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  • Church bulletin with pagesNovember 30

    I'm new to pages.... I need to know how to divide a page for a church bulletin?Hi Leslie, I'm assuming you want your bulletin to fit on the left and right halves of a Landscapre oriented standard page. The closest to this in the supplied templates is

  • Composition widget for a church bulletinNovember 30

    i am trying to make a bulletin page for a church website that needs to be updated each week with new information, I used th composition widget for the first one and it worked fine, but when I tried copying it and changing the info it wouldn't work pr

  • I produce church bulletins and the format that I use shows everything is in black except my front and inside cover. When I make copies I am charged for all color. What can I do to correct this?November 30

    Our church just leased a copier and we are charged by the page, either color or black ink. My bulletin has color on the cover and inside cover but all the text on the inside pages are in black. When I make the copies the copier charges me for all col

  • Church bulletin templatesNovember 30

    Someone sent me an e-mail asking for some samples of what I have &, unfortunately, I seem to have lost it before I could reply. I don't want you (or anyone else) to think I'm ignoring you. Please post here or e-mail me again & I'll try to get to i

  • Pages, Cocoabooklet and printingOctober 11

    I create our church bulletin in pages and then use cocoabooklet to create the pdf for printing. We have recently started outsourcing our printing. The first page (front and back of the bulletin) is in color and for some reason the fonts are darker an

  • How do I fix problem with linked and cropped image frames not printing properly when spanning pages?October 11

    We are using InDesign (ID) to develop and print church bulletins which contain a combination of text frames and graphics. One of the graphic types we use are TIF files which are high-resolution scans of hymns. A hymn usually has a combination of the

  • How do you hide text in Pages?October 11

    The Pages user guide doesn't say anything about hiding text so that it's there, but not visible and doesn't print unless invisible characters are displayed. Is that feature not available? If not, is there a workaround? I really want to get away from

  • Custom Image bullets--is there a way to change the color?October 11

    The reason why is I'm trying to use one of the circles and it keeps coming out dark gray, and it needs to be white (on a B&W laser printer). This is for a check list on a church bulletin. Also, is there a way to upload other bullet images to use? Tha

  • I Am Begging for URGENT ASSISTANCE Using Create Booklet Service for PagesOctober 11

    I work for a Church; I prepare numerous bulletins weekly and while I am tickled to learn of Create Booklet Service, I need to know why in the "tutorial" of Create Booklet Service it says that when I am in the PRINT menu, and click on PDF at the

  • Pages Color settingNovember 30

    I am using Pages as means to create a Church Bulletin. The publishing company that processes this file has a process called "Process Blue" that permit color on the cover page. This color various each week and it is determine by the color Cyan us

  • Printers having problems printing PAGES 8 -  HP and CannonNovember 30

    I am trying to print a tri-fold church bulletin using the duplex option. My HP (7410 All in one) cuts off a half inch of the trailing edge on both sides. So I decided to use my Cannon (iP6700D)- the same document has been spooling for 20 minutes. Is

  • Pages, CocoaBooklet, PrintingNovember 30

    I am having trouble with fonts printing blurry after converting a pages document into a booklet. The trouble is that it is seemingly random. It's not always the same place on the page and can even stop mid-sentence. It looks normal both in Preview (w

  • Pages keeps crashing when I open certain filesNovember 30

    I tried to open church bulletin file and pages crashes. I have tried to do it a few times now and it keeps crashing. I can still open other files. Firefox was crashing a few days back. I updated to the new firefox 4 and have had no problems. Keynote

  • Indesign CS4 Problem with weird characters HELP!!!November 30

    I am rather new to Indesign, but have been using it for several months with no problems.  I design our church bulletins and my youth group bulletins using it every week.  I don't know what happened but I opened previous documents tonight and when I t

  • Would a Publisher user have much trouble with IDCS?November 30

    While I'm out of town for a week, I need to leave a freelance project in the hands of a secretary who has never used IDCS before (the client wants her to do it). She's used Publisher and CorelDraw, so at least she's familiar with more than just word

  • Two-up printingNovember 30

    I replaced a Canon Pixma printer with the HP Officejet Pro 8600.  Each week I prepare an half-sheet insert for our church bulletin with an outline of my sermon.  With the Pixma (and a Brother Laser printer), I have no problems printing out as follows


    I am frustrated and desperate to figure out how to set up my bulletin so that it prints in a booklet format!!!!!   In my "WORD" program this was done when I click on print ...I would choose landscape, 2 sided, legal paper and an actual "boo

  • How do I use edge commons composition loader to load multiple compositions with a next and back button?October 11

    I am working on an interactive book and have set up each page as a separate composition in edge. I am using  the edge commons JS library to load multiple compositions into a main composition. You can see how this works here: Edge Commons - Extension

  • Mini DVI to S-video and composite giving complete distorted output!!October 11

    I tried to hook up my 20" Sony Trinitron either through S-video or composite to the powerbook without any success. I got completely distorted picutre. I have tried all the video resolution setting that is available on the Displays reference window wi

  • Mini dvi to s-video/composite adapter doesn't seem to work?October 11

    basically i'm trying to hook my rather new 2.53 ghz mac mini to my tv, which basically has rca inputs. so, having seen several laptops hooked to this tv as simply as using an s-video to composite adapter, i figured it would be as simple as getting th

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