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  • SAP BI 7.0 Runtime Errors: DBIF_DSQL2_DEFAULT_CR_ERROROctober 11

    Hi - We have a BI 7.0 landscape running on HP-UX and Oracle 10g. While tryin to run delta process chains for loads, we had a runtime error as shown. Job started Step 001 started (program RSPROCESS, variant &0000000013914, user ID ALEREMOTE) Activatio

  • DBIF_DSQL2_DEFAULT_CR_ERROR while activating DSO dataOctober 11

    Hello Friends, While activating DSO data i am getting 'DBIF_DSQL2_DEFAULT_CR_ERROR' . please suggest me a solution . Regards NileshHi Nilesh, Try to check the following link: /message/5657425#5657425 [original link is broken] And moreover this error


    Hi All, While activating the DSO, Activation job failed with below message.. " ABAP/4 processor: DBIF_DSQL2_DEFAULT_CR_ERROR Job cancelled did anyone encountered such error in DSO activation..Please help.. Thanks, RamanYes, This happends during the r

  • DBIF_DSQL2_DEFAULT_CR_ERROR": APO Interface without monitor logNovember 30

    Hi V3.x 'Manage' in ODS - IP displays following message: " Request loaded using the APO interface without monitor log". The request is red in ODS and other requests after this request do not activate. Zero records were loaded from flat file. The

  • Error while setting up solman_setupOctober 11

    Hi Guys, I am trying to setup solman through T.code solman_setup. When i click on initial configuration.i am getting error. I check st22 for dumps and i am getting following error. dbif_dsql2_default_cr_error sap i check the dump and it says COMMIT/R

  • SAP  Back ground Jobs getting cancel automaticallyOctober 11

    Hi All, All schedule Background jobs getting cancelĀ  automatically in ECC 5 server. Also not getting any job log in respective schedule job. please help me out with expert suggestions. Regards Gyan1)Are the bgd workprocess free in the system currentl

  • Proces chain problem in productionNovember 30

    Hello friends, i have faced the process chain problem in the production as "Status change of process ZD_BDIT_ACTIVATE" save status and trigge event if appropiate ? . and displayed message is " ABAP/4 Processor :DBIF_DSQL2_DEFAULT_CR_ERROR&q

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