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cx61 2od unlock bios

  • GT70 2OD unlocked biosNovember 30

    Hi, I have a GT70 with E1763IMS.50K bios, is it possible to make an unlocked bios ? Also I would like to know what is the best/safest way to flash a bios on this computer : using pure dos environment ? Using UEFI bios setup utility ? Donation number

  • GE60 2OD Unlock BiosNovember 30

    Hi Svet, Please could I get an unlock my bios. Current bios ver E16GCIMS.612 and is attached below Thanks Ian Confirmation number: 36S00085070402605 https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=177448.0;attach=12683Thanks Svet, All workin

  • MSI CX61 2OD Bios Unlock?November 30

    Evening all, Is it possible to unlock the bios for this laptop, either to enable FSB or Ram overclocking and/or timings adjustment? Is CPU overclocking possible at all? The latest bios is w8_E16GDIMS10C. The specific model of laptop is an MSI CX61 2O

  • Unlock BIOS GT70-2ODNovember 30

    Hi, pls help, Need unlock BIOS GT70-2OD. BIOS: E1763IMS.507 Confirmation number: 3DV102623M984435J really looking forward to ))Hello hmel, what is the confirmation numer?, because i have the gt70 2od too, and really like to have the bios unlocked, th

  • Unlocked BIOS for GT70-2ODNovember 30

    Hi, My notebook is GT70-2OD with RAID0 (Windows 8) Can I get unlocked BIOS? My BIOS version is w8_E1763IMS.70G My donation number is: 0NR387110P007445G Thanks.Thanks Svet, I'll be waitingRead other 5 answers

  • Unlocked BIOS for GT70-2OD| split V2November 30

    Hello, I'm sorry for my english (I'm from Russia) , a person is interested in how much Unlocked BIOS for MSI GT70-2OD? BIOS - E1763IMS.70H or E1763IMS.50H He forgot to tell me what his new laptop model, then clarify . Thanks in advanceQuote Now i hav

  • Unlocked BIOS for MSI GT70 2OD-001US (E1763IMS.71B & E1763IMS.51B)November 30

    Hi SVET, I need your help. I own a MSI GT70 2OD-001US laptop. I need fully unlocked BIOS : E1763IMS.71B & E1763IMS.51B. Donation Confirmation ID: 6GN65787F6658883T. Please let me know process to how to flash BIOS. Thanks, Magnuscheck PM for queries E

  • Unlock BIOS GT70-2OD DE2 Extreme and Kepler VBIOS TunerNovember 30

    Hi Svet. Pls. unlock bios w8_E1763IMS.70C Firmware w8_1763EMS1.505 And pls. download Kepler VBIOS Tuner Donate Confirmation number: 0GH666752D547031XHi Hmel, Quote Pls. unlock bios w8_E1763IMS.70C Oki, working on it and will send back to you when its

  • Unlocked BIOS for GT70-2OD| splitNovember 30

    Hi Svet! This unlocked bios interested me too. How can I get it? How working the donation, how much is it? I have a same bios E1763IMS.70G Thank you!Quote I got the bios, but i need some advice. Can I overclock the cpu? Don't know. check in Performan

  • Unlocked bios for MSI CX61 (korea rename a617a)November 30

    hi. i want use vt-x. but after bios update, still vt-x disable. not change vt-x option after several times update. plz, help me or unlocked bios for hidden advanced option. windows 7 64bit Bios version: E16GBIMS.406 (lastest ver.)VT-x is already enab

  • MSI GE60 2PE Apache Pro Unlocked BIOSOctober 11

    Heya, i need a fully unlocked BIOS for OC my MSI 2PE Apache Pro. Fan Controll would be also nice. Computer Information: GE60 2PE MS-16GF de.msi.com/support/nb/GE60-2PE-Apache-Pro.html#down-bios&Win8.1%2064 BIOS Information: BIOS Version: E16GFIMS.526

  • [Request] GT70 2PE Dominator Pro MS-1763 Full Unlocked BIOSOctober 11

    Hello Svet, I'm looking for fully unlocked BIOS for my laptop. I have some questions though (before I make the donation): - Do I need to specify which features I want or do you bundle every feature by default? The main thing I want is an option to en

  • Svet's Care Package: Unlocked BIOS, vBIOS/EC tools, custom EC, ME update, etc.October 11

    ID: 27K920100T2026530 I have the MS-1763(-MFB1) barebone, and I would very much like a "care package" of yours. My current setup is briefly listed in the BIOS screen-shot, and I do not mind any updated versions of the firmwares (BETA or ALPHA).

  • Does HP offer an unlocked bios for entertainment notebooks?November 30

    Model is a dv6 3240ca entertainment notebook. Bios is up to to date with v. f.29. The settings are super limted. About the only thng it offers is USB boot option and hardware scanning. My other notebook, a probook 4510s has a much more dynamic bios w

  • Unlocked Bios for gt70-0NDNovember 30

    I donated just now, would like access to an unlocked bios, since it appears that virtualization is disabled. current bios info: vers. E17621MS.30c EC 1762EMSI Ver. 4.05. Dont need any keys changed., Just want the thing unlocked so i can use what i pa

  • Unlocked BIOS GX70 R290 ms-1763November 30

    Is it possible to get an unlocked bios for this setup? BIO Version E1763IG6.70T EC version 1763EG61 v5.12 02/06/2014 ME FW Version Based on your response this setup I have must not be to common... Yes, normally this type of machine c

  • Unlocked Bios MSI GT60 2OCNovember 30

    hi, Can I have unlocked bios for MSI GT60 2OC 15,6 ?? Can i Overclock my laptot with this bios ?? Thx and give me the adress for donation ! #INTERhello, what is your current bios version? look in bios setup system information Quote Can i Overclock my

  • Unlocked Bios for D20..?November 30

    Anyone have an unlocked Bios for the Lenovo D20. The D20 I have has 24GB Of memory and Dual X5560 cpus. It's really crippled with **bleep**ty bios, which cannot be overclocked. My warranty is expired and I want to experiment. So if anyone has somethi

  • Unlocked BIOS w8_E1762IMS.70X for MSI GT70November 30

    Hi, I'm currently looking for unlocked BIOS w8_E1762IMS.70X for MSI GT70 - Donation supplied Many thanks in advancereceived it, check PM for queryRead other 2 answers

  • Unlocked BIOS msi G60 0NDNovember 30

    Hi. Is it possible to have a unlocked bios of msi G60 0ND ? I work on Linux and I want to disable the integrated graphics to use my nvidia gt650.Quote Is it possible to have a unlocked bios of msi G60 0ND ? yes its possible Quote I want to disable th

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