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ecc6.0sr3 to ecc6.0ehp

  • SAP ECC6 memory and paging issuesOctober 11

    Dear Experts I have recently upgraded my 4.6C systems to an ECC 6 system (DB2 LUW 9.5 on AIX 5.3 TL9 64 Bit OS) I have been running the LPAR with 14 GB of memory and we are around 100-200+ users using the system, I was monitoring using nmon and found

  • Call tranasaction with skip first screen in ecc6October 11

    Hi, We are doing upgrade from 4.7 to ecc 6. We are getting an error while running a report( The addition "AND SKIP FIRST SCREEN" can't be used with "CALL TRANSACTION .. USING".  ) in ecc6. This is not showing error in 4.7. Call transac

  • RFC connection error between Netweaver 7 EHP1 and Ides ECC6October 11

    Hi Friends, I try to create  source system  in BI from Netwever EHP1 to IDES ECC6 EHP3. During the creation I get a connection error, says. check connction parameter. I checked the parameter, everything is fine. Server, System and number. When I went

  • Upgrade - 4.6B - ECC6 phase TP_ACTION_CP2SINI - failsOctober 11

    Platoform - Solaris 5.9 Oracle - Upgrade of 4.6B - ECC6 fails in the phase <b>TP_ACTION_CP2SINI</b> This phase in the previous Mock had completed in 20 min aprox, but on the present mock upgrade its taken longer time..... Phase TP_ACT

  • Error in ECC6 During installationOctober 11

    Dear all Error in ECC6 During installation , the following contents is get from sapnst_dev.log 148556:  if ( componentToBeCalled == 'NW_Usage_Types_Configuration_BI_ind_ind_ind_ind')  148557:  148560:  if ( componentToBeCalled == 'NW_Call_Offline_CTC

  • SAP EH&S 4.6C Migration to SAP ECC6October 11

    Hi All, We are having separate SAP R/3 instance for EH&S module (4.6C system). The transactions system is SAP R/3 4.7 system and is due for ECC6 upgrade. Just want to know 1.     Has anything changed in EHS module from 4.7 to ECC6. If yes, what? 2.  

  • DataSource for FAGLFLEXT and BSEG, or New Table in ECC6?October 11

    need to create an extractor to have all the information of FAGLFLEXT, because we need to keep the ledger information and the split of the information. However, we need to add 13 fields contained in BSEG. Therefore we thought to reads the line items t

  • HR - PA upgrade issue (4.6C to ECC6.0)October 11

    dear all, we are currently in the process of upgrade from 4.6C to ECC6.0 and we found this minor issue in the submodule PA: using tcode pa20/pa30 we can not see any record of IT0000 Actions using 'overview' but the all the detail actions can be displ

  • PDF Attachment Email Opening issue in ECC6October 11

    Hello, We are having problem with below report. I'm able to send emails(invoice) as PDF attachments , but the attached PDF file wont open. I'm getting a message "Adobe reader could not open attachement the file has been damaged".This report work

  • Plug in compatability between BW plugin in R/3 and BI - R/3 upgrade to ECC6October 11

    Hello, we are running SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0  Release 700 Patch 19. Our underlying R/3 system is still 4.6C with plugin 2004_1_46C ( yes, I know it is time ) We are upgrading R/3 to ECC6 with plug in P701 Patch 3. Questions: 1.) I would like to know wh


    Hi everyone. I am using New GL functionality in ECC6.0. I have a big question regarding multiple objects splitting. Ej: Purchase of a service. If I set one cost centre in the expense line item, the profit centre and segment are determined automatical

  • How to replace obsolete download function module in ECC6.0?October 11

    Hi Experts, How to replace obsolete download function module in ECC6.0? Thanks, Adi.Hi, DOWNLOAD is obsolete FM in ECC 6. To get the same functionality , we need to use CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>FILE_SAVE_DIALOG  method (It provides the File selectio

  • Follow up activities after SAP (CU&UC) upgrade from SAP 4.6c to ECC6 EHP4October 11

    Dear Friends We have completed SAP (CU&UC) upgrade from SAP 4.6c to ECC6 EHP4. We refereed the upgrade guide for follow activities and we required confirmation before performing the activities. Could you please help us what needs to be done immediate

  • Report Output is not same as R/3 4.7 and ECC6 ( sort issue)October 11

    Dear Experts, I have a problem with external sort used in the program. due to that report output records are not in the same order. For example, i am extracting data from BSEG with fields company code, fiscal year, document no, item no, amount and GL

  • VC/2 not showing blocked deliverys in ECC6.0October 11

    Dear All Gurus, Case Described as below In Transaction VC/2 Program (GUI) RVKUSTA1 ECC6.0 VC/2 Sales Summary report do not showing blocked deliverys or blocked billing documents. Excuting VKM1 (Blocked Sd document) for the same customer, I can find t

  • Error during installation ECC6October 11

    Hi, I have this error during the installation on Ecc6.0 on Windows server 2003 with Oracle 10.2: In phase "IMPORT ABAP". HELP ME PLEASE..... This is my log file: ERROR 2008-09-17 16:07:41 CJS-30022  Program 'Migration Monitor' exits with error c

  • S_ALR_87012178 does not show any data after upgrade from 4.6C to ECC6October 11

    Hi Gurus, We do upgrade and do testing to all functional process realted. When open S_ALR_87012178 in SAP ECC6 no data showed, but in old version (SAP 4.6C) data showed although we select the same parameter selection. Any setting missed ? or any sugg

  • Error when trying to install ecc6.0 ehp4October 11

    Hi All, We have successfully upgraded from 4.6c to ecc6.0 non-Unicode. After that we run the pre Unicode scripts and exported the tables. To import the data we have started to install the ECC6.0 EHP4 sapinst but when we select central instance and ne

  • How to hide subtypes from standard infotype 21 in ECC6.0 ?October 11

    Hi All, I encounter the following problem : we've upgraded our customer's SAP HR system from 4.6c to ECC6.0 and new standard subtypes for infotype 21 appear (especially when you press F4 or use the entry help button in transaction PA30) ... And our c

  • How  to  create an infotype in sap ecc6.0 ?October 11

    Hi all, I know i how to create an infotype   in   sap 4.7, but i am facing the problem while creating an infotype in sap ecc6.0 version. could u plz provide me  the info with screen shots how to create an infotype and how to enhace that infotype ? Wa

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