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diff b w rz10 and rz11 in sap basis

  • RZ10 and RZ11November 30

    Hi, What is the difference between RZ10 AND RZ11. What we can do with rz10 and what we can do with rz11. Thanks, praveenHi, RZ11: t-code is used to change any thing Dynamically. RZ10: t-code if we change then we must restart the server then only it w

  • SAP Basis/Abap components with diff Version inEnterprise Service BuilderNovember 30

    Dear Experts, We have PI 7.4 system in our environment, when i check content in ESR, i have found different versions components as below. SAP ABA  7.30 SAP BASIS 7.02 & SAP BASIS 7.40 I would like to know, since system is 7.4 version, do I need to ma

  • Error on WAS no. 10054 SAP Basis System: Operating system callOctober 11

    Hi All, Error on WAS no. 10054 SAP Basis System: Operating system call we got the following error message in the syslog of the WAS: SAP Basis System: Operating system call  recv failed (error no. 10054) The system still works. What can we do? Thanks.

  • Error while installing Mini SAP Basis system 4.6D test suiteOctober 11

    Hi Gurus, I am getting error while installing Mini SAP Basis system 4.6D test suite on my laptop. I trying to install this version under Windows Xp. I tried so many times to rectify this error but no use. i followed the instruction in the readme file

  • Dependencies between the SAP R/3 Plug-In (PI) and the SAP Basis Plug-In (PIOctober 11

    Hi All, SAP declare: "SAP R/3 Plug-In Support Package 10 for SAP R/3 Plug-In 2004.1 (scheduled for delivery in November 2005) will require SAP Basis Plug-In 2005.1" I have an R/3 4.6c with PI 2004.1 and a BW 3.0B with PI_BASIS 2003.1. <b>W

  • Queries related to sap Basis.October 11

    Dear  All                  Can any body tell me queries related to sap Basis.                  Which data sources need to be installed and what are the cubes and dso's  which gives information related to SAP BASIS.Hi, It might not be installed in ur

  • SAP BASISOctober 11

    Hello, I am a network professional working in the past 20 years supporting Novell and Microsoft OS and applications. Now I am looking for a path to start a different career. I have chosen SAP system to start the new career, but I got many questions b

  • Under which group i have to post issues related to SAP - BasisNovember 30

    Hello All, Can some one tell me Under which group i have to post issues related to SAP - Basis Thanks BalajiHi, As such there is forum which is dedicated to basis. But there are number of forum where you can post issues depending upon what type of is

  • Configuring Outgoing Email in SAP Basis ServicesNovember 30

    Hi gurus Can any body tell me the step by step procedure for how to configure outgoing Email in SAP basis services Thanks and regards S.Satyanarayana RajuHi Satya, U can configure out going mails from your SAP system by using SMTP. have a look on the

  • SAP-Basis system: Transaction canceled 15November 30

    Dear Gurus, We have ECC 6.0 on DB2 9.1 fp 5 on windows 2003. I am getting this error in syslog. SAP-Basis system: Transaction canceled 15 Thanks Rao.Thanks for reply This is the log in SM21. Can you tell me how to do this in sap or database level. &C

  • SAP-Basis System: 1 possible network problems detected - check tracefileNovember 30

    Dear Gurus, I am getting this error in syslog in MMC for ECC 6.0 on windows with db2. SAP-Basis System: > 1 possible network problems detected - check tracefile and adjust. Regards Rao.hi, can you look at this [http://sapbasisnotes.blogspot.com/2009/

  • What are the sap basis administrator tasks for SAP CRM 7.0November 30

    Hello Guys, I am an SAP BASIS administrator. I have never worked on any CRM system. Now a days people in market talk much about wheather you have worked on CRM. I have  no idea how CRM basis administration is different from the basis administartion o

  • SAP BASIS Certification courseNovember 30

    Hi, Again What is the certification course for SAP NW2004 BASIS? If anyone knows please let me know refrerence URL as well ThanksHello, the current name of SAP Basis is "SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION WITH SAP NETWEAVER 7.0", specified by the database yo

  • Installing License in Solution Manager 4.0 - SAP BASIS 7.0November 30

    Hi, I installed SAP Solution Manager, I request my unlimited license at SAP Marketplace, they send me the file, however in slicense transaction - New licenses I load my file and no errors show me. However when finish load of file, license status is n

  • ABAP or SAP Basis AdministrationNovember 30

    Hello, i want to learn SAP. As modul i don't know, which one is better? (ABAP with Netweaver or SAP Basis Administration.) Which one do you find better and why? i would be appreciated, if you would inform me. Best regards,I recommend you to go for SA

  • SAP Basis administrators role on new dimensional products like BW, EP, SRMNovember 30

    Hello All, I have been working as a SAP basis administrator and still fail to understand what are the main administrative roles as a SAP BASIS administrator on new dimentional products like BW, EP, SRM, MDM etc. aprt from installing them and basic se

  • PI 730 - XI Content for SAP BASISNovember 30

    Dear Support, When I searched the SAP Marketplace for "PI 730 - XI Content for SAP BASIS", I have found the files which has .SCA extension instead of .tpz or .zip file extension. Am I looking into a wrong directry if so, could you please help me

  • What is the equalent module for SAP BASIS in ORACLENovember 30

    Hi, This is Krishna, i am new to Oracle, i am working as SAP BASIS Consultant and now i am planing to shift oracle please anybody help me " what is the equalent module for SAP BASIS in *Orcale*?". Thanks in Advance to Everybody. Krishna, SAP BAS

  • What is the best institute in hyderabad which offer sap basis trainingNovember 30

    what is the best institute in hyderabad which offer sap basis training> hi..........................since its not recommended > for such q's but i can help u for once its VERSION > IT,Ameerpet,Hyderabad.........................its a > very goo

  • SAP Basis and Portal Certification MaterialsNovember 30

    Hi Experts, I would like to appear for the certification : C_TEP10_04s. Below are the topics: Can anyone share me the material to prepare for the below certification. Please send it to my personal maild id: <removed> 1. SAP Web AS Fundamentals SAP S

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