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  • In ASR901 can you tag MSTP BPDU'sNovember 30

    I have an ASR901 ring, dual homed to 2 ME3800's with a management VPLS connection between the 3800's.  Running MPLS on all interfaces of the ring.  Would like to use a VRF for in-band management of the 901's.  These devices will be located at custome

  • Debug spanning-tree bpdu brought the network downNovember 30

    I'm troubleshooting a pair of Dell Power-Connect switches in a Dell blade chassis connected to a pair of Cisco 4900M switches. I have my 4900M switches set as spanning-tree root and backup root. The Dell switches are connected via LACP trunks to the

  • Info needed on use of BPDU guardNovember 30

    The place where I am working, we have 7606 router which is connected to various LAN segments. Sub-interfaces are defined in Ethernet ports for VLAN segments. Each LAN segment is running RSTP in rings, so BPDU packets is expected on VLAN subinterfaces

  • 2960 Receives it's own BPDU on the exact same port that it went outNovember 30

    We have a 2960.  All of the ports have portfast and BPDU Guard enabled.  Port 1 goes to a PC.  Port 2 goes to another PC.  Port 3 goes to port 1 on a hub. We the take ports 2 and 3 on the hub and loop them into each other.  So the hub has a loop, but

  • BPDU guard on Nexus 2kNovember 30

    Is there a way by which BPDU guard can be disabled on N2K? Does N2K support normal trunking with downstream switch? All the documentation that I have gone through mentions that you cannot disable BPDUguard on fex ports, it is enabled by default. FEX

  • How to configure PortFast & BPDU Guard on an Aruba controller.November 30

    Requirement: An Aruba controller running 6.4.3.x and above. Solution: PortFast: PortFast feature basically causes a switch port or a trunk port to directly enter the forwarding state instead of going through listening and learning state of the STP. P

  • Spanning tree bpduNovember 30

    Hi all, can anyone tell me 2 things, firstly do only the uplinks on a switch send out bpdu's ? secondly if I disabled spanning tree on the uplink ports would the switch not send any bpdu's out thus the switch not participating in spanning tree to the

  • BPDU-STP Discrpancy - Help Please - spanning-tree portfast bpduguardNovember 30

    Hi, I get this discrepancy report by the CicoWorks saying that BPDU-STP is disabled on ports (all te ports on my switch). I have seen a document on this and how to enable this Spanning Tree feature but I am not really sure if I need to do this or not

  • BPDU Guard without ERR-DisableNovember 30

    Hi Everyone,  I recently had an instance in one of my networks where a user plugged in a home router to our network. The router then started handing out incorrect IP addresses to clients.  I know I can use DHCP Snooping or BPDU guard to stop this hap

  • RSTP BPDU frame formatNovember 30

    Is the RSTP BPDU frame type 2, version 2 or type 2 version 0 ? My documentation says type 2 and version 2, but I beleive this is a mistake and should be type 2 only since the version field is used with the proposal, agreement, port type etc.Hi, The d

  • Config bpdu's xmittedNovember 30

    I have a 6506 and when doin the sh spantree stat port command, the "config bpdu's xmitted" is very high (224129002)...and seems to increase very fast (couple hundreds a minute)...is this a normal behavior ? This 6506 cpu is always at 75 % and th

  • Disabling LACP BPDU Forwarding on brocade switchNovember 30

    Hi, I'm having an issue with ports belonging to a Solaris 11 aggregated link becoming saturated.  The LACP link saturation causes our brocade switch to flood all vlan ports with unwanted traffic.  According to the brocade documentation this is normal

  • RSTP BPDU debug/loggingNovember 30

    Hi guys, We have recently upgraded parts of our network, as well as upgrading from PVST to RPVST. Problems have come along where the wireless links between the switches do not cope with topology changes, but this is a whole other problem. The actual

  • Assistance Disabling BPDU Guard: Catalyst 3560 CGNovember 30

    Good Morning Guys, Here's the situation: Configuring  cisco wireless bridges -  every time I get both devices up in my wireless controller, the port my root bridge is connected to on the catalyst 3560 CG switch gets disabled with the following error:

  • BPDU guard - weird situationNovember 30

    Hi guys, This morning unpleasant surprise happened to me. One of critical ports was err-disabled because of BPDU guard (device B). This wouldn't be surprise if this port (on Device B) wasn't configured as L3 port (I agree that BPDU filter shouldn't b

  • BPDU filterNovember 30

    I am preparing for switch exam and recently saw a question on website as below: You are the administrator of a switch and currently all host-connected ports are configured with the portfast command. You have received a new directive from your manager

  • Local Director and BPDU'sNovember 30

    I am running BPDU guard on my switches. When I plug in my local director I the port is being shut down due to receiving a BPDU packet from that port. Does the Local Director run spanning tree? Does the local director generate BPDU's? If not, why is t

  • SG200-26 STP BPDU and Root GuardNovember 30

    Hi all, in the 1.3 User Guide in release notes it states that the SG200 series should support BPDU and Root guard. I have installed and I can't find both options in the mentioned sections Where the dropped in this Firmware version? Thank you

  • Virtual Connect FlexFabric Stacking with VCEMNovember 30

    Hi, we've got a C7000 chasis with 2 Virtual Connect FlexFabric, managed by Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager. It's already configured and running. Now we need to stack a new C7000, with 2 new Virtual Connect FlexFabric. Existing Virtual Connects hav

  • BPDU + HP virtual connectNovember 30

    Hi, Anybody know if there will be any issue when i enable bpduguard and bpdufilter on trunk ports connecting to the HP virtual connect? Regards,I would configure BPDUguard but not BPDUfilter. I want to be safeguarded, if ANY server in HP Virtual conn

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