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  • W'd-get-it (v2): Now package your Flash lite for Nokia WRT s60, NFL for Series 40 5th Ed, Add OMA DRM 1.0 Forward Lock tNovember 30

    I am now finetuning/fixing bugs of the new version of W'd-get-it. Most of the stuffs are over. here are the fetures of the new version: 1. Packge Flash Lite for Nokia s60 WRT (*.wgz files). Now with option to additional files into the package. All bu

  • Which Flash Lite for Nokia e65November 30

    Which Flash Lite for Nokia e65?Dear People, I am developing an Internet application using Flash Lite 3 developer edition on E65. The problem is: the E65 appear not be connecting to internet when I use, for example, loadVars... The application works f

  • Adobe flash lite on nokia asha 302November 30

    how can i download and install adobe flash lite on my nokia asha 302 ? please help me , i want to download and stream videos but some of them needs a flash lite .Mhm. With a Nokia Series 40 phone like yours, Adobe Flash Lite is either integrated with

  • Problem with Flash Lite in Nokia 5800 XpressMusic-Problema con Flash Lite en Nokia 5800 XpressMusicOctober 11

    I've got a problem playing videos in YouTube with my 5800. Recently I updated my version of Flash Lite to 3.1,  from that day I can't see correctly videos on YouTube, when the the indicator of the bar reaches 1/4 of the totallity of the bar, the soun

  • Adobe Flash Lite 3 - Nokia asha 200November 30

    what is the use of adobe flash lite 3 in nokia asha 200? Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as the post was moved to the appropriate board.HellKing, could you double-check with FlashTester.org, please? You have to put that URL into an SMS, sav

  • Photo editing software using Flash LiteNovember 30

    Hi all, I had been searching for an answer to this question for quite some time and did not find any. Please help. Is it possible to create a photo editing software using Flash Lite for Nokia devices? Am expecting features such as brightness, contras

  • Is there anyway that Flash Lite be available to As...November 30

    please someone tell me, is it possible to include flash lite on nokia 301 dual sim like other java phone(c2,x2,2700)? If possible please include flash lite very soon. Moderator's note: We amended the title of this post as we moved it to the appropria

  • Adobe store has been broken for more than two weeks (trying to download Flash Lite 2.0)November 30

    Maybe this is best classified as a 'departmental cross post',... I have been trying to download a purchase of Flash Lite 2.0 for a Nokia N70 phone for two weeks now, but the online store is broken. Unfortunately I've spent over two hours on hold, acc

  • Flash lite in browser for nokia 6233?November 30

    hai, can U help me? i use nokia 6233 but flashlite not desplay in my web browser what is the content type in device setting > browser ?If you haven't already done so you can download the Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition from Adobe Labs. Here is the lin

  • Flash Lite 2.1 install on Nokia E50November 30

    Just did a Flash Lite 2.1 install on Nokia E50 after I downloaded flashlite2_1_symbian_s60V3 and it installed apparently fine with Nokia installer. However any .swf with test content published to Device Central gets a corrupted file message after I t

  • Flash lite 2.x support for nokia n80?November 30

    I downloaded and installed the Flash Lite 2.1 standalone player for the Nokia N80 from this page: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/entitlement/index.cfm?e=flashlite2%5F1%5Fsymbian%5Fdownload I am able to run Flash Lite 1.1 SWFs fine but get "installatio

  • How to Use Flash Lite 2.1 on Nokia N70-1November 30

    I have downloade Flash Lite 2.1(S60-v2) from the Adobe web site to my new Nokia N70-1. But I can't see any use for it since it doesn't integrate with the default browser or the pre-installed Opera browser as the Flash Player on the PC does with Inter

  • Flash Lite 2.1 player for Nokia S60 SymbianNovember 30

    On http://www.adobe.com/devnet/devices/nokia.html I tried to download the Flash Lite 2.1 player for Nokia S60 Symbian When click on the link it redirects me on a page, and there is nothing to download!? Br JureHi, I have tried to download from link p

  • Downloading Flash Lite AppsNovember 30

    Hi all, we've developed and sourced some Flash Lite Applications and want to deliver them via WAP Portal. Unfortunately the applications running after accessing the WAP- URL. There is no possibility to download or save them to the handset. Some hands

  • Flash lite 2.1 installation problem with Nokia 6630November 30

    Hi, I have Nokia 6630. I downloaded flash lite 2.1(flashlite2_1_symbian_s60V2_FP3.sis) from adobe and when I tried to install the .sis file, I got the following error message "Model of phone not supported. Installation cancelled". But in the app

  • Flash lite player for Nokia-5610 xpressmusicNovember 30

    Anybody let me know how to install flash lite player on nokia 5610 phone..... i know that the phone supports flash lite player but i m not able to find out how to download it on to my mobile and the website from where i can download the application..

  • Flash Lite 2 on Nokia 6680November 30

    thanks to all...I'm a beginner to flash lite. someone can help with a link where could I download a player for my Nokia 6680? I've already tried with FlashLite 2.1 for Symbian but said me that my device it's not supported...any help? thanksI have suc

  • Problem with Nokia 5200 and Flash Lite themes...November 30

    My problem is pretty simple to ask, but maybe not to easy to answer... I downloaded many Flash Lite themes for my Nokia 5200, and my problem is that the animated icons for the grid (that are SWF files) don't show/animate. Is it supposed to be like th

  • I need to download Flash Lite to develop mobile apps...November 30

    I can't find the link for downloading Flash Lite, may anyone help me please ? I will appreciate it, thanks in advance,You can get the Flash Lite Player http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/downloads.html Search for "Get the Flash Lite Player" here

  • Flash Lite 2.1 for Nokia N95November 30

    Does somebody have the answer to when and how it's possible to install Flash Lite 2.1 on a Nokia N95? In the current version I get the errormessage: "Unable to install. Component is built in".Well, Alex, if Adobe strategy is that everytime there

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