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feature byte on hp

  • How to find hp build id and feature byte idNovember 30

    how to find hp build id and feature byte id in HP Elitebook 8460pAfter debugging SM04, we found somthing below: Report           RSM04000_ALV call 'ThUsrInfo' id 'OPCODE' field opcode_list    id 'TAB' field usr_tabl-sys. Internal table     usr_tablRe

  • No build id or feature byteNovember 30

    my build id and feature byte section of my bios is blank, cant recover how do input info in bios? windows 7, currently non-op, hp pavilion p6644y just got restore disks and they wont loadthanks your as helpful as the instructions that came with the r

  • T620 install Windows Embendded 7 standardNovember 30

    I have several HP T620 dual core TCs that have Windows Embedded Standard 7E image  on them. We're trying to customize one device and then use that as an "admin image" to then deploy to other devices of the same model and part #. The BIOS informa

  • DPT-S1 Feature Add Request: File Size (bytes) Sorting and Display in Documents ListsOctober 11

    Document Lists view should include option to sort by and display file Size (bytes), as in all other file tools. That would permit discovery of duplicate files with different names, and trimming out the largest files to save space. Thanks!Anyone readi

  • Feature request: get bytes sent and receivedNovember 30

    Is there a way to get the number of bytes sent a received? For other stats, I use code such as: com.tangosol.coherence.component.net.Cluster cluster = (com.tangosol.coherence.component.net.Cluster)                     ((SafeCluster)com.tangosol.net.C

  • Slideshow feature in Adobe Bridge in CS3October 11

    I use Mac OS X 10.5.5 with Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Bridge CS3. I am using a Sony DSL a350 and shoot my images in Sony's raw format which they label as ARW. Photoshop recognizes this format. But, if I wish to save my images in a readily recognizable r

  • What's the best way to mix AIR 14 and the Flex 3.5 SDK and use new AIR features?October 11

    I am returning to development of a popular desktop AIR app, after about 4 years of no code changes. Both AIR and Flex have actively moved forward during my coding absence, and it is time to play catch up. When last built, the app was using Flex 3.5 a

  • New features in Adobe Muse 2.0October 11

    The following is a list of features now available in Adobe Muse: Align Palette We've added a new Align Palette, available from the Window menu, or by clicking on the new 'Align' control in the control strip. You can use the new Align features to alig

  • How can I disable the feature that opens a new tab everytime I enter a search request?October 11

    I have Firefox 4.0.1 installed on my laptop, using Windows 7. Whenever I enter in a search query into the search bar and hit enter the search results come up on a different tab. If I then search for something from that new tab another tab opens. As y

  • Can't use 3D features in CS6October 11

    Hello, So today I downloaded Photoshop CS6 Extended edition (64-bit) for Windows. When I tried to use the 3D features, it wouldn't let me, because I didn't have enough VRAM dedicated. So when I went into preferences, I could only set my VRAM up to 50

  • Problem with Windows 8.1 and Corseca Byte BT headsetOctober 11

    I recently bought a Corseca Byte bluetooth headset. The headset works fine with phones. Initially when connected to the laptop running windows 8.1 it works well and continues to flawlessly for hours. The problem is when the headset is connected to th

  • Error: ORA-04030: out of process memory when trying to allocate 20060 bytesOctober 11

    I have tow portioned of query and uniond all it it gives error like ORA-04030: out of process memory when trying to allocate 20060 bytes NOTE : PARTY ONE AND PART 2 INDUALY WORKS WELL BUTT IT GIVESS ERROR AT THE TIME OF UNION ALL Please i m waiting f

  • Save As feature in JSPOctober 11

    Hi there, I have a JSP where the user needs to be shown a dialog box onclicking the "Browse" button (like the "Save As" feature on browser right click). Currently the way I have it is that I have used Input type="file" in my

  • Error activating features in Sharepoint 2013 (Correlation ID)October 11

    Hi, The Sharepoint 2013 site was working properly but after trying to activate dependences of the features of Sharepoint, I am getting the error as: Unexpected error Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Correlation ID: 87fc969c-57

  • Unable to update features using the NWDS Update ManagerOctober 11

    I'm updating the NWDS and selecting the features to install from https://nwds.sap.com/swdc/downloads/updates/netweaver/nwds/ce/710 It hung midway while downloading:: plugins/com.sap.engine.clientapis_2.0.0.101103141034.jar (9928K of 10560K bytes) I h

  • Error in Activating Community site featureOctober 11

    Hi, I'd like to ask anyone if they encounter this problem. I received an error while activating a feature called community site feature. this is strange because i was able to start this feature in my other site collection. Thanks. JDHi, I've checked

  • Is there any way to get rid of this stupid feature in iTunes for Windows? You've subscribed to a podcast but have more than five unplayed episodes. iTunes will stop automatically downloading newer episodes.October 11

    s there any way to get rid of this stupid feature in iTunes for Windows? You've subscribed to a podcast but have more than five unplayed episodes. iTunes will stop automatically downloading newer episodes. You may get the following message:  iTunes h


    제품 : SQL*PLUS 작성날짜 : 2003-10-07 NEW FEATURE:AUTOTRACE IN SQL*PLUS 3.3 ====================================== Autotrace는 SQL*Plus 3.3부터 지원하는 New feature로서 기존에는 init.ora에 SQL_TRACE=TRUE를 setting 후 얻어진 trace file을 TKPROF란 utility를 이용하여 SQL 문의 수행 경로, 각종

  • Cat0-3750 upgrade. Error: system number 1 does not support the same featureOctober 11

    I am trying to upgrade or rather downgrade from ipadvservices (inadvertently upgraded to) to ipservices on a stack of Cat-3750s, but I get the following error message: Ios Image File Size: 0x00877A00 Total Image File Size: 0x00B04200 Minimum Dram req

  • Can I set the dreamweaver ftp-application to show megabytes instead of bytes?October 11

    Hi! At the moment the ftp-uploader in Dreamweaver is showing bytes when I put or get files from my site. This can be a bit confusing especially with larger files, as the numbers will easily get huge. Is there a way to view the upload/download progres

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