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  • How Do I Use The JES Deinterlacer to Deinterlace!!!!!October 11

    Having spent the last week recommending the JES Deinterlacer to all and sundry, I have just tried to use it! (And have I got egg on my face!) The instructions are obviously written by experts for experts. Quite simply I have made a slide show in iMov

  • What type of deinterlacing does Apple use when exporting interlaced to QTMOctober 11

    There are many different ways to deinterlace video so I wonder which of them apple uses in QT Pro when you want to export to a QT movie. For those who don't know what I'm talking about it concerns video that has been recorded for playback on a TV and

  • Premiere / Media Encoder CS5 and deinterlacingOctober 11

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm not at all happy with the deinterlacing results from Premiere CS5 and Media Encoder. I've been using Premiere since CS3 and hoped for improvement in CS4, but no. And now with CS5, it's still just not good... This is what I

  • Black screen after deinterlacing, 2 video cards inside MacProOctober 11

    Hi! I'm using QT 7.2 Working with HDV1080i footage. When I select Deinterlace option I get black screen... I'm using two video cards X1900 (2x30" cinema) and GF7300 (1x23"cinema) Please help... regards ARTIHi, Safe Mode just loads basic video, i

  • Still images exported to DVD look deinterlaced and flicker on TV monitorOctober 11

    Hi, I have tried tried almost everything and I still have issues with the still images exported to DVD as sequencefrom FCP 7.0 by using Compressor are deinterlaced and flicker on TV monitor. Please help remove the annoying flicker. My FCP Timeline Se

  • A question about deinterlacing on export in CS4October 11

    I've always found the "deinterlace" checkbox option in Adobe Media Encoder gives substandard results when encoding to WMV (and possibly to other formats, but I'm typically exporting to WMV), particularly when you're exporting at the true frame s

  • 16:9 JES deinterlacer slow motionOctober 11

    I am trying to use JES deinterlacer to slow down a clip but cant seem to get the output in 16:9. I have followed the instructions below and keep checking the 16:9 box but the output is always squashed 4:3. I've tried fiddling with the options and can

  • Adobe flash player and deinterlace optionOctober 11

    Hello! I get tv (h264/ts) from satelite, then, with wowza server, send it to flash player. (use rtmp). On picture I'm can see interlace. Adobe flash player has deinterlace option or I can solve this problem with my encoder? Sergey.It seems that going

  • Should I be deinterlacing?October 11

    Hello All, I've had some old 8mm movie film transferred.  It was transferred at 18fps and was shot (transferred) on SD digital video onto a miniDV tape.  When I'm editing this footage it has lots of jaggies on my iMac screen. I'm putting this footage

  • What to DeinterlaceNovember 30

    I'll start with my workflow, Im shooting DVCAM and HDV PAL and using FCP5, once my project is built i send MP4's via email to a website builder, burn DVD's as hard copies and dub the created sequence back to tape for storage or sometimes broadcast. S

  • Video Levels and DeinterlacingNovember 30

    I have been trying out Premiere Elements 10 and had a couple of questions. First, if I take AVCHD footage and check the video levels in Premiere Pro, it seems to indicate that the video is 0-255 on the RGB scale. Is there any way to test or see the v

  • Turning off deinterlace in CS4 before video exporting or a substitute solutionNovember 30

    I have had a problem for a long time now regarding the missing function in the Premiere Pro CS4 Export Settings window when trying to export a video in FLV. When I playback the rendered sequence I get a poor quality video (it also looks like it is st

  • Interlace Deinterlace Export and Youtube ProblemNovember 30

    We bought a nice new high end consumer camera - the Panasonic HC X900M . For the price of about $800 this little camera shoots sharp, crisp, colorful, high definition video. My son is spending a year in China and did not want a large camera. Anyway..

  • Compressor / DeinterlacingNovember 30

    Hello - I have a few files to encode for the web, and I need some advice on compressor and deinterlacing. I exported the video from FCP to Compressor to be encoded @ 640 x 480 with H.624 (2k kbps). I chose the deinterlacing filter, with the sharp alg

  • Deinterlacing BMD DNxHD footageNovember 30

    I am currently running 1080i footage through a BlackMagic ATEM Television Studio, and taking 1080i output into a BlackMagic HyperDeck Shuttle 2 via SDI, which is set to record to a Quicktime DNxHD format. Unfortunately, if I edit this footage in Prem

  • DeinterlacingNovember 30

    Hello, I am currently using JMF to display video input from a capture card (coming in though composite). I have this working both in JMFStudio and in my application. However, the video suffers badly from artifacts around moving objects. It has been s

  • Deinterlacing in CompressorNovember 30

    Does Compressor 2.3 have ANY deinterlacing algorithms that are worth a crap? I'm trying to format some interlaced DV video for the iPod (On another note, we want more options and control in the iPod setting, Apple!), which means deinterlacing. Frame

  • Capturing MiniDV, then deinterlacing it?November 30

    Hi. I'm trying to do something very very simply in iMovie HD, but failing miserably. I want to import some DV-PAL-Widescreen MiniDV footage from my digital camcorder, get a nice big uncompressed .dv file on my desktop, deinterlace, then import it bac

  • Deinterlaced output creates noise on edges of videoNovember 30

    I have a project that is to be distributed as a movie file on Flash thumb drives so I've been futzing with deinterlacing in Compressor. I have ProRes interlaced source from client and I've created a Compressor setting of ProRes Progressive with Best

  • Deinterlaced export causes artifacts in still imagesNovember 30

    When I export to Adobe Media Encoder and select the "Deinterlace" option it does a great job of deinterlacing my interlaced footage. However, any still images in the mix and they immediately pick up artifacts. Any workarounds?Premiere is actuall

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