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form 6i read xml from web

  • OWSM and Non-SOAP XML-based web serviceOctober 11

    Hi all, According to the OWSM Administrator's Guide, "all Web services registered with an Oracle WSM Gateway are virtualized as both a SOAP and non-SOAP Web service." To access the non-SOAP (XML-only) web service, the documentation stat

  • Error while deploying in web.xml with web-app_2_5.xsdOctober 11

    Weblogic version 10.3.5 and java is 1.6.0_31 context root is - "/" (slash) Web.xml - old has following declaration and works fine <!DOCTYPE web-app PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.3//EN" "http://java.su

  • XML and Web Service Data Source Missing in Crystal Reports for VSOctober 11

    I would like to use a Web Service as the data source for a Crystal Report that will be running outside of my Visual Studio application.  So setting the data source to the web service in code is not possible.  My understanding is Crystal Reports has a

  • Sending document to oracle xml gateway web service and body is url encodedOctober 11

    Hello, a question from a complete newbie to web services. I have some code that is sending a soap message to an oracle xml gateway web service. In the soap message the values in the soap body look like &lt ;CNTROLAREA&gt ; when I would be expectin

  • Binding xml from web service to java objectsNovember 30

    I would appreciate if someone can tell me where can i get information regarding binding of xml from web service to java objects in weblogic 6.1 . Thanks, agHi Ag, To my knowledge, the only information on this topic is whatever you find in the documen

  • Native Oracle XML DB Web Services  in 11gNovember 30

    in 11g the Native Oracle XML DB Web Services features is added .what is the advantage.how its owrks.in 11g the Native Oracle XML DB Web Services features is added .what is the advantage.how its owrks.Read other 3 answers

  • Using Native Oracle XML DB Web Services - REST POST web service possible?November 30

    My goal is to expose some pl/sql procedures as a REST web services. The Database is 11gR2 The request method needs to be a POST (not GET as a request will perform insert/updates ) - the request body will contain a xml structure Have setup XMLDB Datab

  • How to pass xml in Web ServicesNovember 30

    Hi, Can some one suggest which is the best way to send xml in web services. It can be sent as string (CDATA) or attachements. Is there any other way, may be as some object?? I would appreciate if someone can help me on this. Thanks & Regards, Rana Bi

  • Whats the difference between servlet-config.xml ang web.xml???November 30

    whats the difference between servlet-config.xml ang web.xml???web.xml is the standard configuration for all Java EE web modules. servlet-config.xml appears to be pertinent only for Struts apps. you don't have to have servlet-config.xml if you don't u

  • Is there some xml based web site....?November 30

    Who can tell me the xml based web site in the internet? Thanks !I have a XML based website, but I cannot publish my url's here. Sorry.Read other 2 answers

  • Error in faces-config.xml, sun-web.xml, web.xmlNovember 30

    Hi I am new bea in jsf. I tried the tutorials for JSF and found that faces-config.xml, sun-web.xml and web.xml gives me following errors: faces-config.xml <faces-config xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/javaee" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.o

  • Reading xml in web servicesNovember 30

    I m sending an xml as string to the web service and i want to read the xml using JDOM but its not working. IS there any way of reading the xml in web service thanks in advanceI'm trying to do the same thing in WASD 5.1 (which in theory conforms with

  • JSON+XML RPC Web serviceNovember 30

    Hi, i want to consume JSON/XML  RPC webservice from Strobe media playback. How i would achieve this.A google search of XML-RPC turned up this: http://mxblogspace.journurl.com/users/admin/?mode=article&entry=763 and this: http://www.activsoftware.com/

  • Need server.xml and web.xml for connection poolingNovember 30

    hi guys, I am having lots of problem implementing the Connection Pool. I want to use the Tomcat's Connection pool classes and not my connection pool. I have gone through lots of problem trying to configure it. I got the range of errors. Has someone w

  • Please enable REST support in WEB-INF/conf/axis2.xml and WEB-INF/web.xmlNovember 30

    Hi  All, we are not able to connect to Live office to our server . URL is  not authenticated in Excel and  if we place same url in browser ,we are getting below error message. "Please enable REST support in WEB-INF/conf/axis2.xml and WEB-INF/web.xml&

  • How to Modify Server.xml and web.xml inTomcatNovember 30

    Hii i am very new to tomcat..and using servlets..so plx tell me hw i can modify the server.xml and web.xml.... if my installables are in c:\program files\apache group\tomcat4.1 ok...i have my servlets file in c:\program files\apache group\tomcat4.1\w

  • How to display an XML in Web DynproOctober 11

    Hi, I am pretty new to Web Dynpro and have a specific requirement. I have a web dynpro page on which we display a table. One of the columns in the table is a XML message. Now on lead selection of each row I want to display the contents of the XML in

  • XML Header Web Services 8.6October 11

    I am developing an HTML application using LabVIEW Web Services in version 8.6. I configured a VI to output data as XML.  I am using the jQuery framework for javacript at this time. I noticed that when I try to get the data from this VI as XML jQuery

  • Problem parsing xml(J2ME Web Service spec) containing image in cldc/midpOctober 11

    Hi, I have created a restful web service that generates xml file in app server. I have created xml file using JAXB2.1 spec. This xml file has many elements starting from char data to image (binary data). I could successfully create xml file and devel

  • Support on 'Base64 encoding in XML gateway Web service SOAP content'October 11

    Hi Experts, IHAC who's requirement is as follows: They are currently using Web service protocol to send order information from Oracle Applications to their trading partner. But need to encode the payload in base64 encoding in the SOAP request. Furthe

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