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Fd dr incoming call ringing name set

  • Change lenght of an  incoming call ring...November 30

    how do I change lenght of an incoming call ring tone? I have missed several calls because I didn't get to the phone by the 4th ring. I need more time. Donna{=+=}If you are in the U.S., call AT&T and request the length of time before a call goes to vo

  • IPhone 5s incoming call rings on both headsets and speaker while headsets plugged inOctober 11

    Why my iphone 5s rings on both speaker and headsets in incoming call, while the headsets plugged in the phone? Hi Lucasethio, That is expected behavior on a non-muted iPhone. If you mute/silence the ringer with the side switch, you should still hear

  • PAP-2T, make incoming calls ring in both phones/Lines?November 30

    I have a PAP-2T. On this device I have connected two different phones, one connected to Line 1 and the other to Line 2. I have one SIP account with my provider. My provider has configured my account so that I can make two concurrent outgoing calls. M

  • Delay in incoming calls ringing on Lync for Windows PhoneNovember 30

    When calling a Lync user on Windows Phone, even if the phone is connected via Wifi, the call takes about 10 seconds longer before it even starts ringing on Windows Phone. As a result it is frequently missed. If the user is signed into the desktop cli

  • When on a phone call and an incoming call rings in the display does not show who is calling in. My phone used to that and allow me an option to answer why?October 11

    When on a phone call and a second call rings in you do not see who it is or given the option to answer or ignore the call. My phone did that previously. Why would this be?My phone is doing exactly the same thing... I tried changing the language as so

  • Incoming calls ringing time issueNovember 30

    I've been searching for any info regarding the possibility of lenghtening the time the phone will ring before the caller is cut off. My phone will vibrate twice and ring twice and then cut the caller off. I find this frustrating cause if you happen t

  • Can anyone help me? i am unable hear ring tone for incoming calls from my  iphone 4.November 30

    Hi, I am unable to hear incoming call ring tone.  But able to talk calls and hear music through headphone. But without headphone not able to hear music .Is there any settings to control speakers other than sounds. Can anyone help me to solve the issu

  • 2 iPhones with separate numbers ring when incoming callNovember 30

    My wife and I have separate iPhones (5 and 5S) running iOS 8.2.  An incoming call rings on both phones.  Did not happen before I downloaded 8.2.You can turn it off by going to Settings > FaceTime and change "iPhone Cellular Calls" to off on e

  • Headset(s) keep ringing as does computer on incomi...November 30

    With the latest version of the desktop app, when an incoming call rings in and I answer it with either the button on the Planetronics  headset wtih their software, or just click answer in skype, it keeps ringing on the headset and speakers endlessly.

  • Ring volume low & people cant hear me very well even on speaker???October 11

    Howdy, I have a iphone 4 version 4.3.5 (not sure how to find operating system..) I am having problems with the volume. The incoming call ring is really low, I have increased it to max in the settings with no luck and people are finding it hard to hea

  • Incoming calls on BluetoothOctober 11

    Incoming calls ring through Bluetooth, but voice only works through Palm Pro (Sprint).  Soft reboots do not work.  Do not want to do hard reboots each day.  Does not seem to matter which Bluetooth device I use.  I have used three different Palm phone

  • Time on incoming callsNovember 30

    how do i advance the time a incoming call rings my phone goes to voice mail after 15sec would like 30 sec..???The time the phone will ring before going to voicemail can't be changed.Read other 2 answers

  • Skype phone number just purchased does not "ring" ...November 30

    Bought a skype phone number so I can receive calls thru skype.  Just "blinks" that it's an incoming call but no ringtone.  where can I go to fix this?Hi, Michele1984, and welcome to the Community! Just out of curiosity, is it only your Skype Num

  • How do you change ring time before giong to viocemail?November 30

    How do you change ring time before phone goes to voicemail?You can configure many call-handling features on the iPhone, but not the number of times an incoming call rings before it goes to voicemail. Only your carrier can change that variable. Wirele

  • Second incoming call mutes conversationNovember 30

    Have a UC540 with SPA525g2 telephones.  Phones, UC, and CCA are all of the latest and greatest version.  All incoming calls ring a blast group.  We have turned of call waiting tone. If I am on my phone and a second call comes in it mutes the audio of

  • Incoming calls drop off uc540November 30

    Hi, I have 3 analog lines coming into UC540.  Been working fine for three years. I had been using AutoAttendant but the client just added a receptionist so I have sent the lines to her extension.  Line one incoming sometimes rings once at her extensi

  • HT204368 Why does connection to a bluetooth device turn off all sounds but the ring tone?November 30

    I have a Bernafon bluetooth device that connects via bluetooth to my iPhone 4 running iOS6 and routes the telephone through my hearing aids however, it appears that connecting via bluetooth turns off all sounds other than the incoming call ring tone.

  • Phone only rings twiceNovember 30

    My phone line has developed a fault whereby the phone only rings twice then stops.  To the person calling it sounds like the phone has been picked up but no one answers.  It's not a faulty phone, I've tried 3, all the same.  The line does work, I can

  • IPhone 6 rings once...then goes to voicemailNovember 30

    This started yesterday.  Incoming calls ring once then go to voicemail.  Any ideas?Next step would be resetting. Start by holding the home and sleep button for about 10sec, until the Appel logo comes back again. You will not lose data doing a reset t

  • Phone ringingNovember 30

    I think this should be simple to fix but i cant find how to do it and of course the store that sold it to me know very little about phones (carphone warehouse) When a call comes to my phone it rings for 10secs approx then goes to voicemail, how do I

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