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download symbian n6680 v4.04.07 torch

  • Can't download musicNovember 30

    I can't seem to download music from sites that offer free downloads. I used to download for free with my previous torch 9800 but i can't anymore with the Z10. I used sites like Waptrick.com and toxicwap.com Please helpOK. Could you tell me what error

  • Bridge App for ATT TorchNovember 30

    I need to find a way to download the Bridge App to my Torch from ATT.  I bought the playbook and think it is cool so far and am not even close to being able to use it because ATT does not offer the bridge app. This is crazy.  I am going to take back

  • Download Failed: 910 Application authorization failure"November 30

    Error 910: Failed to download Hi, I just bought a Torch 9800 second hand and I have a big problem right now, I can download any application, I still have a failed installation error 910! I obviously look good on the forums, it gave this:  http://btsc

  • Torch 9800 User ManualNovember 30

    Is there a downloadable user manual available for the Torch 9800? If so, can you provide me with a hyperlink? Thanks, Solved! Go to Solution.http://docs.blackberry.com/en/?LID=ca:bb:support:resources:manuals&LPOS=ca:bb:support Occam's Razor nearly al

  • Where is the new update???October 11

    So, I don't see an update option anywhere on my Playbook. Are they staggering the updates or what? This is pretty annoying. I've restarted it thrice now and still nothing appears. I downloaded the Bridge update for my Torch and now I'm hearing texts

  • South east Asian language packNovember 30

    i would like to ask where can i download chinese language pack for my torch since my phone was bought in uk...? and how can i install it to my phone? many thx!Hi seranhui Welcome to the Community There are already many threads related to your Query .

  • Paging trow email with touch screenNovember 30

    I have download a new software on my torch 9810 and after than I can not page throw my touch screen from email to emailRemove the application and have a device reboot. If things becomes normal then check the apps minimum requirement or report the iss

  • I can't upgrade BlackBery ID when i open BlackBerry App WorldNovember 30

    when i just upgrade BB app world version, i'm asked to upgrade new BB ID. when i click update it says "The software upgrade was interrupted. Please try again" i click retry, but it always shows like that. and when i close, there's a no

  • I was a Nokia supporter before AnnaNovember 30

    Yes, i was a Nokia supporter before the cursed day i decided to install Anna on my N8. It all started with the Phone Configuration not supported message at startup, then it continued with me being unable to install the two other update packages (Symb

  • Backup Assistant. Blackberry Bold 9650November 30

    I see my contact info on MyVerizon online and it about 2 years old. Its full of contacts I've deleted and missing everything I've added since then. When I import contacts it does not find any new information. When I open Backup Assistant on my phone

  • Something's gone wrong (as always)November 30

    So yeah.. Anna update! Wow, amazing, super happy.. But it wouldn't be NOKIA without issues. After the update (phone keeps telling me it's running Anna, it looks like Anna) if I plug it to the computer I have 4 more updates available. I figured the OV

  • SKYEE! ANNA Applications Updates Errors!November 30

    Dear Members, SKYEE: After reading the SKYEE's excelent FAQ's recently posted, I've been having some troubles updating to ANNA. My phone is a N8-00, LTA Dark Grey, Nokia Bubbles, Big Screen and Sleep Screen installed. I'm not able to install ANNA App

  • Help on UI development for Oracle LiteNovember 30

    Can anyone suggest me a suitable environment that i can use to develop a UI to access Oracle lite database. J2ME does not have odbc support because of which i am not able to build the UI. Hence kindly help me in this regard. REQUIRED ASAP...You have

  • Can't download apps to my Torch 9800 from BB app worldOctober 11

    Hi, have recently purchased a BB Torch 9800, but can't download an app from the handset despite having created a BB ID. When I do try I keep getting an error message advising me to try later?Hey northernboy, Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Communit

  • How to download Adobe Flash Player Lite 2.1 for Symbian Belle?October 11

    Greetings. I would Like to ask if someone would be so kind and tell me where or how couls I download Adobe Flash Player ite 2.1 for Symbian Belle? I registered on Adobe and gone to downloading page clicked to link : Download the free Flash Lite 2.1 p

  • Os version 7.1 error in downloading software for torch 9860November 30

    hi, i need help on how i can successfully download the new version 7.1 for torch 9860. its always showing "an error occured while downloading software for your device". it's really **bleep** me off. please help me. thanks in advanced. peachytotH

  • Not able to download apps to my BlackBerry Torch 9810November 30

    Hi everyone.  New BB user here.  Just picked up a BB Torch 9810.  Set up my BlackBerry ID and have no problem accessing pretty much everything - except App World.  When I attempt to download an app or go to the My World tab I get a legal notice regar

  • Downloaded torch - then uninstalled it, now iphoto won't open Error 10810November 30

    Hi there, I downloaded torch from the web to view a video. It did not work so I uninstalled torch again. Through that I lost Olympus DSS Player software, Firefox, and iphoto won't open. I get the error code 10810. Can anyone please help me?Please rea

  • How to download photoshop torch after factory reset, therfore losing dataNovember 30

    I recently had to carry out a factory reset and therefore lost all data off my tablet. I would like to know how to download photoshop torch again. MichaelOn android if you purchased it through the Google Play store its just a matter of re-downloading

  • When Bitsnoop Firefox invites me to install Torch to directly download torrents. I'm on a MAC is there a version?November 30

    I can proceed to download without installing the update but this sounds like a good innovation that may only be available to PC users. If so when will it be avail;able for MACs?It looks like Torch is only available for Windows right now. You might tr

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