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  • Satellite 5100 - Question about dead pixels. Is it really dead pixel problem?October 11

    Hi, I've got Satellite 5100-603. There have been some dead pixels on display. I don't know is it really dead pixel problem or not because the black area seems to be behind the screen. When i move left and right sides, the black area moves left and ri

  • Dead pixel on my mac book pro retina displayOctober 11

    Hi, i bought a mac book retina display and has a "dead pixel" I took it to apple's techical support (In Bogota-Colombia) and they told me tscrhat apple's warranty won't cover this issue..is that true? The sad thing is that I'm a designer and i b

  • Dead pixels appeared on Macbook Pro Retina 15"October 11

    Hi, Bought my Macbook on September / 2014 and so far no problems. Unfortunately today a lot of dead pixels appeared on the center of my screen ! I tried to clean it but it seems to be behind the screen actually. Tried to reboot and reset SMC as reque

  • Lenovo G460 - dead pixel, LCD can't be waken up from sleep/ hibernation , very hard to use TouchpadOctober 11

    I got this unit as my birthday present last week. I was very happy about it, as i've been using Dell laptops for the past 6 years of my life, this is the very first time in my life that i'm getting a Lenovo laptop, and i gotta say i'm very disappoint

  • My new iPad has a dead pixel in the middle of the screen. Can I get it replaced?October 11

    I've heard that there is a minimum number of dead pixels before apple will replace it. Very frustrating because otherwise the screen is perfect, and it's one of those things you can't stop looking at. What can I do? I don't live near an apple store s

  • 3 Dead Pixels after Blue Screen crash, should I make another Genius Bar appointment?October 11

    Ok, so yesterday I made a GB appointment, after a friend told me to, when I showed him that I had a dead pixel on my phone's screen. So when I got to apple, I showed them the dead pixel and they told me they were going to replace the screen on the ph

  • Black dots, possibly dead pixels on my brand new Ipod Touch?October 11

    I just purchased a new 4th Gen 32gb Ipod touch from Walmart, there were about 4 black dots, possilby dead pixels upon opening, not even a single smudge on the screen yet, but they were there, so I called and exchanged it for another brand new one, to

  • Does Apple's warranty cover dead pixels on the iPhone 4S?October 11

    I received my iPhone 4S in the mail today and a few hours after I had been using it I noticed a tiny dot on the screen. At first I ignored it, thinking it would go away, but it hasn't. I searched what the problem was and found out it is a dead pixel.

  • Does my warranty cover the repair of dead pixels?October 11

    Hi everyone! First time posting on these discussion boards and have a question regarding my MBP. I purchased this retina display 15 inch macbook pro last year in October and pretty much fell in love with it. This is my first time buying a mac product

  • Dead pixel on my new iPod Touch 5th Generation. Can I get a replacement?October 11

    Today I bought an iPod Touch 16GB Silver. I activated it and after maybe half an hour, I noticed a single dead pixel in the upper left part of the display. I know that with iPhones there's a policy that 1 dead pixel, replacement. iPads have a 3 dead

  • Dead pixel on brand new laptopOctober 11

    Hi, I have just purchased a laptop HP pavilion g6 2229TU and discovered a dead pixel. From another thread on this forum, I came to know that I can get a 14 days replacement. However, I have purchased a plan for two years extended warranty that had to

  • If you want to check for dead pixelsOctober 11

    I thought it would be nice this link if you want to check if your ipad has dead pixels or not. Mine does NOT have dead pixels http://www.theipadguide.com/content/ipad-dead-pixel-test-how/7171269 Regards, DavidHi charlesl64851396, I am sorry for the i

  • Problems with stuck/dead pixels, battery life, ICS, and other problemsOctober 11

    Stuck/Dead Pixels: I bought my Droid Razr at around the 21st of December last year. On or around Christmas, I found a bright red pixel on the very bottom of my screen. Unlucky for me, I was leaving for Florida on Christmas Night. I got back on Decemb

  • Dead Pixel on Macbook Pro 15' RetinaOctober 11

    Hey there Apple community, Recently I purchased a 15' Retina Macbook pro for $2,500 (AU). I have owned this Macbook for approximately 4 months, with no issues what-so-ever. Until, 2 days ago I was working on a project (I am stuying Graphic Design.) w

  • Dead pixels on Macbook Pro Retina Display and keyboard scratches.October 11

    Since the purchase of my Macbook Pro with Retina Displey 15" early February 2013 it has gained 5 dead pixels on the screen. If I take it to the Apple Store are they going to tell me it's my own fault and not help? I also found a scratch on the <H&

  • Second 27" iMac with dead pixelsOctober 11

    I'm intrigued to see how many others have purchased the new 27" iMac's and have managed to get one without any dead pixels. I am currently on my 2nd 27" iMac and both of them have a dead pixel right in the middle of the screen, first one was bla

  • Will warranty cover 1 dead pixel and an incredibly annoying screen flicker?October 11

    Problems: 1) I have 1 dead pixel on my iPod Touch and it's very annoying as it sticks out because the entire screen is black, and there is just this dot of light 2) I sometimes use my iPod Touch in the dark, so this means that I keep the contrast at

  • Brand new T530 issues. (Defective FHD panel/dead pixels)October 11

    Just received my T530 yesterday, and honestly I've got to say it's a great machine, but I have noticed a couple of minor problems with it, along with a factory defect. 1. The battery is too loose. 2. The keyboard has no caps lock indicator, yet the m

  • Why Apple ship macbook with dead pixel??October 11

    I have bought a macbook about two weeks ago... but i notice that one pixel was dead... I phoned to apple costumer care and they sent to me a new macbook, but also this one have a dead pixel!! Angry, i phoned again to the apple costumer care but this

  • Could some one help me with dead pixel on my screen?October 11

    I bought my Thinkpad X61 only a few days back. I opened it and found that there is one dead pixel in the middle of the monitor. Is there any possibilty that Lenovo would fix this? I know that I have to pay 15% of the purchage amount in order to retur

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