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difference between lsa & lsu

  • In OSPF, what is the difference between LSA and LSU ?November 30

    I have been reading OSPF documentation and so far I couldn't distinguish difference between LSA(Link State Advertisement) and LSU(Link State Update) ? Are LSA and LSU terms used interchangeably, and perhaps mean the same thing ?in a nutshell: (with l

  • T1 Vs T2 LSUNovember 30

    The T2 architecture has the following working: The dcache is write-through, so the LSU sends all stores to the L2. The L2 maintains a copy of the L1 tags for coherency. Hit or miss in the L1 for stores is determined by the L2. Stores which hit the L1

  • Are this OSPF LSA relate to each other ???November 30

    OSPF neighbor relationships progress 1) Down State 2) Init State OSPF routers send Type 1 (hello) 3) Two-Way State 4) ExStart State (Type 2) 5) Exchange State 6) Loading State (type 3) 7) Full Adjacency ALSO, OSPF Area Types also use LSA exchange bet

  • Difference between BI content and HANA optimized BI content ?November 30

    Hi to all, Is BW is already have HANA database, what is difference between BI content and HANA optimized BI content. Can any one explain in general term, I have already gone with SAP HELP but, cant grab more of it. Does we have HANA optimized BI Cont

  • DIfference between TERADATA TVS technology an new TERADATA FOUNDATION LayerNovember 30

    Experts , what is the difference between TERADATA TVS technology and new TERADATA FOUNDATION Layer technology. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each ThanksImagine I has a multiprovider that needed to look at process data from R3 and opera

  • The Difference Between?October 11

    Ok so I believe I know the answer here but asking anyway. What is the difference between the adobe creative cloud team license vs the adobe creative cloud enterprise license? is the team licence basically individually licences products per account us

  • When would I use an if, for or while statement in Small Basic and what is the difference between the three?October 11

    I have a Y9 Computer Science Exam next week and I know that this will probably be one of the questions on it so I need to know the answer. What is the difference?An If statement executes once IF the statement is true: If 1 = 2/2 Then Textwindow.write

  • What is difference between sy-tabix and sy-index.October 11

    SAP Seniors, Can you please let me know what is difference between sy-index and sy-tabix. I read the SAP help, it is confusing for me. it looks like both are same from help. please help me. Thank you Anitha.HI,     Here is a brief description of diff

  • Difference between sy-tabix and sy-index?October 11

    tell me about sy-tabix and sy-index?what is the difference between sy-tabix and sy-index? Moderator Message: Please search before posting. Read the [Forum Rules Of Engagement |https://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/HOME/RulesofEngagement] for further

  • What is difference between sy-index and sy-tabix and where both are using ?October 11

    what is difference between sy-index and sy-tabix and where both are using ?hi nagaraju sy-tabix is in Internal table, current line index. So it can only be used while looping at the internal table. sy-index is in Loops, number of current pass. This y

  • Difference b/w sy-index and sy-tabixOctober 11

    hai all, Could u explain the difference b/w sy-index and sy-tabix? regards, SelvaHi, sy-index - For Loops, Current Loop Pass. sy-tabix - For Internal Table, Current Line Index in internal table. sy-tabix is used at internal table operations (READ TAB

  • Difference between sy-index & sy-tabixOctober 11

    Dear friends, Please tell me the difference between sy-index & sy-tabix Actually my problem is i don't know how to compare for example between first record'field n and second record'field n when u r in loop so i can take particular action based on re

  • Connection ==null and Connection is closed, differenceOctober 11

    Hi experts, I wonder what are the differences between "Connection==null" and "Connection is closed"? I closed a connection on one JSP page after a bean has retrieved data. Then, on the same page I call another bean to connect to the da

  • Difference between Null and null?October 11

    What is the difference between null and NULL? When is each used? Thanks,veryConfused wrote: There is a null in java, but no NULL. null means no value. However, when assigning value, the following is different:Although the empty String has no special

  • Difference in Null and Empty StringOctober 11

    Hi, I have been wondering about the difference between Null and Empty String in Java. So I wrote a small program like this: public class CompareEmptyAndNullString {      public static void main(String args[]) {           String sNull = null;         

  • What is the difference between Mini DVI to VGA adapter and Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter?October 11

    My macbook is MacBook4,1. early 2008The port itself is shaped different..... .....here is a link to read through on the technical differences of the 2 ports.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini_DisplayPort ......your MacBook has the Mini-DVI port...

  • Blends: Difference between open and closed paths modifying spineOctober 11

    Okay, just had a discovery today about the blend tool. The difference between closed paths and open paths is critical when you want to modify a blend spine, such as make it curve. Between open paths, there is no spine shown when a blend is created. E

  • Difference between cleared items,open items and all postings (FI).October 11

    Hi experts, Can anybody tell me the difference between cleared items,open items and all postings for an account. While running corresponding bapis and transaction FAGLL03 (for GL) or FBL1N (for accounts payable) i found that in some cases all posting

  • Difference between factory excise invoice and Depot Excise InvoiceOctober 11

    Hi Is there any difference in invoice calculation part in excise invoice through Factory sales and excise invoice through depot sales?I know the processes but not sure about the excise calulation in these.Hello, From the point of view of Customer, th

  • Differences in appearance when using a Mac vs. PCOctober 11

    www.thecampuscocktail.com I used a PC to create the site, however I asked my roommate to test it on his Mac and the menu seems to have 2 rows on his computer. As is the width is too small? Before I went around changing my CSS I was going to ask if an

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