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downgrade quicktime to 7.5

  • How to downgrade quicktime 10 to 7 ? to quicklook midi fileNovember 30

    with snow leopar (quicktime 7) we can quicklook midi file, but in mavericks (quicktime 10) i can't quicklook midi file.. so how to downgrade quicktime 10 to 7 on mavericks? please help me or can you show me how to quicklook midi file in mavericks?The

  • Cannot downgrade quicktime from 7.1.3 to 7.1.1November 30

    hello, ive bought the programm hypersonic 2 but it has graphical problems. the manufactoerer says thats a problem of version 7.1.3 from quicktime. They said that i have to downgrade quicktime with 7.1.3 reinstaller but the reinstaller says : this dis

  • Downgrade Quicktime Pro using Time Machine?November 30

    Is it possible to downgrade Quicktime Pro using Time Machine? The system thinks it was upgraded to 7.6.6, but I didn't have it in the Utilities directory and it looks like it wasn't upgraded. Size: 34.2 megs. Modified: Monday, July 20, 2009 Version:

  • Want to un-update (or downgrade) Quicktime 7.3November 30

    hey all, i have OSX 10.3.9 and made the mistake of upgrading quicktime...because it won't open. it just says it's not responding. Is there anyway to get an earlier version of QT?QuickTime is the OS's graphic side and very different from 6 to 7 and th

  • Downgrade quicktime 7.x pro to "free" versionNovember 30

    hallo i have quicktime pro installed and i wish to test some stuff on the FREE version but every time i try to uninstall or "get rid" of the registration code i cannot and the player becomes pro again. i need help on this one. i need my computer

  • How can I downgrade Quicktime 7.16 to 7.15November 30

    After installing Quicktime 7.16 I am having issues with Pro Tools 7.3.1 not launching, problems with Safari video streaming (Quicktime) this is causing me a massive headache, how do I remove 7.16 completly and revert back to 7.15. Any help would be g

  • Downgrade QuickTimeNovember 30

    Can I do it?Somehow I think Apple is having a hard time determining what set of conditions sets off this weird QuickTime 7.1.6 behavior for some folks. I also verifiy my hard drive, repair permissions, use full install of packages, repairing permissi

  • Downgrading my QuickTime to a WORKING version, need 7.3.1, 7.4 is loadedNovember 30

    Ok a couple days ago I Archive/Installed my OS again, and then updated everything back to how it was before QT stopped showing videos. Sadly I mistakenly remembered that ver 7.4 still showed my videos, and that 7.4.1 was the real problem, and sadly 7

  • Here is a solution to the Quicktime 7.1.5 Update conflicts - it works!October 11

    Any program that is having a problem since the Quicktime 7.1.5 Update should benefit from reverting back to QT version 7.1.3 . My TurboTax works again, because I downgraded to QT 7.1.3 . You can't manually remove all of the files necessary to uninsta

  • After Quicktime 7.6 update, can't load i-tunes, logic or quicktimeOctober 11

    Hello everyone. Would really appreciate some help here. I'm running a macbook pro (OS 10.4.11, Logic Pro 7.2.3) In order to view some video files for a project I'm working on, I updated quicktime to 7.6.4, the latest Tiger will run (according to the

  • Disk Warrior and Quicktime 7.04October 11

    I was having problems running Disk Warrior 3.03 (DW) from my cloned (using Super Duper) external firewire external hard drive (Lacie d2 HD 250GB). (NEW iMacG5 iSight) The problem: Boot from the clone and ran DW, at the completion of DW if I chose to

  • Installing older version of Quicktime for WindowsNovember 30

    I have recently acquired an older piece of software that I am told requires Quicktime 6.3 to run and will not run under Quicktime 7.6.2 which I currently have on my computer- acquired with iTunes. If one tries to uninstall the new QuickTime and insta

  • QuickTime 10.1 Stops Working, Starts hogging memory before terminating!November 30

    Hi, I was using QuickTime 10.1, which came with my new iMac OS X 10.7.2, to export M4A out of M4V.  After about ten exports, QT stops working and starts hogging gigabytes of RAM before terminating itself.  Please advise.  Thanks-I have never tried th

  • QUICKTIME 7.1.6 -- A MayDay Bombshell?November 30

    QUICKTIME 7.1.6 -- A MayDay Bombshell? (1) If like many here and elsewhere, you have been experiencing setbacks that can be traced back to the May Day d/l of QT 7.1.6, specifically, the watermarked-QT-logo-with-floating-question mark instead of the m

  • Ok so I reverted back to iTunes 6.05, but what's the deal with QuickTime??November 30

    I just followed the directions (posted here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=642274&start=0&tstart=0) to revert back to iTunes 6.05. I definitely uninstalled iTunes 7 first and restarted my computer afterwards, but when I open iT

  • Quicktime 7.1.6 broke my iMovieHD?!?November 30

    I applied the Quicktime 7.1.6 update a few days ago and ran into a weird problem with iMovieHD. I can build a movie okay and play it but, as soon as I click the "chapters" button to edit my movie, the video stops playing. The sound is fine but w

  • QuickTime compatibility with FCP 4.5November 30

    Are there any other people out there using FCP 4.5 on OS 10.3.9 successfully with a version of QuickTime later than 6.5.2? I haven't dared upgrade QuickTime since all kinds of things went wrong and I hade to downgrade QuickTime at great trouble. But

  • A way to go back to Quicktime 7.1.3November 30

    I did an archive and install. This was the only way I found to be able to go back to quicktime 7.1.3. It did take some time, though not alot, to update the software, ie: all the updates that apple sends including from 10.3.3 to 10.3.9 for the operati

  • Quicktime + ImagereadyNovember 30

    Hey there, I am trying to open a .mov file in ImageReady CS2 so I can include in a forum signature, however when I try to open the file I am unable to choose a selection from .mov because the bar is not there, and since it's quite a large clip I cann

  • I need JVC's "QuickTime Component"November 30

    I as many others have fallen into that QuickTime quicksand of updating to 7.4.x and now not being able to open .TOD files from my JVC HD GZ-HD7 camera. I have downgraded QuickTime to 7.3.1 using Pacifist. Unfortunately, I do not have the CD that came

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