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e1500 isnt blocking websites

  • Blocking websites on it's own but letting ads through that should be blocked by my Add-OnNovember 30

    Firefox keeps blocking websites with the "mixed content". I can't watch Netflix and it is even blocking things on this website. I also have an Add-On to block ads but now ads keep getting through everywhere I go. I have ran multiple anti-virus a

  • How do i block website from my macbook proOctober 11

    how do i block website from my macbook pro?It's an very old and simple question! There are two ways that you can use to block websites on your Macbook Pro: 1. Enable the Parental Control on your Macbook Pro, choose the app you don't want your kids to

  • Is there any other way i could block websites on my apple router?October 11

    hello there guys! is there anyway i could block websites on my router apple using airt utility? \Many thanks...See OpenDNS- http://www.opendns.com/ It's FreeRead other 4 answers

  • Block websites on Internet Explorer 11 using group policyNovember 30

    hi everyone, i have been trying to block website for domain users using group policy windows server r2 for IE the problem is in internet properties content adviser option is not active. thanks in advanceThis is how you enable content adviser User Con

  • Blocking websites in iphone safariNovember 30

    Hey guys, How can I block some websites to open in iphone's safari. by block I mean, block for good, with authorization (using a password) to unblock the websites perhaps. I've been trying to block adult websites (I've got my really demanding reasons

  • Sophos uninstaller says "Sophos Anti-virus is not installed" but sophos still blocks websites.November 30

    Hi, I downloaded the free (trial?) version and didn't like it blocking websites. I dragged the app to the trash and, of course, it didn't uninstall. Looked it up and got a (I think there are more than one) remove tool for sophos but it says it can't

  • Is it possible to block websites on Firefox (i.e. Facebook)November 30

    I can't figure out how or if I can temporarily block websites.Firefox doesn't have any means of doing that, but you could either use your Firewall to block it, or install an add-on like this one: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/foxfilt

  • Updated the latest version of java now it blocks websites that use that application even though security settings on safari say to always allow.  What can I do?November 30

    Updated the latest version of java. Now it blocks websites that use it Security settings on safari are set to allow use.  What can I do to fix/gamegate.com is one of them.  My security settings are set to enable javascript and allow java.Read other 3

  • Why does firefox keep blocking websites that I have gone to in the pastNovember 30

    Why does firefox keep blocking websites I have gone to in the past?From http://watchseries.lt/tips#htw <pre><blockquote>Why videos do not work for me? You need Flash Player or DivX Player. Both of these programs are used everywhere online; the

  • Blocking websites using airport utility?November 30

    i have a time capsule airport utility that i use as my router.  how do i block websites on certain computers using this router?There is no such ability in apple routers.Read other 2 answers

  • BT Blocking WebsiteNovember 30

    I have the BT HomeHub V2.1 and the way I access to the Homehub settings is [b][/b], how do I block websites using the Homehub settings without using softwares or firewall?I have Cyberpatrol installed on my grandchildren`s computers. It

  • WRT54G: Blocking websitesNovember 30

    IS there a way to use my router(WRT54G) to block websites? IF not, does anyone know of any free programs that do block websitesu can configure the router to block the websites...to do this , follow the steps below : 1)open IE on the hardwired compute

  • Can't Block Website With WRT54GSNovember 30

    I have WRT54GS version 6. 1.52.2 firmware. I've searched everyone but I can't block websites such as youtube.com and crunchyroll.com . I've enabled policies, i've made - ip rangers. ive done http://www.youtube.com/ , youtube

  • Block Websites from being accessedNovember 30

    Is there a way to block websites from being accessed on the network through AEBS?Are you acquanted with using the Terminal? Not too many are, so, some solutions: If you make the specific user a username on the computer, you can block websites in the

  • How do I block websites that I specify?November 30

    In IE it's quite easy to block specific websites -- just enter website URLs on a "forbid" list and it's done. Can't figure out how to do that (easily) in Firefox.there are two simple ways for me to block specific websites. '''first, editing the

  • CSA MC block websiteNovember 30

    We have CSA MC v5.2 and CSA agent on all PC, is there any way to define policy to block certain website, like youtube or facebook etc. while blocking, can this be done by name instead of IP address? thanksHi Guy, You should consider a proxy or a prod

  • Block websites from detecting window sizeNovember 30

    It seems that many websites are able to detect the size of the browser window. This creates two major problems for me: 1. If I resize the window smaller than some unknown threshold width, the site switches to a mobile version. 2. If I resize the wind

  • WRT160N v2 Router blocking website even after resetting and upgrading firmwareNovember 30

    For some reason my WRT160N v2 router is blocking access to the following website: www.cngoons.com I can connect to the site if I connect to the modem directly, or if I use someone else's internet connection. However any computers connecting through t

  • Is there a way of blocking websites on a ipod touchOctober 11

    wierd websites keep apearing on my safari pade i keep going back to the history folder to try and block them bt its no use. is there a way to block pages on safari if know PLEASE TELL ME NOW!!!!!Ok, just stop and think about the question for a minute

  • Block Site 1.1.8 is not blocking websites entered into BlacklistNovember 30

    I am using Firefox 31.0 on a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I added an add-on called Block Site because I keep getting these very aggravating windows opening that I haven't visited and don't want to see such as adcash.com and gacet

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