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Download falis wap n73

  • Download! on N73 has transfer interrupt errorNovember 30

    When I select the Download! icon on my n73 and try to download or install anything, a transfer interrupt error appears with a 403 content error message. Anyone help with this please?Hi Bryan, Thank you for posting on the Adobe forums, this error occu

  • Location of the software downloaded by nokia suite...November 30

    Dear frnds I've downloaded the nokia N73 update via nokia suite and while installing, the cable got disconnected and my phone became dead. I want to know the exact file location of this downloaded file in my pc to install that by another trick..There


    I CANNOT INSTALL APPLICATION ON MY NOKIA 5320 XM (04.13)! WHAT DO?What error message does it show? Also, how do you attempt to install - download over WAP, PC Suite? Ericsson T10i -> Nokia 7110 -> Siemens C45, C55, M55, M65 -> Nokia 6131, N73, N8

  • Getting the message: "XML code not well formed"November 30

    Hi folks! I'm a blackberry newbie, and I love it, but I'm having a difficult time understanding why it won't allow me to download a WAP push link to download a ringtone. Every time I try to link I get the message: "The XLM code is not well-formed&quo

  • Please advise meNovember 30

    Hi, Does anybody could advise me how to make the following setup? I'm planning to use for live shows, Logic together with the Ik Multimedia plugin "Amplitube". Could it be possible to assign let's say a different guitar sound to 4 tracks (so 4 s

  • WMV and Flip4MacNovember 30

    I have both Windows Media for Mac (9.0) and Flip 4 mac installed on my iMac (10.4). When I try to open a streaming movie with WMV it says the path is incorrect. When I try and open it with Flip 4 mac it says that the URL is not valid or Safari can't

  • Run a J2ME MIDlet which require authorizationNovember 30

    Hi all, Can you help me in this issue Initial condition 1. My pc has J2ME WTK and with internet connection. 2. I have JAD file with me and the corresponding Jar file is in a WAP server. 3. JAD file MIDlet attribute is "MIDlet-Jar-URL: http://........

  • A timerNovember 30

    I am amazed I cannot find a normal timer in my mobile phone (like for cooking eggs for instance) Is there a program for this?If I remember correctly, this is a very basic phone with no PC-connectivity, no memory card capacity and only a small amount

  • N73ME questionNovember 30

    Hi! guy my name is vic, would like to help my friend to solve his N73ME problem. We could not find the auto key lock setting for N73ME and also the screen saver clock setting which i had install it in his set.(Screen saver clock for mBounch which act

  • Download content through wap using a midletOctober 11

    Ok, lets make it quick. my java ME app: CLDC 1.1 MIDP 2.0 It downloads 4 images from four URLs. The images are served by an Apache server, http://some.site/image0.png. Here is how i do it private Image getImage(int zoomLevel) throws IOException, Exce

  • Where can i get an example of Viewing wap, downloading files from wap site?October 11

    as we know, almost every simulator has this function. now i wanna write the same function via MIDP, how? And, anyone know nextel i730, it's very weird that it cannot download file from the wap site but other phones can do it from the same site. any h

  • WAP after updating N73 NOT WORKING!!November 30

    Hi guys, i had some issues after updating my N73 ME, with not turning on and it went kind of dead, but i fixed it,, NOW when i tried to connect to the internet using my WAP service / web on my N73 it kept giving me a msg saying check the website and

  • Wap on n73November 30

    why do i get some sites as wap sites on my n73 my friend has a E50 we both go to xe.com i get it on my n73 wap he gets it html on his E50You are probelby using the 'services' 'WAP browser' Menu>Services Whilst he is using the 'Web Browser' Menu>Appl

  • Everytime i download.(service not available/wap co...November 30

    I have nokia 2730 classic...everytime i download something on the internet it will not continue to download and it always says that service not available/wap connection ended.pls help me fiz this problem.I have an Aspire 1551 which I loaded 8 onto bu

  • Unable to download game - need wap browser - HELPNovember 30

    I recently bought a game from a website - after having paid for it - the game site sent me an SMS to download the game directly onto the phone. However once I click on the link after a bit of browsing it gives me an errors saying - Your phone is not

  • N73 - Not downloading phonebook to Seat Bluetooth ...November 30

    Hi there, I was wondering if some one can assist, I have paired up my N73 to my Seat Leon builtin bluetooth car kit which connects automatically, but I am unable to download the phonebook to it. I have a Nokia work phone different model that connects

  • N73 Probs, unable to download games, themes and ph...November 30

    I am unable to download almost anything other then ringtones and wallpapers to my N73, it says certificate error whenever i try? Phone also says "memory ull please close some applications" even when I dont have anything running, it has a 2GB mem

  • Downloading J2ME apps via WAPNovember 30

    Hey, how to do it so that I can download J2ME applications via Wap? I know that i have to link to a JAD file, but it doesnt work. Does anyone know how to do this?At least in the Siemens devices, you have a specific configuration for Java, which is di

  • Download! icon not on N73November 30

    I bought an N73 on T-Mobile yesterday but can't find the Download! icon to download other applications. Any help greatly appreciated. Solved! Go to Solution.Hi - The Download icon isn't always available on phones as the network operators are able to

  • N73 won't play downloaded trackNovember 30

    I've recently downloaded 1 music track as a WMA file and have transferred it to my N73. I updated the music library and it shows as 1 of my tracks but when I go to play it, it jumps to the next track. I thought it might've needed to be converted so I

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