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  • "BIOS Expand" after POST, G31TM-P21November 30

    I installed a second-hand Adaptec AHA-2940 /2940U PCI SCSI-2 Adapter. Right after POST, I get a "BIOS Expand" message and the boot halts. According to Adaptec's site: "This error usually indicates that the motherboard BIOS is incompatible w

  • BIOS 2.12 not expanding [MIGR-70350]November 30

    I'm trying to install BIOS 2.12 update. Version: 2.12-1.01 Release Date: 2009/04/06  File link     File size     File description 7uuj14us.exe     1,842,520     BIOS Update Utility http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-7

  • No Bios Update for Satellite: L755D-S5204 / Inability to change Memory Settings in BiosOctober 11

    Ok so I bought two new 8GB of BLUE Kingston Hyperx 1600 MHZ Memory Modules with heat spreaders recently from newegg. I installed them, and my system recognizes the full 8 GB, but when running CPU-Z the memory MHZ is registering in at 665.5 MHZ. I wan

  • Windows 7 Pro 64 bit Expanding Windows FIles, rebootsOctober 11

    Trying to do clean install of Windows 7 Pro 64 bit to Lenovo Thinkpad  X140e laptop.  I boot up the DVD, get to windows advanced install, add AMD AHCI driver from CD and start installation. Anywhere from 7% to 70% completion of the "Expanding Windows

  • U400 - I can´t install Windows or even enter BIOSOctober 11

    Hello, I have really big problems right now ! A few days ago I installed Ubuntu. I deleted all the default partitions. The U400 uses a double graphic card solution. It was really hard to configure that under Linux. Finally it worked but there where t

  • Is it possible to create a "click to expand" text box, instead of linking to another internal page?October 11

    I am working on a personal website, but I want to segment my bio into sections. Ideally I would refer users to "click to expand" under each segment, but I am finding that I can only link to additional internal pages. Any suggestions?Hi there As

  • Need Mini 110 BIOS (binary version)October 11

    Hi, I'm hoping someone from HP is monitoring this forum and is willing to assist.  I'm attempting to repair a Mini 110 (VF704AV, mobo #579568-001) for a friend of mine who, after attempting to upgrade the machine, could no longer get past the HP logo

  • S10-3: Change BIOS boot device sequence with + - keys does'nt workOctober 11

    I want to boot my IdeaPad S10-3 from an USB HDD. In the default BIOS setting this is the 4th or 5th line in the boot device list. The help instructions in the right column of the BIOS page tell me to use the <+> and <-> keys to move an entry u

  • AHCI option isn't available in biosOctober 11

    HP 630 AHCI mode isn't available in BIOSHi: AHCI is set by default in your BIOS.  It cannot be changed. You can see this by going to the device manager, click to expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers section and you will see the name of the Intel SATA


    I have a friend a HP Mini 110   Model  110-1020la I have try all the posible passwords, but only gets the following message.. Password Check failed Fatal error...   System halted. CNU933031MP Thanks for your help This question was solved. View Soluti

  • Partition resize + BIOS updateNovember 30

    Hi All, Yoga 2 Pro 128 GB SSD + 8 GB RAM. Resized partitions (killed D: with drivers and useless McAafee and expanded C: with Windows), rebooted the machine, then updated BIOS. On reboot, the laptop went into an endless loop "Attempting Automatic Rec

  • Biometrics Log-In For HP Envy Laptops Should be at the BIOS LevelNovember 30

    The Biomentrics Login for the HP Envy Laptop is Implemented in Windows 8.1 and is Effective only for Login Security to the Windows 8.1 OS -- If we have a Multi-Boot System ... anyone can break in still into your Laptop or System by simply Rebooting t

  • Sound from speakers as well as headphones after bios update in pavilion g4 1121 tx laptopNovember 30

    Dear madam/sir after performing a bios update as sugested by hp support assistant I am getting sound from speakers as well as earphones .I stay in a small town and there is no hp centre nearby .I am a student staying in hostel where i cant play sound

  • Spry Vertical Submenu - Expanding Box Problem, white backgroundNovember 30

    Hello everyone. I've recently incorporated a Spry Vertical Menu on my site for the first  time and I'm experiencing problems with the submenu in IE7. (Things look  fine in FF, Safari, and Opera.) A white box appears behind the text area  (the "bios&q

  • My HP Envy touch screen stopped working after getting an HP Bios update yesterdayNovember 30

    Can someone please tell me how to fix my touch screen. I received an HP BIOS update which caused my touch screen to stop working. I've tried re-calibrating it but it won't accept my touch which tells me the screen is no longer enabled. I tried findin

  • Why won't Lenovo fix or comment on BIOS problems?November 30

    So far I have been happy with the machine (W520), until realizing it only runs Windows. I have had numerous issues with functionality that should work, and the machine is nearly useless to me unless I run windows. The BIOS does not seem to properly s

  • BIOS information about upcomming K7N2 BIOS'ses...November 30

    Hi, As some know, moderators get the latest BIOS'ses when in beta stage. Don't ask about it as we are not allowed to spread them! But we are testing the following at the moment: K7N2G 3.4Beta8 K7N2G-ILSR 1.3Beta6 The following fixes can be expected i

  • Equim P200: Which BIOS should I use 32 or 64bit?November 30

    I have an Equim P200 laptop and i want to upgrade the BIOS after getting an alert from the Tempo Toshiba software which recommends that i update. I have downloaded the BIOS update, but when i expand the zip file, it gives a 32 bit version and a 64 bi

  • T500 BIOS Update QuestionNovember 30

    I hope this has not been asked before as the Search option is slow tonight ..... What is the difference between the 2 variants of the the latest Lenovo Posted BIOS (3.22 and 3.24) as described below and also what is the difference between the 6F and

  • DEP, M55, Advanced Bios SettingsNovember 30

    Thinkcentre M55,  Windows XP Does the M55 use Hardware-enforced DEP? For some reason DEP can't be disabled or modified from Windows XPs GUI or  boot.ini switches. Boots  back to it's default setting of On  and  OptIn (default configuration) Only Wind

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