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DTP user aggregates not working

  • Partitioning rulesNovember 30

    Should partitioning be performed at the Cube and RDBMS level? Is this an AND or an OR issue where you can do both or only either one? What are the things to look out for when partitioning? What are some of the rules?First - Partioning concept is rela

  • DTP-extraction-tab:Check-box 'use aggregates' what does it mean?November 30

    Hello BW experts Can someone explain in simple words, what das it mean the check box  'use aggregates'  in the data transfer process (Tab extraction). The F1-help gives the following explanation  -however I don't understand the info-: 'Should aggrega

  • Use aggregates/bwa to speed up DTP-processingNovember 30

    Dear all, I would like to use option "use aggregates" in DTP definition in order to speed up loading data from source-infocube to target-dso. My source-infocube is fully indexed on bwa. Unfortunately, it seems to me as if this option is not supp

  • DTP - Load from cube to cube - Setting "Use aggregates"November 30

    Hi all, what exactly does the setting "Use aggregates" on the extraction tab in a DTP which loads data from Cube to Cube mean? The F1-Help didn't really bring me any further... Thanks to any answers in advance! Kind regards, PhilippHi, U can upd

  • Option for error handling for DTP, ' no updata, no reporting" and "deactivaOctober 11

    Hello Gurus,      option for error handling for DTP, ' no updata, no reporting" and "deactivated" , please give some explanation and instance for them? Many Thanks,On the Update tab page, specify how you want the system to respond to data r

  • Adv or BW report over abap report,Abt aggr,Abt error DTPNovember 30

    Hi experts   Please 1can anybody say the advantages of BW report compared to ABAP report. 2. while creating aggregates,IF we choose "Generate proposal" button .How and wht basis teh system will create aggregate. 3.What is Error DTP in BI 7. Than

  • DTP Stuck in Production SystemNovember 30

    Hi All, We have a DTP(cube to cube load) which runs daily in a process chain. Last week it got stuck twice without extracting any data and the status as yellow. We made the status RED and deleted the request and repeated the step in the process Chain

  • Use of semantic groups to aggregate dataNovember 30

    In a number of threads - e.g. Semantic Groups in DTP it is stated that you cannot use semantic groups to aggregate data. In others, there are statements that this is only for handling the error stack. This I find puzzling, as the SAP Help says: +Choo

  • Roll up and DTPNovember 30

    Dear all          I  hvae cube "A" which has an aggregate and will be loading  to the cube "B"  by DTP.          If I forget the roll up action for "A"  and run the DTP anyway, could the cube "B" get the correct dat

  • Help with... Aggregate Rollup too slow!!!November 30

    Hi, I installed the BW Admin Cockpit and I am having problems with an Aggregate Rollup on InfoCube 0TCT_C22 DTP Statistics.  The Initial Fill was 1.5million records and I have yet to get the Aggregate to Fill after 13+hours.  Any ideas why this would

  • Statistics for cube aggregates - Urgent Help PleaseNovember 30

    Hi, I need the data about, how much time it takes for aggregate fill and rollup of an infocube.  I tried to get the same from RSDDSTATAGGR table.  I could get the data from this, but this table does not store the data for all the aggregates.  I guess

  • Slow DTP extraction running on top of a cube with BIANovember 30

    Hi Experts, Ive a DTP, which is running on top of a cube, without aggregates. But I have the BIA built for the cube. Its taking 2 n half hour to extract 2 million records which is quite slow. Initial 1 hour of the extraction, it doesnt do anything. I

  • DTP settings (cube to cube)November 30

    Hi mates, Base cube is linked to planning cube via DTP + transformation and everday data has to be updated in plnnng cube. Here is i set following settings at dtp level, if it is wrong pls correct me. Extraction tab: a) extraction mode: delta, only t

  • Difference between petition red and no U no R in ERROR DTPNovember 30

    Hi experts, I have created some ERROR DTP in some DTP that I execute in a process chain. I Have a doubt now. I don't know exactly the difference between Valid records update, no reporting (Petition RED), and No update, no recording Options for "Updat


    hi friends, what is use for every option error handling in dtp . 1) deactivated 2)no update , not reporting 3)valid records update, no reporting(request red) 4)valid records update,  reporting (request green). what is individual effect for my DSO, pl

  • FULL Upload from DataMart with aggregatesNovember 30

    HI, is it normal that in BW 7.0, if I load the data from a cube to another (datamart), the system reads only the requests rolled up in the aggregate? Thank You. AVAggregates are materialized subsets of InfoCube data, where the data is pre-aggregated

  • Error while executing a DTPOctober 11

    Hi All , I got  an error while executing a DTP. Short Dump analysis points this error. :   DBIF_REPO_SQL_ERROR. Please provide in your valuable inputs to resolve this error. Thank & Regards, Rohit GargThis error comes majorly when you have a deadlock

  • Index's on cubes or Aggregates on infoobjectsOctober 11

    Hello, Please tell me if it is possible to put index's on cubes; are they automatically added or is this something I put on them? I do not understand index's are they like aggregates? Need to find info that explains this. Thanks for the hlep. NewbieI

  • Error while activating the DTPOctober 11

    Dear all, We are using BI7.00. For one of our reports, the data is transferred from one cube to another cube. When the DTP which transfers the data is activated, the following error appears. Error from PSA **** Message no. RSAODS000 Error when activa

  • Error while copying a DTPOctober 11

    Hi Experts, Its a simple yet confusing error to me. I copy a DTP which has some filters defined. I get an error saying both the DTPs can not have the same filter criteria - if its a Delta DTP. I say ok and try to change the filter values , interestin

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