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forgeten my E7screen pasward

  • Sign in to iCloud keeps poping up i have changed the pasward but it still wont let me on how do i sign on?October 11

    Sign in to iCloud keeps popping up on my ipod screen and it wont let me do anything. I reset the pasword but it wont login.Go to Settings>iCloud and at bottom screen is a Delete Account button. Tap it and the sing in with the updated account.Read oth

  • How can I delet iCloud's I'd with out pasward. Because I have parched 2nd mobile .i don't know how was that person which already used and added iCloud idNovember 30

    How can delete iCloud's I'd without paswardBy the Way, if your device's Find iPhone is turned off, then you can delete that ID because all the security measures are based on the Find iPhone. But you still need to contact with that ownerRead other 6 a

  • What do u do if you have forgeten passcode and cant get into iphone, what do u do if you have forgeten passcode and cant get into iphoneNovember 30

    can someone please help me it will be very much apperciatedLocked Out, Forgot Lock or Restrictions Passcode, or Need to Restore Your Device: Several Alternative Solutions A 1. iOS- Forgotten passcode or device disabled after entering wrong passcode 2

  • I lost my ipod touch 4th gen today and i have installed mobile me but it's of no use but i have the serial number please can anyone help me find it using the serial number please!!!!!!!!October 11

    please help!!Sorry but you can't locate the iPod via the SN.  The SN can only be used to identify the iPod when found.  Report it to the police and change the paswards for all accounts used on the iPod.Read other 2 answers

  • 5600 vtdr capture problemsOctober 11

    When ever i install the video capture drivers and i reboot after install like it tells me to i always find that the capture driver software crashes. I have tried starting it again but it just crashes please halp        Eric attached is a full system

  • Trouble using iTouch after using another computerNovember 30

    Hi, My friend came over this past weekend and connected his iTouch to my iMac for a charge. While it was connected I put some music on his iTouch. When he went back to his home in Hiroshima he downloaded Google Earth but whenever he starts the applic

  • Help Disk Drive Locked With Encryption PasswordNovember 30

    Hi, I reciently encryptyed my SSD on my Mac-Air and have now forgeten the password. Is there a way to fix it with out taking it to apple and getting a new drive?You can't do it in Disk Utility; you'll have to use the shell. It will be a lot easier if

  • HOW TO RESET ICLOUD ID?November 30

    My brother were used an apple ipad and he has expired. Can you guide that how may i reset icloud ID? I don't know the previous user name and pasward? plz help me?? Regards, Mohsin Naveed +****** <Personal Information Edited by Host>Hello mohsinnavee

  • How to restore French language at MacBook Pro 17"November 30

    During a OS X Lion restauration a problem occure in the start up langage. At the booting the default langage is in English and as it is a MacBook Pro 17" with a french keyboard is very enoying. After the first pasward request then the french langage

  • Oracle 8i Personal Ed. start-up PSWNovember 30

    I installed Oracle 8i Pesonal Edition on Windows 98. Now I want to start up database throught OracleHome81-Database Administration-start database. It ask me Pasward and I tried all possible PSW and not work. What is start-up password? Thanks! Shi nul

  • Game center open on my old device stolen how i can make it logout ?November 30

    i have my new iPhone and i play game called iron force its working normal suddenly i find message connection lost becouse i login from other device its my old device iPad i lost so the person who use my old device he kick me from the game not from ga

  • How to remove saved id and passward for any website?November 30

    i have save id and pasward for one website now i want to remove this seved id & paswardthank you very very much. its help me to solve the problem....thanks a lot.....Read other 3 answers

  • How to reset my apple id passwordNovember 30

    how to reset my apple id i had forgeten the answeres and the dat of birth wat i put but i have the email and i cant receive from u the reset password link i need to change it aurgent pleaseThe Three Best Alternatives for Security Questions and Rescue

  • Trouble using 2 ipods on 1 computer.November 30

    I bought a new ipod touch and my gf is now using my old one.  We share the same computer and I set up a separate itunes account for her and a separate admin user id on the computer. I registered my new ipod but the old one still shows up as being a r

  • Toshiba support emailsNovember 30

    I'm tired, really tired about Toshiba support... To sell something is really good, isn't? What about respect the clients and soon. It's forgeten... Can everybody able to do it, find the contact email addresses of Toshiba laptops support? Can you, ple

  • How to restore my k210November 30

    hey mates well my question is how do i restore my ideacentre 210 to factory default(so i can erease every thing from the disk), ive done it once with the help from the lenovo people through the phone, but ive forgeten how to do it,Not sure if you hav

  • Asha 305 email notification and Facebook app issue...November 30

    Sir In nokia asha 305 email app is not get email notification automatically. Facebook app does not allow to upload photo,vedio. It does not allow to trun off chat, Change pasward,etc settings .mp4 vedio not supported. Moderator's note: We have amende

  • I need a cradit cardNovember 30

    i need a cradit card pasward and id plz help meSo apply for a credit card at your local bank.Read other 2 answers

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