...it is purshecd in kuwait can i get repla

  • Touch problem with 5233October 11

    i've bought a new 5233 and its having a touch problem which is displaced slightly upwards....i.e. touching a key works slightly in upward direction...and i had updated my software and also used the factory restore and soft restore options but its not

  • Playing videos and other content from my Lenovo Tab A8 to my Samsung SMART TVOctober 11

    Hi,I've a Lenovo Tab A8. I also bought a Samsung SMART TV recently. I want to connect my Tab to my TV so that I can share and watch the Tab's contents on the large screen wirelessly. I tried many different apps but they did not help. Is there anyway

  • I lost all Lenovo programs like idea touch 3.0 and e.t.c.How can i get them back.Please help me.November 30

    Hello!Can you help me Please, I have my Lenovo B520 idea centre i made upgrade till windows 8 and back to windows 7 but i lost all Lenovo programs like idea touch 3.0,Lenovo SplitScreen , Lenovo VeriTouch,Lenovo Eye Distance System,Lenovo Dynamic Bri

  • Error formatting Cross-Tab tableNovember 30

    Hello! My CR2008 reports include many cross-tab tables and till now, everything went smoothly. ...till I got the message "Error formatting Cross-Tab table" while viewing the print preview. Technically the error comes up while clicking one of the

  • Lenovo B50-30 AIO touch screen stop workingNovember 30

    I bought my Lenovo B50-30 AIO touch screen last year and approximately after 3- 4 months of use the touch screen capability has stopped working.. Contacted customer service but they are unable to help and they told us thay they will send someone to f

  • Format Text tab is missing from Edit on Top Level Site home pageNovember 30

    Hello, Hoping for some help - not sure where to go with this. I've been working on a SharePoint site for my company. I need to change the top level site main page text layout to 3 columns. I am pretty sure I was able to do this a few days ago but now

  • Lenovo Tab S8-50F will not update otaNovember 30

    I recieved a new update for my lenovo tab s8-50f, and whenever i try to update, it gives me an error screen Finding update package..... Opening update package..... Verifying update package...... Installing update.... Verifying current system..... ass

  • Lenovo tab S8-50L - Security HD disappeared after upgradeNovember 30

    Hello, I have bought a Lenovo Tab S8-50L tablet a month ago. In last days tablet informed me about new firmware upgrade.After firmware upgrade application Security HD was removed. How to install and bring it application back? This was helpfull app fo

  • Touch problem in lumia 535November 30

    In Lumia 535 I have faced touching problem.Hi, monotosh. Were you able to perform the tips from this link: What to do if issues with the touch screen on my Lumia 535 and 535 Dual SIM phones??  Let us know the outcome. Read other 4 answers

  • Touch problem of Lumia 535November 30

    I have sent my Lumia 535 2 times to care for the touch problem.but no results.now the network is also not available at my handset.totally disappointing.....Hi lumiaajij, Welcome to the Microsoft Mobile Community. What is the OS version of your phone

  • Lenovo tab S8-50 fails to update: S8-50F_s000214_150629_ROWNovember 30

    Lenovo tab S8-50 fails to update: S8-50F_s000214_150629_ROW. Pic below shows the results. The first 1 is from Smart Assistent, the 2nd ons is manually finding the update.zip but yeah...   Settler11 wrote: Just follow this tutorial. It's simple. But j

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