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epmhfm-7100 unspecified droid error

  • Got error unspecified DROID Error occuredNovember 30

    Hi, I got error when open the grid in HFM when I check the log, Most of log write "Unspecified DROID Error Occured", it appear like below File: CDQISource.cpp version: Line: 5677 Error:(-2147220892)(0x80040264)(

  • Unspecified Drawing ErrorNovember 30

    I get the "Unspecified Drawing Error" when resizing the timeline to view by frames towards the end of a PP CS4capture. It only happens towards the end of the movie. I resize the timeline to the largest size to accurately set chapter points. The

  • After Effects Warning: Unspecified drawing errorNovember 30

    This error pops up durring rendering(which keeps failing at around 6-11 seconds) and when trying to make a new composition. Can anyone help me fix this?Have you installed the After Effects CS4 (9.0.3) update? That update fixes a lot of problems. What

  • Droid error messageNovember 30

    Earlier today, my phone kept shutting off and taking forever to turn back on. I have removed the battery, recharged the phone and now when it turns on (still taking forever) there is a black screen with this message: AP fastboot flash mode (s) (boot

  • Hi another unspecified link error problemNovember 30

    Hi pals, i have try the HelloWorld example. It works fine and i have put libhello.so in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. But the problem starts when i put in the package header in the HelloWorld.java like this: package util.domainprofile; class HelloWorld { publ

  • Error in the phase IMPORT_PROPER while applying support packagesOctober 11

    Dear All, I am on ECC 6.0(ABAP+JAVA) SR2, SUSE Linux 10 SP1, DB2. I have successfully applied the kernel patch and started applying the support packages,  i have successfully completed applying the ABAP, Basis, BW, HR and other related patches, but i

  • Unable to open PWA in browser and MSP on application server in project server 2007. ERROR: Sending the Soap message failed or no recognizable response was received.October 11

    Hi All, I am using project server 2007 and WSS 3.0.  I have been facing a strange issue for couple of days. I am unable to open PWA in browser and MS Project Pro on application server. Everything is correct whether it is URL or MS Project profile acc

  • SPOOL_INTERNAL_ERROR (334  Runtime Errors today)October 11

    Hello Everybody, Everyday in our Quality server we are getting some around 300 +  SPOOL_INTERNAL_ERROR short dumps. =============================================================== Runtime Errors         SPOOL_INTERNAL_ERROR Date and Time          08.

  • SSIS SharePointListAdapter error while exporting a SharePoint List from SharePoint 2007October 11

    Greetings, I'm trying to export List from SharePoint 2007 into SQL Server table, using SSIS  SharePointListSource component (installed from https://sqlsrvintegrationsrv.codeplex.com/releases/view/17652) But in component editor I'm getting this error

  • Error #2048 (Sandbox Violation) in AIR prevents future hostname resolutionNovember 21

    Scenario: Create an application which tries opening 100 socket connections. This in turn triggers an Error #2031(Socket Error) on a few of them, I believe this is a limitation in Flash? or something similar? After a few seconds, those same socket con

  • Error connecting Visual C# app to Oracle databaseNovember 30

    I'm trying to write a simple web form that will display some info from an Oracle 9 database. I've downloaded the ODP for .net (the 10g version) and this allows me to set up an OracleDataProvider. However, when I try to configure this I get the follow

  • Data Migration Assistant ErrorsNovember 30

    Trying to upgrade from CallManager 4.3 to 7.1 using the DMA software. The export is successful but the validation is not. I receive the attached errors and can't find what they mean anywhere. Thanks in advance.Hi Chris, Just to add the link to Sriram

  • BAM add-in error in 32-bit Excel 2010November 30

    Hello All I'm trying to work with BAM excel add-in with 32-bit Excel 2010, when I try to open the excel I get the dialog box with "Automation error, Unspecified error", and hit on the OK button, it took me to the following VBA screen, and I try

  • ODBC Error in Windows 7November 30

    I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on a PC and I am trying to set up the ODBC drivers to use with Crystal Reports. I ran CR on my XP machine and have the ODBC settings EXACTLY the same on both PCs. When I click 'Apply & Test Connection' in the ODBC Drive

  • Error in CallScriptFunction callNovember 30

    Hi I am trying to call a function of other OpenScript Test using CallScriptFunction Function of OpenScript Function Call Statement : obj = (Boolean)callScriptFunction( "Default", "Default", "SystemComponents", "InputData

  • Why are programs released with so many bugs? Photoshop & Premiere Elements 12 installation errorsNovember 30

    Microsoft windows 8 was buggy, but win 8.1 has even more program bugs. I cannot install either Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 or Adobe Premiere Elements 12. I get various errors - eg invalid serial number (when it isn't), general unspecified installatio

  • Access denied due to Network ErrorNovember 30

    I am unable to access Adobe pdfs on my Dell laptop to some unspecified "Network Error"Hi RodV, Where are these pdf's located which you are trying to access?Read other 2 answers

  • Migration Assistant ErrorsNovember 30

    So I'm using Migration Assistant to move from an older Intel dual core Macbook Pro to a new quad core Mac Pro. Both have 10.6.3 OS and all updates. The migration assistant pauses indefinitely and tells me there's a problem after about half an hour an

  • SharePoint error (Batch size)November 30

    My package is built in 2008 with 32 bit. It is working fine with 1500 records but if it having 32000 records then it throwing below error. I have removed unnecessary input and output columns aswell but didn't resolve. Microsoft.Samples.SqlServer.SSIS

  • SharePoint List Source Adapter ErrorNovember 30

    Hi All, I am trying to pull data from SharePoint List by using SSIS but I am having an error. I added the error message below. The interesting thing is sometimes package is running successfully but sometimes it is failing. I am wondering why it is ha

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