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Download New notification for asha 306

  • Help me nokia asha 306 Plz Help MeOctober 11

    Hellow dear sir plz help me about nokia asha 306. my nokia asha 306 is not sport jar file. i update my mobile  v7.42 07-05-13 when the orignal softwere not this problam plz give the new softwere of nokia asha 306 waiting 4 your reply thanks ***Alone*

  • Does Nokia Asha 306 support Skype?October 11

    Does nokia asha 306 support Skype ? and if it does how can i get it ? Moderator's notes: The post was edited. A more appropriate subject is provided.Hi MrBluetooth Welcome to Nokia forum!  Skype application is not compatible with Nokia Asha 306. If y

  • How to download the notification enabler on my Nok...November 30

    How to download a notification enabler. Moderator's Note: Post was moved and changed the title into a subject-related title. This is to keep the forum organized and let other forum users easily see and respond to this post.Hi, Arman1692. Let's try up

  • Nokia Asha 306 Wifi and internet optionsNovember 30

    I have searched this forum for answers but have not found any so post this here. I know the Asha 306 is not a top notch phone from Nokia, but it is still a good phone and I like it a lot. I bought it as an introductory smart phone, as I want to learn

  • Any voip possible for asha 306?November 30

    Do you know of any voip app available for asha 306? Nor Skype nor Nimbuzz work on this phone... Not needing any data except for rare international call, the wifi on 306 was one reason to buy it, now I serously consider getting something else...Hi, We

  • Nokia Asha 306 problemOctober 11

    Im using a Nokia asha 306 and i can't use browser,mail and other pre installed services and when i click on the icon it just flashes back so i can't fully access my phone anymore,please helphi mate, have you tried re-installing your current firmware

  • Issue is Nokia Asha 306October 11

    Hi Friends, I have bought Nokia Asha 306 , and I found following issues , Please let me know if there is any solution . 1. Whatsapp is not working, although its pre-loaded . It opens but when I reach license agreement page I can't press 'Accept' Howe

  • New Nokia Asha 306 No Network or Low Signal Proble...October 11

    New Nokia Asha 306 No Network or Low Signal Problem (pricing date may 31 ,2013) i have nokia asha 306 have signal problem when i make use sim some time show signal only two signal and show proply opreater any solution thnks in advanceMay i ask how ol

  • Nokia Asha 306 - Radio RecordingsOctober 11

    Hi!  I'm using NOKIA ASHA 306 smartphone.  When I use Radio recorder, the files are saved in .AAC format which can play on my mobile but not on my PC.  I tried to convert them to another format (like wave, mp3, etc...) so I could edit my recordings w

  • Nokia Asha 306 ConversationsOctober 11

    Hello there , I have a question : if you could clear this up for me - how can I transfer my text messages from Nokia SUITE to Nokia Asha 306 in their exact order? I know this could be done, but I don't know how. Otherwise, why did technology evolve s

  • In my nokia asha 306 not support higer quality vid...October 11

    Hey sir what is this in old software all high quality videos are supported but in new software high quality not supported i want good video playerThis has happened with my Nokia Asha 306. It had version 3.81 and it was playing this video very well bu

  • Change position of download completed notificationOctober 11

    How I change position and set time to display of download completed notification box by PHP - JAVASCRIPT? or another firefox api to resolved this broblem. Thanks!Can you please share solution.Read other 3 answers

  • Download Complete Notification doesn't use monitor on which Firefox is located itselfNovember 30

    When Firefox itself is located on 2nd monitor, Download Complete Notification appears on 1st. Meanwhile in FF 3.5.x that was fine and Notification was appearing on the proper monitor.Hi, Thanx henning. Thanx andreas and UMA for ur prompt reply. You b

  • Nokia Asha 306 just keeps shutting off.November 30

    My Nokia Asha 306 just keeps shutting off what is the cause of this ? Moderator's note: The post was edited. A better subject was provided.And try to take off memory card then turn of the phone and take the batery off for 5 mintes then put it and sta

  • Is there the viber application on Nokia asha 306October 11

    I needed to keep in contact with my friends & family. So i checked for viber in the app store & it showed me no result. Please Nokia get a version on Nokia asha 305/306. Moderator's Note: The post was moved to a more appropriate board.Hello,Gumag.

  • Pre email downloaded and notifications received even though disabledNovember 30

    I have access to a computer most days and don't need the auto download to my phone, I simply want to check my email when I am away from a computer.  I have turned off the notifications under the email preferences and set the Get Mail option to Manual

  • FireFox OS Can this be Downloaded to a NOKIA ASHA 205 Safely ? if not wich Browser do You recomend ?November 30

    what Browser upgrade is safe to Download too NOKIA ASHA 205 ?this is a duplicate of https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1056873 therefore locking. please don't ask the same questions more than once! thanks!Read other 2 answers

  • Getting "downloading file" notification in Adobe reader 10.1November 30

    Viewing a  PDF in Explorer, when trying to use a Sign filed getting the notification: "Downloading the entire file is neede to perform this operation, Proceed? when choosing OK getting the Adobe reader notification - "this operation cannot be do

  • Messed up notification enabler Asha 205November 30

    Hello, I'm Ken. I'm an avid user of messaging apps, and recently noticed I could no longer get push notifications to the Home-screen of my Asha 205. When I checked Facebook Settings hoping to find it accidentally turned off I was instead prompted to

  • Downloading Updates Notification like XP??November 30

    Hi, Is there any way to be notified when updates are being downloaded to my Macbook? I am getting a bit fed up of calling my isp to complain about my internet speed only to find out the problem was that I was actually downloading a massive update to

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