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does the ipad have autoconfig

  • Mobileconfig issue with ipadNovember 30

    Hello everyone, I am facing an issue with the usage of mobileconfig to push profiles into Ipad/Iphone. This has been tested with IOS 8.1(iPad) and 8.3(iPhone). My profile has been generated manually(writing through apple key references) and then with

  • Can I sync only a book from a newly downloaded itunes to my ipad without erasing all the other music etc since it's synced to another computer?November 30

    I'm traveling and in an area that does not have wifi.  However I do have LAN access.  So I put a new copy of itunes on my laptop and downloaded a book I want to put on my ipad.  How do I get the book from this new itunes to my ipad?  Can I sync just

  • Is there a way of getting a "schedule view" in iCal on a mac and on iPad in the same way you can get one on iPhone?October 11

    IS there a way to get a schedule view of events on a busy day in iCal on the iPad 2 Air and on the Macbook Pro?  I can get this view on an iPhone.I am paranoid that some untrusted technician is going to make a copy of my music (11,000 tracks) or shar

  • How can a family share an iPad, specifically, using email? Seperate accountOctober 11

    I know, you can have multiple email accounts. i have 3 on my iphone 4. But if my wife, daughter, and I all use the ipad. Can you set up email to ask for what account to load? Again, i know you can switch after the fact. I am trying to avoid the scena

  • How can I setup a mail-specific passcode/restriction on iPad used by multiple family members?October 11

    How can I setup a mail-specific passcode/restriction on iPad used by multiple family members? Have an Exchange mail account setup and accessible in my mail on iPad... however my kids use it and i would like to restrict them from accessing this specif

  • How can I use multiple ipad's on one account without sharing individuals personal email accounts?October 11

    Is it possible to have multiple ipads on one account and share info, but also allow the individual users to have personal email that is not seen on the other ipad's? We have all ipads on same icloud account because we all need to see the same ical. I

  • Cannot send email from promail.ptd in iPad AirOctober 11

    Help, I have deleted the accounts, rebooted the iPad & nothing has worked. My gmail is working fine but these other two from ptd.net cannot send. And, when I try deleting emails, they flood back into the account.Hi, Check if you have the Accepted dom

  • Cannot send email from ipad?October 11

    I can receive, but cannot send emails from my iPad. Always get message that I have wrong user name or password.Then make sure that the settings are correct in your email account. Check the outgoing mail server setting. Make sure that your username an

  • Cannot send email from my iPadOctober 11

    The last few days I cannot send email from my iPad. I can receive normaly. Here is an image of the error I get. I get this error with every receipent... Please helpiOS: Unable to send or receive email http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3899 Can't Send Ema

  • Cannot send email from my IPad AirOctober 11

    I suddenly cannot send email from my IPad Air. Keep getting message that my email recipient was rejected by the server because it does not allow relaying.  Don't understand what this means as I have been able to send email before.Paula, in most cases

  • Cannot send email from new iPad 2 or new iPhone 4sOctober 11

    I have a new ipad2 and a new iPhone 4s.  I cannot send email from either.   I had an iPad and an android before with no email issues.  Phone is Sprint and ipad is Verizon.  I have tried using my wifi and have tried turning wifi off.  Nothing works. 

  • Cannot send email from my iPhone or iPad. The server rejects a recepient for no apparent reason.  The recipient is not new.  This issue happens on reply or reply to all or froward; not a new email. What is happening?October 11

    Cannot send email from my iPhone or iPad. The server rejects a recepient for no apparent reason.  The recipient is not new.  This issue happens on reply or reply to all or froward; not a new email to the same recepient. What is happening?I talked wit

  • Cannot send email from iPad & iPhone with Virgin MediaOctober 11

    I cannot send emails from my iPad and iPhone. I have a virginmedia.com address and I can receive but just cannot send. A message keeps saying the smpt settings are wrong. However, I have followed the tutorial on Virgin Media web site (this is how I m

  • Cannot retrieve business partners in SAP mobile iPadOctober 11

    Hello Colleagues, since some days I'm not able to retrieve business partners in my SAP mobile App. Neither in iPad nor in iPhone. I tried it on 2 different test servers. A couple of day's before I saw all the business partners. The only change I did

  • Iphone 5s voice memo version in iPad app store? sameOctober 11

    i want to make sure after my quickvoice horror i download the correct version. i don't see any with the zig zag line for iPad? voice memo.The iPhone version is not available separately for download in the App Store. You'll need to read the reviews fo

  • How do I use Garageband for iPad with a real amp?October 11

    I play with a guy down the street who has a couple of amps set up. The one I use is kind of limited in it's tonal qualities. In my twenties and thirties I would have no problem hauling my own amp down there to get my tones dialed in, but I'm forty fr

  • How do I use cell number associated with iPad 2 3GOctober 11

    How do I use cell number associated with iPad 2 3GFor Messages you can can use your email address, the iPad doesn't have a phone number that you can use.Read other 2 answers

  • IPad app AiO RemoteOctober 11

    I scanned document with IPad app AiO Remote and HP printer. App created .pdf file 306 Mb in documents folder on my iPad Air iOS 8 When I tried to open document in AiO Remote, I receive error: Not enough memory to complete operation. And then .pdf pre

  • Compatibility Aio remote IpadOctober 11

    Hello I just installed the app Aio remote for ipad but can not find my HP Officejet 4500 Wireless Multifunction Printer - G510n I wanted to know if it was compatible with this app AioRemote?? This question was solved. View Solution.No problem, glad I

  • HP Aio remote for ipadOctober 11

    I scanned documents to my ipad. How do I combine the documents to make one email. It's only giving me option to send one at a time.No problem, glad I could help  If my reply helped you, feel free to click on the Kudos button (hover over the "thumbs u

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