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data roaming optuon in e71

  • Global data charges with data roaming OFFOctober 11

    I have an issue with both my iPhone 4 and 4S getting incoming global data "leakage" I will call it. Both are running iOS 6.1.3, which is the latest software update. Both phones are used fairly regulary along the San Diego border with Mexico, and

  • AT&T service iPhone International Data Roaming - excessive feesOctober 11

    For info: I mailed below message to AT&T Customer care: [email protected] Am sure for many international travelers this will be a nice customer service improvement. Send them a mail as well. It may help all of us traveling overseas.

  • Data roaming setting does not show up on iPhone 4SOctober 11

    My wife got a new iPhone 4S from Verizon a few weeks and and she's been using it with no probolems since then. Yesterday we crossed the board into Canada and I tried to turn "Data Roaming" off on her phone but the "Data Roaming" settin

  • I am data roaming, have a 3g signal but no data. How do I get a data back?October 11

    I am currently in London with my US iPhone5 (AT&T). I have a data roaming package and it has been working fine for the past week, then yesterday, I go into the tube and when I get out, I have no data connection, but the 3g signal is still showing. I

  • GPS does not appear to work with data-roaming off and no wi-fi networkOctober 11

    I have been using an application called imarkmyspot to produce way-points for synchronising with my camera. When I am in my home country this works fine and a GPS location is found quickly. I've recently been abroad and had data-roaming turned off to

  • Skype Abroad - No Wifi and No Data RoamingOctober 11

    I will be going on a trip to Turkey in a few weeks, and I am trying to understand if I can make calls with the Skype app on my Droid without a wifi connection and with data roaming turned off.  I thought I read somewhere that Skype has it's own 3G ne

  • Shut off 3G data roaming on N97?October 11

    Ill be travelling soon, and i dont want to use any 3g Data roaming to reduce the costs. Anyone know how to completly switch off this on the N97?I don't think there is a way to differentiate between 3G data and EDGE or GPRS data but try this: Go to Se

  • Data roaming on iPad 3October 11

    I am off to USA today and need to know how to turn data roaming off pleaseSettings>Cellular Data http://i1224.photobucket.com/albums/ee374/Diavonex/484059673683fa26aa10849c52b91 290.jpgRead other 4 answers

  • Data Roaming in Japan with the Android Bionic - or not...October 11

    I signed up for a global data plan using my Android Bionic. I can receive calls without a problem and I'm able to place calls. However despite my best efforts I am unable to use any data on my phone (every time I try I get the message "No Data Connec

  • Data roaming won't work in IrelandNovember 30

    Hi, I visited Dublin last weekend (cheers!) and took my iPhone with me (coming from Switzerland). There was no data roaming all the time, even though I had it activated in my settings. The E logo just did not show up, and data connections were refuse

  • My international data roaming is not working in china, why?November 30

    I am currently traveling in mid-east china, but my data roaming is not working. it shows good single bar, but when I try to receive emails (from gmail or AOL account), it gives me error messages. it is very frustrating. it has been 3 days that I can'

  • HT1807 I have an iPhone 3s.  How do I turn OFF data roaming?November 30

    I am traveling in Mexico.  I have an iPhone 3s.  How do I turn OFF data roaming?  Under SETTINGS I don't see Network. I don'r see it under SETTINGS/General either.What you should do, if you don't want any nasty surprises, is put your phone in Airplan

  • Leaving data roaming ON while abroad: what apps use data in the background?November 30

    As a quick preface, I've had an iPhone since Week 1 in the summer of 2007. I've been working outside the U.S. for well over a year now, so I've been roaming with my iPhone for almost the entire time I've owned it. I had kept data roaming turned OFF s

  • What is data roaming? Does it cost extra? Why doesn't my iPhone automati...November 30

    What is data roaming? Does it cost extra? Why doesn't my iPhone automatically connect to AT&T service? Sometimes I have to go directly to Carriers in the Settings to connect to AT&T 3G. Thank you in advance.There is no local data roaming or call r

  • What is Data RoamingNovember 30

    What is Data Roaming, do i need to leave it on when im in my home network area or does it not matter if it is on/off?Data Roaming applies when roaming internationally/out of the country on an AT&T partner network. Roaming internationally must be requ

  • Iphone data roaming - option not working ( urgent please help)November 30

    I am going on a long holiday (3months) to various countries from Canada and I will be using my phone only for the first leg of the journey for 15 days just to keep in touch with my family to say I'm safe and all. I dont want to unlock or jailbreak my

  • Limiting, not blocking, Cellular Data RoamingNovember 30

    I'm trying to find out a way that allows us to supply our staff with iPhones, but limit liability with regards to overseas data roaming.  The problem is probably quite common-- our staff travel a fair bit, so we have a cellular data plan that gives t

  • 3gs unlocked and jailbroke. everything works except data roaming, how can i fix this? in usNovember 30

    I have a 3gs unlocked and jailbroke on tmobiles network. everything works except data roaming, pdp athentication failure, how can I fix this?Jailbreak voids your warranty.  It tends to brick your device, and you surrender any help from Apple or this

  • My new Ipad2 got connected to my home Wi-Fi and to the network and for 2 days everything was alright. Then I encounteed a problem. Though my Ipad2 was getting connected to Wi-Fi, could'nt access network. How to enable Data Roaming?.November 30

    My new Ipad2 got connected to my home wi-fi and to the network. For 2 days evrything qored well. Then though Ipad2 was connected to wi-fi, it did not open the web page/s. The dialogue box read, `Data Roaming is turned off. You can enable Data Roaming

  • Set Data Roaming to find towerNovember 30

    I recently tried to initiate a call from atop Angel Fire mountain in Angel Fire, New Mexico.  The Android Nexus could not find service so I selected Settings> More . . .> Wireless & networks> Mobile networks> Data roaming.  To that I recei

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