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  • No low battery alarm when on the call. (Nokia 700)October 11

    There must be some bug with the low battery alarm on Nokia 700. When the phone is on a long call, it just shuts down without any alarm at all. I had this issue several times. My battery shows that it's full for about 30% or something. Then I call and

  • Nokia N8 Belle Alarm Clock IssueOctober 11

    I was finally able to update my N8 to Nokia Belle a week ago and was reasonably impressed with it's attempt at an Android Froyo kind of thing, it is a step in the right direction. However- I set a several alarms for between 6:45 and 10am today (I'm a

  • Nokia N8 Alarm Clock Volume ProblemOctober 11

    What is wrong with Nokia N8's alarm clock volume? I can not find anywhere to define the way it alarms (ascending, ringing, ...) and to set the volume. The default clock has the ringing alarm, but I want to set ascending alarm. Also I need cont down a

  • Nokia 6500s Default Alarm ToneNovember 30

    Hi, would like to know the name of nokia 6500s standard alarm ringtone. other pple were using it as their message tone but duno wat model of nokia phone they were using. tot of using it as a sms tone as well. anybody who noe of the tone name pls let

  • How to extend Nokia n8 Alarm?November 30

    I was wondering how I can extend the time on my alarms on Belle.  I currently use songs off my phone but the alarm only lasts about a minute or so and more than half the time I always end up sleeping past the alarm.  Why doesn't Nokia let us have the

  • Nokia 5800XM - Alarm snooze - how to cancel snooze...November 30

    Hello all, Im solving little bit annoying alarm feature in my phone. Imagine that you have alarm set as DAILY at 6 in the morning. In the morning I snooze the alarm after first ringing by sliding the bar snooze. In alarm settings, there is a comment

  • Nokia 5800 alarm bug auto-fix!November 30

    My Nokia 5800 (UK) 0575581 v30.0.011 Had the workdays alarm bug. The alarm would sound 3 minutes late. But after the daylight saving automatic update the bug has disappeared. My Date and time settings: Time zone: Local Time Automatic time update: On

  • Nokia 5800 Updated Firmware - Problems with AlarmsNovember 30

    I have just updated to Custom Version 40.0.005.C01.01 and have a similar problem to other owners. When my phone is locked and a reminder comes on, linked to the Calendar, I have no way of Stopping the alarm. I have tried removing the battery, as sugg

  • Nokia E5-00 alarm too loudNovember 30

    Hi all, Other than this one bug, the E5-00 is awesome! BUT: No matter what alarm sound I set, it is always VERY loud! I can hear it 2 rooms across... Even if I manually edit an mp3 file for it to be a lower volume, my E5-00 automatically makes it the

  • Alarm Volume on Nokia E5November 30

    Hello, Does anyone know how to control the alarm volume on the nokia E5? Just got the phone a week ago and almost had a heart attack every morning. I tried controlling it via the profile "normal" and customize but the volume only works for the a

  • Nokia E51 - Can't set clock alarm toneNovember 30

    Hey there people! My device is Nokia E51, and for some, bizarre reason, I can't set the clock alarm tone. When I choose the sub-menu "Clock alarm tone" a list of songs/audio files on the phone is supposed to load.... but nothing there. The phone

  • Nokia 3110 Classic Alarm tone too lowNovember 30

    I brought a Nokia 3110 Classic yesterday and found the alarm tone too low. Tried chaging the Tones, but all of them are too low. Not enough to wake up. can anyone suggest how to overcome this problem. Thanksget a loud tone there is no volume level fo

  • Download the nokia 6233 "standard" alarm tone?November 30

    ive just recently upgraded to a nokia 6210 navigator and i dont really like the alarm tones on it. i kind of got used to my nokia 6233s annoying "standard" alarm tone and got used to associating it with waking up!! is there anywhere i can find t

  • Nokia 301 set the alarm toneNovember 30

    Hi, is there a way to set different clock alarm tone? (I didn't manage to find it in the user guide) Thank you Solved! Go to Solution.farby is righ.... When you are setting the alarm time, if you scroll down there is an option to set the Alarm tone -

  • Mutiple alarm clocks in Nokia X3-02November 30

    Hi, I bought yesterday the Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type. Ater some time "exploring" the device, i'm enjoying what i bought, but there is something missing: the ability to add more than 1 alarm clock. I'm that type of guy that have always 2 alarm c

  • Nokia 6086 - how to set the Alarm volume?November 30

    I know I'm not the only one to ask this question, but I've not yet seen an answer. Can anyone tell me how to increase (or decrease) the volume of the Alarm tone? I've looked all over the menus, I've looked in the manual, I've gone through both the No

  • Nokia 6300 alarm & ringtone volumeNovember 30

    the alarm tone is too weak and even the ringtone is not loud enuf.. any suggestions?It could be that your phone has got some hardware damage. Please take it to a Nokia Repair Shop and ask them to test it for you and tell you if it is indeed to soft o

  • Nokia Lumia 720 Alarm clock not workingNovember 30

    My alarm clock is set and activated but it does not go off in the morning. On all my previose Nokia phones this has never been a problem. i turn my pnone off at night. My previouse Nokia phone was the E7, a great phone. On the keypad you had the opti

  • Unable to stop the alarm in Nokia 5233November 30

    Hi , I am using Nokia 5233 for past 3 months. I am facing a problem while using the Alarm. When the alarm generated, i am unable to stop it. When i pressed the close button its going into SNOOZE mode but not into stop mode.  This is happening when my

  • Lumia 920 reminder alarms has switched to Nokia to...November 30

    My reminder alarm tones has for one reason or another switched from Windows to Nokia tones. I can't choose reminder alarm type as it is just an option box. I am suspecting firmware update 1308 to be the cause. How do I change it back to Windows?DonQu

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