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dual 1.42 mdd no video

  • Dual 1.42GHz MDD startup troublesNovember 30

    Greetings Mac fans, Just started having lots of trouble starting up my Pwer Mac dual 1.42GHz MDD. When I do get it to boot up the date is set to 1969 (a good year by the way). Anyway, I suspect the battery on the logic board is weak. What is the size

  • Sick dual 1.0Ghz MDDNovember 30

    I inherited a snazzy dual 1.0ghz G4 MDD and am having trouble diagnosing it's ailment. It chimes when powered on, I can hear the HD spin up, but after about 8-10 seconds the fans spin up to full speed, nothing comes on the screen at all and the fans

  • Replacing motherboard on Dual 1.42 MDD FW800 Power MacNovember 30

    I need to replace the motherboard on my Dual 1.42 MDD FW800 Power Mac. Can someone guide me to the correct board I need to purchase? I did a search but couldn't easily find a clear-cut answer... I figure it is common knowledge for some here. Thank yo

  • PowerMac G4 MDD - HD video playback?October 11

    I have been searching for a bedroom computer to plug into my TV recently, and the mirrored drive door PowerMac G4 caught my eye on eBay the other day. Would these machines in particular be capable of playing HD (720p or 1080p) video stored on the bui

  • Trade iMac G5 for Dual 1.25 MDD PowerMac for FCP??November 30

    Hey guys, I've gotten an offer to trade my iMac G5 for a MDD PowerMac G4. I'll show you the specs comparing the 2. iMac G5 1.8 ghz 17'' Screen 1 gig of ram Tiger SuperDrive 80 Gig Drive for PowerMac G4 (MDD) (WIND TUNNEL) Dual 1.25 1 gig of ram Panth

  • MDD FW800 video card questions?November 30

    Greetings! i have a mdd dual 1.25 fw800. it has a radeon 9000 pro -64mb memory. i came across a NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT - 256mb memory from a Mac Pro 2.66ghz x 4 for $35. is this a worthwhile video upgrade? a lot of video i watch or download is pixela

  • Replacing ata in dual 1.25 mdd powermacNovember 30

    hello everyone. i usually don't post qustions on the board because i normally find whatever it is i'm looking for, but this time i'm out of options. i'm currently trying to swap out the factory installed ATA in a powermac G4 MDD dual 1.25 and i canno

  • Can  dual podcast capture switch between video and screencast be controlledNovember 30

    HI We are experimenting with dual source podcasts - when using a screencast and video (say presentation and speaker respectively) - does anyone know how (or if) we can control when the main screen is zoomed to be speaker (ie the video), and when the

  • 1.4 dual matched to mdd board?November 30

    Does anyone recognize this card as fitting a particular MDD model. http://cgi.ebay.com/Apple-G4-MDD-Power-Mac-Dual-1-4-GHZ-CPU-Processor_W0QQitemZ1 60241677717QQihZ006QQcategoryZ80031QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItemNadav wrote: There's an extra

  • Boot problems, not software related (dual 1.25ghz MDD)November 30

    Ok, I have a dual 1.25 ghz MDD w/2GB of ram, airport- everything that could get thrown on it OEM. I bought it about 3 months ago, used, and had problems with it not booting. I took it into a local apple shop twice, the 2nd time they did a fresh insta

  • Dual 1.25 MDD MemoryNovember 30

    What the best memory for the Dual G4 1.25 MDD? I've heard different things and thought I could get some feedback here. Thank youbigj6360, The problems you are experiencing with random crashes I would say definately are ram related. I had exactly the

  • Noise levels on Quicksilver G4 versus Dual 1.0 MDD.November 30

    I have the Quicksilver, it's noisy, but I can tolerate it. I am looking to buy an old dual 1.0+ G4 tower to run some older versions of Logic just for fun. I see a few Dual 1.0, Dual 1.2 or what have you G4s on ebay and craigslist. I recall the MDD mo

  • OS 9 disks for 2002 dual 1 Ghz MDD Power MacNovember 30

    Hello. I own a 2002 MDD Power Mac - the 1 Ghz dual version -, but I don't have the original OS 9 disks. I'm from Romania, so it's quite hard to get hold of them. Is there a way that someone could help me? I'd really like to run OS 9 on the Power Mac,

  • Power Supply for G4 Dual 1.42 MDDNovember 30

    I am needing a new power supply for my Dual 1.42 G4 MDD and need to know what models I can replace mine with. ThanksHello! Try looking HERE. TomRead other 2 answers

  • Dual Layer break point - multiple videosNovember 30

    I have 4 videos to go one the DVD, comes to 8.5 GB in total. 1. 45mins 2. 1hr 15mins 3. 40 mins 4. 35 mins How do I know which video to put the break point on and at what time. I've been using trial and error for the last couple of days now and error

  • Dual screen-annotate and watch videos at the same time?November 30

    Does anyone know a way to annotate pdfs while watching a video lecture at the same time?  I have tried notability and side by side but both lack the capabilities to do both.  [email protected] Uninstalled everything PA, also uninstalled mangler which was

  • Overclocking Dual 1 ghz mddNovember 30

    So, i was sucessful overcloking the FSB, on the my dual 867 mhz machine, from 133-166 mhz. I also OC'd my 867 processor (which is currently running smooth at 1 ghz), but i have a true dual 1 ghz processor lying around. So, my question is how would i

  • Powermac g5 2.5 dual won't boot with video cardNovember 30

    Hi all, So the other day I came home to find my powermac g5 frozen with the fans going crazy. After a hard reset the machine would no longer boot any further than the grey apple (kernel) stage. After pulling the video card the machine would boot up a

  • Ibook g3 Dual usb 800Mhz 256MB 30GB video problemNovember 30

    I have a Ibook g3 Dual usb 800Mhz 256MB 30GB and I put Mac OS X 10.2 on there and the screen is really small its running at 640/480 and i tired making it 1024/768 but the option is not there. Do I need drivers or something or do i need a update. I do

  • Dual 1.25 mdd g4 will not wake from sleepNovember 30

    if i leave the comp on and it goes to sleep or if i force it sleep, it will not wake, the power button will not pulse its stays on solid, the display shuts down, but when i move the mouse nothing, if i click the mouse it will light up red only when i

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