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Compaq CQ35 reset BIOS pw

  • HP Compaq dc8000 - Reset BIOS password?November 30

    Hello,I got a dc8000 and forgot the setup password. So I followed the passwort reset procedure (http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c01941948) but to no avail. After following the procedure step by step the computer still w

  • ElitePad 900 Reset Bios PasswordNovember 30

    Hi I have ElitePad 900 G1 [Product: D5J55PA#UUF], [Serial: (Personal information removed by Moderator)] I need to reset bios password (SMC.BIN) RegardsHello Terek, Since the Elitepad is an HP business product, you will need to contact HP Support dire

  • HP Compaq 6530b forgot BIOS password. Please help!November 30

    Laptop - HP Compaq 6530b; SN - [edited Serial Number by Moderator]; I forgot my BIOS password and now cannot boot from any other devices, only from HDD, but it's corrupted and was repaced by the new one without Windows. After 3 attempts BIOS setup do

  • Need help with how to reset bios and admin password to reformat hard drive in 8440p elitebook.......October 11

    need help with how to reset bios and admin password to reformat hard drive in 8440p elitebook? removal of cmos, resetting laptop, using cccleaner, windows password recovery and hiren's was noneffective, any help is appreciated. thanksHi, As your note

  • Help resetting bios passwordOctober 11

    I need help resetting my bios password I entered one and then confirmed it and now it won' allow me access I have hp ultrabook falio 9470m with win7 thanks k.kellyThe Folio is a business class laptop and will require service from HP to reset BIOS pas

  • Help.. help.. HP Mini 1000.. reset bios!!! CNU9257483November 30

    help.. help.. HP Mini 1000.. reset bios!!![edited Serial Number by Moderator] Thank all>>>>> This question was solved. View Solution.Ken try. e9lo7qxvuf REO  I must inform you that these services are not endorsed by HP, and that HP is not r

  • I need to unlock compaq mini cq10 bios password code is CNU027599F, please helpNovember 30

    i need to unlock compaq mini cq10 bios password code is CNU027599F, please helpAsh. Check your other post. REO HP Expert Tester "Now testing HP Pavilion 15t i3-4030U Win8.1, 6GB RAM and 750GB HDD" Loaner Program"HP Split 13 x2 13r010dx i3-4

  • Elitebook E2730 how to reset biosNovember 30

    Hello how can i  reset bios password for mine elitebook e2730. I dont know who has set this but i stuck. The os is XP en want to upgrade to win 7. But now it ask for pasword. on te screen are user ID Hans Kleijn  domain : N09290096 the serial is 2CE9

  • MSI GE70 Reset BIOS?November 30

    I stupidly disable my onboard graphic card via BIOS and also change the primary graphics to PCIE (because I am unable to install new driver for the GTX765m, and have it undetected in Device Manager after I uninstalled its driver, so the laptop only d

  • How to reset bios passwordNovember 30

    HelloWill you please help?I have HP 6930p machine. I put the Bios password and fogot it.Now i need to reset bios password.Hi, Please try (all lower cases):    kchei or abrktcg Regards. BH **Click the KUDOS thumb up on the left to say 'Thanks'** Make

  • Compaq Presario SR2129UK bios update for windows 8 pro 32bitNovember 30

    Hi all. I have recently upgraded my operating system from Windows 7 pro to Windows 8 pro. I have alos changed the CPU to a pentium D, The power supply and the graphics card but I am having from with my SD ram and temperature displays. I want to upgra

  • Hardware reset bios for hp elitebook 820 G1November 30

    i need your support to reset bios password for HP elitebook 820 G1. thanks, Dear Customer, Welcome to HP Support Forum and we are glad to assist you. This is to inform you that all HP Business Notebooks such as Probooks or Elitebooks have more string

  • *** HELP *** to reset BIOS settingsNovember 30

    I have mobo MSI 925X Neo Platinum with 533 RAM (2x512MB). I tried to make some Memory changes in BIOS memmory DDR freq. (from auto to 333MHz), and now I cannot start PC and even, cannot access BIOS to return/reset previous settings. Please advise how

  • How to recover compaq mini 110c bios password.November 30

    Hi, Please help unlock compaq mini 110c bios password. Fatal error code generated CNU9313F9X ThanksHi, Please try this (under HP or Compaq), Good luck, BH **Click the KUDOS thumb up on the left to say 'Thanks'** Make it easier for other people to f

  • How reset BIOS on Satellite L755-16P?November 30

    Hello! I'll set password on BIOS and forgot it. Call me plz ID jumper for reset BIOS.Hi BIOS security is very important security feature that allows notebook owner to protect his notebook and saved data. Please don't be mad on me but you cannot expec

  • Reset BIOS Password for Omni 27-1100dNovember 30

    Hi, I try to use VirtualBox to run Ubuntu 14.04 x64 but I got this message "VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration is not available on your system. Your 64-bit guest will fail to detect a 64-bit CPU and will not be able to boot." When I try to enter B

  • Blank screen after resetting bios to factory settings.November 30

    i have a model 2000-2b20nr laptop and bought the recovery discs, after installation i got an error I was trying to restore my computer and I keep getting an error. ChkErrBB.CMD: Detect some error during PININST_BBV. I . i saw in a solution to hit F10

  • Reset bios settings on GX620November 30

    alright, so originally, I went into my bios to make the notebook boot an Ubuntu 8.10 install disc, however, i got sidetracked and changed some settings i most likely shouldn't have, including the boot graphics adapter, and the overclock percentage..

  • Compaq mini C bios password reset FOR CODE CNU0092JXJNovember 30

    please i need help to reset my compaq mini cq10 CNU0092JXJ bios password This question was solved. View Solution.Hi, Enter:      e9l11o7w4w            ( Note that in both cases, the 3rd character is a lower case L )                             or    

  • Reset bios passwornd on old Compaq NX7300November 30

    Hi everyone, I need to reset the bios password on old Compaq NX7300. This notebook is of my friend. I tried to reset password removing for one night the backup battery, the PSU cable and the CMOS battery located under the keyboard but without success

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