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  • Executing an file.exe from a jar file?November 30

    Does anyone know how to execute an *.exe file from jar file? I have two files that I want to execute in one java.class, Monview.exe and Moninit.exe. Both are stored in the same jar file as the class called link.class. This is my code to run one of th

  • Help adding new files to Jar file.October 11

    I am new to Java and am having problems haveing our Web App work after I have recreated the JAR file...this is what I did... Changed to the following directory at a dos prompt: D:\jdk1.3.1_01\bin Ran the following to extract the files from the jar fi

  • How to convert the javasource file(*.class) to execute file(*.exe)?October 11

    How to convert the javasource file(*.class) to execute file(*.exe)? thank you!Although i have seen a few programs (that are platform specific) that will embed a small jvm into an exe with your class file, it is generally excepted that you cannot crea

  • How to edit a text file inside jarOctober 11

    Hi all; I have a code that created text file and put this file to other jar archive. How can I edit this text file inside jar, add string to this file ? Thanks,Unpack the jar, edit the file, repack the jar.Read other 3 answers

  • VB6 source code cannot connect to Oracle database after compile to file.exeOctober 11

    Hi All, I have a problem about VB6 connect with Oracle database. It can connect as normal when run on VB program. After compiled to file.exe and execute, it cannot connect to Oracle database. What's going on ? Please advise? Thank you. Here is sample

  • How to list files from .jar file in applet?October 11

    I have created applet and export all files to .jar file. I use File.list() method in applet to list files from one directory and that works ok but if I try to do that from web browser it sends exception AccessDenied meaning that File.list() isn't all

  • Cannot find file bookDB.jar at directory ejb.October 11

    Could anyone help me!! I wanna try the sample of J2EE EJB. But I met a problem. According to the BookStore3`s tutorial, the file bookDB.jar ought be under the directory ejb/, but I cannot find it at there.I am sorry. I could not read the tutorial cle

  • Its urgent  how to use calss file of jar located in lib folderOctober 11

    how to use calss file of jar located in lib folder. i want to use RowSetDynaClass class which is in beanutil jar file which is in my lib folder .if i use that class in my jsp following error is coming. Class RowSetDynaClass not found. RowSetDynaClass

  • How to deploy ear file with jar file and war file with different namesOctober 11

    Hi, As part of weblogic migration from WL 6.1 sp3 to WL 10, Iam facing some problem. Problem: I have one ear file(abc.ear) to deploy which contains one jar file(xyz.jar) and one war file(pqr.war). In config.xml file of WL 6.1, it was mentioned as : <

  • Problem for reading data file in jar fileOctober 11

    I use eclipse to export my project to jar file. My project is a program used to update data of the company. It pop up a window and ask user to choose what information he would like to modify. When I run this jar file, the main window works well, but

  • Projector file - exe does not playNovember 30

    newbie here. Flash CS4 Professional XP SPII Published a projector file (exe) with a video that runs fine as a swf. Exe is a 4 mb file; sounds about the right size. Ran the exe on my computer; worked perfectly. Thought I was all set. Tried it on 2 oth

  • Windows can't open this file : ***.exe.November 30

      I am facing problem while launching any exe file on my machine and while launch any exe getting message as below. Windows can't open this file : ****.exe. for each exe file am getting the error like taskmgr.exe, cmd.exe,msconfig.exe. System config:

  • How to convert a file.java to file.exeNovember 30

    Hi All I'd like to ask, if it is possible to convret a file.java to file.exe knowing that I'm working in a WINNT environment.look at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jet.html bastlRead other 2 answers

  • How to get the class file of jar fileNovember 30

    hello all, is there any way to get the class file of jar file,as we have when we compile a java file we get class file same do we have any option to get the class file of jar fileA jar file is a zip archive, so you can uznip it or extract the content

  • Big Problem.......Converting PRC File to JARNovember 30

    I have tried lot of things by setting classpaths for converting PRC file to JAR file ,but...............in vain. Please help me to sort out the problem. Regards SunnyI have tried lot of things by setting classpaths for converting PRC file to JAR file

  • Trying to access the java script files via jar file in WEB SERVERNovember 30

    hi all, I am trying to access the java script files via jar file ,which is present in Apache webserver in order to minimise the number of hits to app server.some thing like cache ... in jsp the code goes like this...      <script type="text/javasc

  • Can I make a RandomAccessFile object from file in jar?November 30

    There is some files in jar. I googled some articles that include how to make a input stream of a file in jar. I wonder if I can make a RandomAcessFile object from that file? ~may the force be with you~Shiny is all about highlights and contrast, and m

  • How can i make a file a .jar again?November 30

    Ive opened a minecraft.jar with Archive Utillity so i can change pictures but ow can i make a file a .jar again?You have not said what your target size is nor how many photos you have or how large on screen. Nor what version of Pages you are using. N

  • How to operate .zip files on an s40 Phone ?November 30

    How to operate .zip files on an s40 Phone ? I Just need a program that operates .zip files knowing that my phone is 6085 and thank youS40 phones cannot handle zip files. Only S60 phones can do this.Read other 3 answers

  • EJB:Error in adding class file in JARNovember 30

    Hi im doing project in EJB when i add class files to JAR this type error occurs Pls help in need of helpGenerally WEB-INF\classes\ is for compiled classes. You should move your java source files to say SecondWap\src\com\hclasses to match up with your

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