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  • Check Box or  Drow Radio Button on Bex QueryNovember 30

    Hi Experts, Does anyone know to how to put a "Check Box" or  "Drow Radio Button" variable on query selection screen? The user want to switch the order data between open and completed on a same report by a check box / radio button. Thna

  • How to drow Table and templetes in dotted lineNovember 30

    Hi, how to drow Table and templetes in dotted line  ? Regards BikasHi, Setting is saved and working fine but that setting is for form painter and table painter I need dotted line in the printout, Please understand the question clearly. Is it possible

  • Javascript Drow-down on Top Level/Secondary NavigationNovember 30

    Which component supports the Javascript Drow-down on Top Level/Secondary Navigation feature? WE are on SPS 16 on portal, but I thought this feature was released on SPS 14. I could not see the feature on SPS 12-15 EP release notes. Thanks. JamesHi,  

  • Composite Web Service Drowing PLZ HELP!!!November 30

    I am trying to create a web Service in CAPS that calls another web service then based on the reply from that web service calls multiple other web services then returns a combine message. any clue how i could go about attacking this problem.Hi Zflores

  • Drow dot-style table border in JEditorPane (editing HTML)November 30

    Hi, I want to extend JEditorPane to display table border in dot style when displaying tables with border="0". (like most HTML editors) I extended HTMLEditor and it's ViewFactory and now maybe I have to write extended TableView class for renderin

  • Drow backs and mantenence of statisticesNovember 30

    Dear All,            I used the data engine tuning ad visor to optimize my query on a very big table having 5 lack records and 400 cols. It suggested me some good number of statistics (15) and few  index(2). I would like to know what are the drawback

  • New inserted detail row is not showing through accessorOctober 11

    I have to insert master and detail row. I insert row in master view  and then I get detail row using getAttribute on master view. Then I insert row into detail row. Result is one inserted master row and no data display in detail view. How ever in man

  • How can i update/Remove Items from AR Invoice using SDK?October 11

    Hi All, I have 1 problem with update or remove item from sales order. here is the source code of mine. If inv.GetByKey(DocumentNumber) = True Then                     inv.CardCode = cardcode                     Dim ercode As Integer                  

  • Library books downloading to wrong file, can't get them onto computerOctober 11

    After happily using ADE to load library books onto my computer for 2 years, I went and screwed it up.  I didn't have a shorcut to ADE on my desktop - the only way I was able to access it was to open Adobe Reader and then through the Adobe Reader "Hel

  • Bootcamp gtx 680 mac edition and windows 8.1 BLACKSCREENOctober 11

    I have an MacPro 5,1 with EVGA GTX 680 Mac EDITION, with two SSD drives 1 SSD Mac OS X 10.8.5 1 SSD Windows 8.1 Using BootCamp5.1.5621 drivers on the MacPro. DAY1 Put in the new Card OS X Booted Great, tested everything as expected.  Then I booted ov

  • Error in cdr fileOctober 11

    hi, Today, when I was working with a file in Corel and wanted him to withdraw, I got the error " Out of memory" Then I tried to do the same with other Corel files and got the same error. I think that the problem is not in memory, because it also

  • How to get dynamic check box value in NW Mobile 7.1October 11

    Hi, i have 5 rows it contains dropdown and checkbox in a row.when i click update button i need the values of checkbox.How to get? Regards, Kanagaraj.Hi Vidyadhar, I have dropdown in first page.based ondropdown value selected navigating to next page.I

  • Inserting rows in master-detail viewsOctober 11

    I have two VOs connected by a view link. I want to insert new rows in both the master VO and the detail VO and connect them together. I have the following: MasterEO (mapped to master_table) MasterVO (defined on MasterEO) DetailEO (mapped to detail_ta

  • Crystal Reports 2008 Some problemsOctober 11

    I'm facing few problems with Crystal Reports 2008 : 1. When you desing a reports that have its page height greater than its width the reports force you to use a Landscape even if you select portrait. this cause problem on most dotmatrix printers as t

  • PDF to TELEFAX using BCSOctober 11

    We have a requirement to send an Adobe PDF form to a FAX. I talked to an Adobe guy and told me that was possible, there is no need to reconvert in OTF, before posting this I search on SDN and found nothing. First I am using the ABAP CL_BCS (Business

  • Drawing Boxes in Script - main windowOctober 11

    hi, In script, in main window <u>after table line item datas</u>, i want to draw a box in which i will place some text. On drawing box, it appears on top of that window which i dont want, since it should be placed after item details. kapil.I d

  • Modify width property in CL_GUI_CUSTOM_CONTAINEROctober 11

    Hello, I have created a HTML custom container (class CL_GUI_CUSTOM_CONTAINER) and then, as a child of this object, a html control (class cl_crm_cic_html_viewer). which calls a URL. I'm trying to modify the size of this container using the SET_WIDTH m

  • How to add byte[] array based Image to the SQL Server without using parameterOctober 11

    how to add byte[] array based Image to the SQL Server without using parameter.I have a column in table with the type image in sql and i want to add image array to the sql image column like below: I want to add image (RESIM) to the procedur like shown

  • Not working across managed code - PDPageDrawContentsToWindow - HDCOctober 11

    PageDLL - a Com Dll contains the following: struct GRect_tag     long lLeft;     long lBottom;     long lTop;     long lRight;     }  GRect; BOOL CMyDrawMC::SetDrawPageToWindow(int hdc, GRect WinRect) PDDoc objPDDoc; PDPage objPDPage; objPDDoc = PDDo

  • Paint()  problemsOctober 11

    i was messing around and created a program that inside a JFrame there is a crosshair image that follows your mouse pointer and if you click the mouse, it leaves a red dot on that spot. The problem is that in order for the crosshair image not to creat

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