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  • Compaq Presario CQ61 VJ371EA - Status: 0xc000000f.November 30

    My Compaq Presario CQ61 Product No VJ371EA runs on Windows Premium 7 x64 os. I have been experiencing problems with it during startup. When I switch it on it goes to the Windows Boot Manager  and shows a black screen which says "windows failed to sta

  • Hi,please suggest me some games for Compaq CQ62-105TU Laptop.Can I upgrade my laptop's graphics cardOctober 11

    Hi,please suggest me some games for Compaq CQ62-105TU Laptop.Can I upgrade my laptop's graphics cardUnfortunately, you cannot upgrade the processor or graphics card on this laptop. Here is a page from CPU-World that gives the specs for your processor

  • Screen not working, Compaq Presario CQ62-215DXOctober 11

    Hello, My Notebook screen is not working. My notebook boot up fine. the lights and the fan is working.  When I plug the external VGA to my lcd screen, it works fine. Only the notbook monitor is not working. which part in this case that needs to be ch

  • HDD bay for HP Compaq 8710pOctober 11

    Let med refrase my question.. What kind of HDD bay (if any) can be used to replace my optical drive bay on my HP Compaq 8710pHi, Are yor talking about this ?    http://www.digizon.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=38_40&products_id=532 Yo

  • Compaq Presario R 4000 laptopOctober 11

    Please help - My Compaq Presario 4000 laptop won't power on...with or without the battery AC adapter plugged in. When I push power button, all 3 icons (lightning, on/off and circular tower thing)  on the front of puter all flash orange/red. What does

  • Compaq Presario 2586US laptop - hard drive upgradeOctober 11

    I recently took a chance and bought 2 "parts only" Compaq Presario 2500 series laptops off Ebay and was able to make a single working PC with the motherboard from the 2586US being the motherboard I used.  I did not have a hard disk, so I bought

  • Compaq Presario 2100 Laptop SSD UpgradeOctober 11

    I have a Compaq Presario 2100 laptop the was brand new in 2003. I have a newer laptop, but an currently trying to upgrade the Presario 2100 as much as possible. It's kind of a project now and I also want to get as much use as possible out of it. I ha

  • Hp compaq d610 d40 laptop network port doesn't wake upNovember 30

    I have tried looking for a fix for this and can't find one so if there is one and i've missed, it my apologies but basically... I have a hp compaq d610 model d40 and with the basic windows xp installation and the default drivers (hp) on, when the sys

  • Itunes is knocking out the cd drive on my compaqNovember 30

    I have tried installing itunes onto my compaq several times however it will not install without knocking out my cd drive and as I use this to play DVDs (in the absence of a TV) it's not a viable option for me. Can anyone out there help before I sell

  • Where to buy new screen? Compaq presario cq62-206SONovember 30

    Model Compaq presario cq62-206SO The best would be 100 usd or less for both shipping and the screen. I live in Norway. Note* I've looked on eBay but i can't find any screens there for my model This question was solved. View Solution.Try laptopscreen.

  • How to update firmware for HP Compaq DC small form factorNovember 30

    I have HP Compaq dc7700 small form factor, Windows xp pro. It was bought on ebay and works fine except for one thing. The Bios was upgraded  but the firmware is not upgrading. the Bios was upgraded to V3.05 but the firmware remains 2.04 I downloaded

  • Motherboard for a hp compaq nx8220November 30

    I need a motherboard for a hp compaq nx8220 {Personal Information Removed} p/n PG802EA#ABU Is this pos? and what would be the cost in € plz ?Hi, Looks like you are living in Europe otherwise I can sell you one. Anyway, please check the following link

  • HP Compaq A900 laptop broken screen replacement.November 30

    Hi Guys, I am a newbie here. Please tolerate me if my question sound basic or silly. I have a broken screen on my Compaq A900 laptop. Its a 17" WXGA+ lcd screen. I will try to replace it with a used screen as I am on a budget. The question is will an

  • How to upgrade and choose compatible HP - Compaq 615 processor?November 30

    Hi, I have Hp Compaq 615 laptop ( I know it's been 8 years so far and my baby still running like a champ. I just can't give up on it) Lately I upgraded my RAM and all went great. I decided to upgrade my processor too but I know it is more complicated

  • Graphics card for HP Compaq dc7800November 30

    I am looking to buy a graphics card for my HP Compaq dc7800 Small Form Factor PC, I would like to have cheap cards. What would you recommend. This question was solved. View Solution.Hi: You are rather limited with the 240W power supply. I would get a

  • Compaq ProSignia 165 Replacement PartsNovember 30

    I have an old Compaq ProSignia 165 laptop, and I need some new parts for it. The CD drive is spotty, no matter how many times I clean it, reconnect it and so on. The keyboard is a little messed up, as it is bent and I don't want to damage it. What ar

  • Power on Password on Compaq NX6125November 30

    Hi all, I was recently given a HP Compaq NX6125 Notebook after a school clearout and it has a power on password. Of course I did the usual protocol of CMOS battery removal and main system battery removal but this one is staying. My previous mehtods h

  • Need to replace Touchpad (Current Synaptics ps/2) for Compaq Presario F761US p/n KP029UARNovember 30

    Touchpad is starting to fail (cursor jumping and not registering taps) have contacted HP parts and HP Buy sent me to tech support to find compatible and ended up here.  Can Anyone direct me to a replacement internal touch pad to replace mine?The best

  • Compaq Presario C700 QuestionNovember 30

    I just recently bought a new charger for my Presario C700, due to the last one breaking. Now, I should note that I have not used my notebook in about 7 months or so because it was out of power and I had no means of charging. I bought the charger from

  • Compaq presario sr1150nxNovember 30

    does the compaq presario sr1150nx have TV-Out function capability and would a vga male to female rgbY, Pr, Pb component cable allow me to hook up to my tv with these ports it says it will work with device that has the function of signal transfer. I d

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